10 Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India To Cool Your Heels

Just done with your beautiful summer wedding and looking for a place to head out for honeymoon? India is a tropical country which means that most parts of the country will be searing hot, however there are a few off beat places stashed away which are perfect to escape the summer heat and get cosy. Here, we give you the top 10 summer honeymoon destinations in India!

1. Ladakh

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Ladakh

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The tranquility of the Himalayas and the scenic beauty of the region only adds to the experience of a lifetime that Ladakh, also known as ‘Little Tibet’ offers. Remember Pangong Tso, the place where 3 Idiots’s climax was shot- well that’s just one of the main beautiful spots that you will find in Ladakh to loose yourself completely.

2. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Andaman

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Swim with the elephants, explore the coral wealth, spend time on the crystal clear beaches and fly over volcanoes and with a lot more on the platter, there is little doubt as to why the Andaman & Nicobar Islands have gained popularity as the most romantic islands in the world. And with tons of flights and luxury resorts options, a holiday in Andaman is easier than before.

3. Tawang

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Tawang

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One of the best summer honeymoon destinations in India is situated 10,000ft above seal level on the western most part of Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is a spiritual pilgrimage for many. Known for the famous Tawang Monastery built by the 5th Dalai Lama, this place has the tranquility to trigger self discovery and spirituality which can bring you two closer to both nature, yourself and one another. You can also enjoy the natural hot springs, scenic lakes and the beautiful orchid sanctuaries in the area.

4. Kodaikanal

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal is a very popular holiday destination in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. Nestled at 7200ft above sea level in the Palani Hills of the Western Ghats, the pleasant weather, beautiful ghat roads, lush green forests and verdant Kodai hills of this region make this place a very quick weekend getaway for the honeymooning couples going South.

5. Pachmari

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Pachmarhi

Image: By Abhayashok (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This scenic hill station in Madhya Pradesh is surrounded by the Satpura ranges making it the perfect setting for honeymoon couple looking to enjoy their time in nature’s lap. This enchanting hill retreat has a a very scenic experience, which is a wonderful treat for your eyes.

6. Wayanad

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Wayanad

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Located amidst the verdant Western Ghats, Wayanad in the state of Kerala is one of the most captivating hill towns of South India. Soak yourself in the aroma of ayurvedic oils, enjoy walks down the winding coffee plantation trails, bask in the misty hills or the lush agriculture fields and thick forests – an idyllic setting for a relaxing honeymoon away from the southern summer.

7. Shillong

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Shillong

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Bounded by East Khasi Hills, this pristine and breathtakingly holiday retreat has a lot to offer for honeymooning couples. At an elevation of 500ft above the sea level, Shillong is named after U-hyllong, the presiding deity of the city. There are meandering waterfalls, lushy jungle trails, pine covered hillocks and very friendly people all around to make your honeymoon trip to Shillong a memorable affair.

8. Araku

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Araku

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Nestled in the Eastern Ghats of India, one of the best summer honeymoon destinations in India is  Araku situated in the northern most part of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This region is a lush natural mix of valleys and mountains with numerous scenic resorts along the way. You can take a romantic ride in the tunnel track rail up the hills, visit the Borra caves or indulge in the tribal way of life.

9. Majuli

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Majuli

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Majuli in the north eastern state of Assam is surreal for a honeymoon trip. It is also the world’s largest river island and has been nominated for the UNESCO World’s Heritage List. You need to take a boat from the town of Jorhat to reach Majuli. It is an unexplored and untouched place that is sure to be a thrilling experience for an adventure loving couple. The populace is mostly tribal and this region has been the kernel of Assamese culture.

10. Chamba

Summer Honeymoon Destinations In India - Chamba

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Located at a height of 3268 feet in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Chamba was built by Raja Sahil Verma in the 10th century and continues to hold that medieval charm till date. Chamba offers breathtaking sights for the newlyweds to experience and cherish like the snow-clad mountains, beautiful untouched streams and lush green forests. There is river rafting and trekking for the nature loving adventurers and many peaceful gateways for those on a path of self-discovery and relaxation away from the urban hustle-bustle.

These are some of the off-beat yet breath-taking honeymoon gateways during the Indian Summer. Dalhousie, Shimla, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Munnar and more are just as beautiful, but not if you are in the mood for some off beat adventure.