Summer Makeup – How To Rock This Season’s Trends

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Summer is at its peak, so is it not the perfect time to experiment with vibrant and fresh colors? From dresses, hats to nail shades, we all love to wear bright and vibrant colors. Then why not to add that vibrancy in our makeup too? Let us try the bright summer makeup tutorial, which will make you stay gorgeous for the season. This is a subtle makeup, yet bright and suitable for the Indian skin tone.

Summer Makeup Tutorial:

How to do makeup in summer? Here is a step by step summer makeup tutorial.

Summer Makeup For Eyes

Step 1: Apply Eye Primer And Eye Shadow

Summer Makeup - Step 1: Apply Eye Primer And Eye Shadow

Start by applying an eye primer and then apply a taupe colored brown creamy eye shadow base to your eyelids. This step will ensure that your eyeshadow does not melt or crease off easily in the hot summer climate. Here, I have used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze.

Step 2: Add Some More Eye Shadow

Summer Makeup - Step 2: Add Some More Eye Shadow

Apply the same taupe brown eyeshadow over the cream base to increase the intensity of the color. Here, I have used a soft shimmery taupe color eyeshadow from the Elf Day on the Beach eyeshadow palette. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to obtain maximum color pay off.

Step 3: Create Peppy Effect To The Eyes

Summer Makeup - Step 3: Create Peppy Effect To The Eyes

Apply a soft peach-like orange shade to the outer corner of your eyes and slightly above the crease area of your face. This step will bring in a vibrant contrast between the brown and peach color to create a vibrant effect to the eyes. Here, I have mixed the Revlon eyeshadow in Melon and Claire eyeshadow in red to get the peach-like orange color.

Step 4: Soften The Eye Look With Gel Liner & Pencil

Summer Makeup - Step 4: Soften The Eye Look With Gel Liner & Pencil

Then, apply a jet black gel liner to the upper lash line of your eyes. Gel liner can be applied thick or thin according to your preference. Now, use a pencil or smudge brush to soften the eye look.

Step 5: Create Cat Eye Look

Summer Makeup - Step 5: Create Cat Eye Look

Create a dramatic cat eye look or winged eye look. Here, I have used the Kryolan Black Liquid Liner and draw a small cat eye liner.

Step 6: Add Color To Lower Lash Line

Summer Makeup - Step 6: Add Color To Lower Lash Line

Step 7: Mascara And False Eyelashes

Summer Makeup - Step 7: Mascara And False Eyelashes

A little mascara can make your eyes standout. Additionally, you can also add false eyelashes to complete the makeup look.

Summer Makeup For Face:

Step 8: Apply Oil-Free Base and Blush

Apply a good lightweight formula base to your face. I like to wear BB creams in summers as it is light-weight and doesn’t melt like foundation in high temperatures. Then, set it with an oil-free compact powder to prevent shine and oiliness of the skin. Apply a light peach-like pink blush to your cheeks to add a soft and fresh look to the makeup.

Step 9: Add Sun Kissed Effect Using Bronzer

Apply a bronzer to the hollow parts of your cheeks to give dimension and add a sun kissed effect to your skin. Here, I have used the Lakme Moonlight Bronzer.

Summer Makeup For Lips

Step 10: Bold And Bright Lips

Finally apply a bright lipstick, preferably a bright orange color or lip color, and complete the makeup look. Here, I have used Inglot lipstick refill no. 19.

And you are done!

9 Hottest Makeup Trends For This Summer

Now let’s discuss latest summer makeup trends.

1. Nude Makeup

One of the best trends is the barely-there makeup. This is a simple yet gorgeous look that goes with any style. You can have bronzed skin or go translucent, depending on your mood. Bronze skin tone is warm and screams summer. It also gives you an elegant look without the need for too much makeup. You can add a touch of peach blush to give your skin a healthy glow. For the translucent look, choose a foundation that is identical to your skin tone – it is the best way to look fresh in the summer heat. With nude makeup, all you need is a little bit of gloss or lip color, and you are good to go!

2. Eyebrows With Eccentric Colors

If you are adventurous and like to follow fashion trends no matter how out-there they are, you will love the eccentric eyebrows that models in runway shows sported for this Spring/Summer collection. Eyebrows colored in different colors and the shades seen on models were pastel pinks and blues as well as silvery whites. If you are into experimenting with different styles and looks, this is the perfect trend for you. Also, go for brow-piercings or faux ones if you do not want the real thing, to look edgy and cool.

3. Blue Eyeliners And Shadows

While black eyeliner will never go out of style, this summer’s trend when it comes to this makeup item is all about eye-catching colors. One of the most popular colors for the eyes is blue. Go for turquoise or light blue to make a statement and sport one of the hottest trends this season. If you are afraid to experiment too much with your eyeliner color, opt for eyeshadow in these shades of blue instead. They will look incredibly cool this summer, no matter where you are.

4. Bold Cat Eyes

Everyone loves cat eyes, but this summer, you can give them a bold twist by creating graphic swoops. This is an edgy look that looks amazing with any color. If you feel a little rebellious, go for a red eyeliner to create the look. You can also go for blue, orange, taupe and even metallic colors. It is all about your own personal style and preference. The classic black cat eye is not out, and you can use it to make this bold statement as well. Go for colors that suit your style as well as personality and sport this hot new makeup trend for summer.

5. Glitter

Glitter is back! Many women all over the world will smile knowing that this trend is back. It will most definitely take them back to their teens. The Spring/Summer runway shows had models with glitter on their eyes as well as faces. The glittery eye makeup is most practical, but if you are in a fun mood or out on the town for a girls’ night out, glitter on your face would be perfect! So go glitter yourself up this summer and shine!

6. Smokey Eyes

There is nothing sultrier than smoky eyes, and you can sport this look this summer too. You can go for the timeless classics, black and brown for your smokey eyes, or you can opt for unconventional styles and colors like green, blue, and even yellow! Mixing earth tones with metallic accents is another trend that will be popular this summer. It not only looks sultry, but edgy and striking as well. No matter what your personal style is, this trend is bound to go perfectly with it.

7. Red Lips

For those of you who like to make a statement with the lips rather than the eyes, you will love the trend for lip colors. This summer, it is all about putting your best pout forward with lips that are flaming red. Red lipstick never goes out of vogue and this summer, you can look classy and chic with red lips in different shades. Both matte and gloss are in and so is the stained look that is a more edgy touch to the trend. Whether you love luscious cherry-red lips or a bright, classic matte scarlet, wear this summer’s trend and make heads turn wherever you go!

8. Wine-Stained Berry Lips

Another hot trend for the lips is lipsticks in berry shades to give that wine-stained look. You can make a bold fashion statement with this trend and look chic at the same time. The runways had models strutting their stuff in deep berry lipstick that was slightly blurred or smudged and even diffused around the edges. No matter which look you choose, you can be sure that it will give off a striking effect that will get everyone’s attention.

9. Lips In Light, Bright Hues

For those who do not want anything dark during the summer, there is great news as one of the trends for makeup this summer is light and bright lips. You can wear lipstick in bright shades of orange and pink. They look stunning, not to mention really youthful. You can also go for pastel pinks for a soft look that is perfect for this season.

This year, keep your skin looking au natural or go for expressive makeup trends that are edgy and cool. No matter what your style is, it is certain that you will find a trend for summer makeup that is totally in sync with it.

Here are some more amazing makeup tips to be followed in the Summer season.

Summer Makeup Tips

  • Primer: Primers will even out your skin and give you a very smooth finish. It acts as a base for whatever you are putting on afterward, be it the bronzer or the blush or the highlighter. Take a pea-sized amount of primer and blend it properly with your skin.
  • Lighter makeup: As you’d like to keep your clothing light, the same applies to your face. Don’t dump loads of makeup on your skin. So, instead of foundation, use a tinted moisturizer. It’ll give you a fresh look. Dab some concealer under your eyes to give you a more clear look.
  • Bronzer: Use bronzer to give you that perfect sun-kissed look. Use it on your forehead, cheek bones, chin and nose. You’ll get a perfect tan effect on your face. Use a bronzer, easier to apply.
  • Eye makeup: Keep it simple. Just a wash of a singe shade of nude shade eyeshadow, mascara, and some eyeliner. For a more summer look, opt for brown or purple mascara. Make sure your eyebrows are groomed.

    Summer Makeup Tips2
    Image: Shutterstock
  • Highlighter: To get a glowing effect, use a highlighter on your cheeks and brow-bone. Perfect for a summer outing.
  • Waterproof makeup: If out for a vacation or beach party, its most obvious that you’ll be active most of the time. So always use waterproof makeup. Your mascara, eyeliner, keep it all water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about it getting wiped off with your perspiration.
  • Lip makeup: Don’t brighten up your lips. Either use a glossy nude shade lipstick or replace it with a tinted lip balm. Add a sheen of gloss on your lips.
Summer Makeup Tips3
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Yet some other amazing makeup tips for summer that can keep your skin beautiful and summer long.

Summer Makeup Tips4
Image: Shutterstock
  • Pink and nude tones – A clean natural looking face can be paired with pink and nude lip colors. Using a face powder to even the skin tone is more preferable instead of wearing lot of blush.
  • Sun kissed glow – For a sun-kissed glow, substitute pink shade for a mocha blush. lightly dust off the makeup all over especially on the nose and cheeks.
  • Add a pop of color – Wear a bright color on the cheek to look healthy on the hot summer day. As the skin turns darken, blush colors. get brighter. Add a vibrant shade of blush onto the cheeks to add a healthy flush on the face and to bring out the tan.
  • Use mineral makeup – To keep looking fresh, and to avoid looking too made-up during summers, use mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is gentle on the skin, and does not lead to breakouts or clogged pores, and is suitable for summers.
  • Keep lips hydrated- Use tinted lip balms, or hydrating lipsticks in summers, but avoid the over-the-top glossy lips. Lips should look moist but not too glossy. Use lip products with SPF for added protection.

Brighten up this season with this simple makeup tips for summer, a flowery top and your hot denims.

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