Top 10 Summer Hairstyles For Girls

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Summer time calls for short hairstyles or sweet fishtail braids. No matter what style you choose for your hair, you must be absolutely sure that you can carry it well. If you have long hair, then a little trimming down to a medium length hairstyle can actually give your look a new edge. If you prefer you can go for real short pixie haircuts, but again they are a bold choice for girls who are comfortable keeping their hair a little long or shoulder length.

Here we are listing top 10 Summer Hairstyles For Girls. Choose your favorite hairstyle and flaunt it with panache!

1. Side Fishtail Braid:

This is a loose side fishtail braided hairstyle which you can sport easily even if you are not that good with hairstyling or braids. Since this requires very little effort you can easily sport this. Tie up a funky rubber or give some twists with a section of hair from the braid for a sexier look.

2. Side Twisted Navy Bun Look:

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This can be quite a boyish hairstyle which you can sport. This will definitely grab some eyes. It will give you relief from excess heat. Also, it is a great hairstyle to sport for the corporate events and parties. Twist few hair sections from both the sides of your parting and make a back bun. Clip on some hair pins to make the bun stay firmly and not fall off. Use fixing spray to hold the bun.

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3. Back Chignon Bun:

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A very well known hairstyle of today! A lot of celebs across the world are sporting it with ease. So why can’t you? Grab some false buns and clip them inside your back bun. Twist sections of your hair all across it; use some small bumps if needed. If you have nice hair accessories then you can wound them round like in the picture. It can be a great pick for your parties and gatherings.

4. Crunched Up Messy Chignon:

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Chignon or top notch buns don’t always have to be perfectly smooth. You can go a bit haywire yet sexy with the whole appearance. Make a top notch pony and give it some big curls. Tie the pony into a top notch bun. Wear a bump-it if needed and twist sections of hair around the whole bun. Use some hair clips to hold the whole design and finish off with fixing spray.

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5. Simple Side Braids and a Messy Small Bun:

Simple side braid
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This can be a rush hour sweet look for the summers. You can try this easily if you are good with tight small side braids. Try this out.

6. Rotated And Twisted Back Clipped Hairstyle:

Rotatde twist
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For this hairstyle you do not need to cut your hair very short. If you have medium hair length then this is one of the best summer hair cuts for girls to go with. If however your hair is not thick enough then this hairstyle will not stay on for long. It requires a lot of twists and rotations of hair sections along with pinning and clipping of each section at the back. Use of fixing spray is a must.

7. Short And Sweet Layered Hairstyle:

Short sweet hairstyle
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This is a very easy to do hairstyle for girls in summer. If you have not tried any short hairstyles with graduated or asymmetrical side bangs and thick frontal bangs, then this can be a nice choice.

8. Outward Feathered Graduated Short Cropped Look:

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Like experimenting with hairstyles? Love funky colors? Try this one out. Only hop into a really good parlour and get it done from experts.

9. The Miley Short Cropped Look:

Mily short hair
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She is always seen experimenting with her hairstyles. Here she sports a very short cropped look with a bushy top carefully brushed into proper waves. You can give this a try. Make sure you are comfortable with short cropped hairstyles before opting for one.

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10. Top Notch Braided Summer Bun:

notch Braided
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This can be a very sweet hairstyle but will require a nice bow, creativity and time. Follow the steps as shown in the picture. If you have long hair and do not want to reduce the length due to the summer heat, then hairstyles like this one will suit you without a doubt.

Hope you like these Summer Hairstyles For Girls! Which hairstyle are you going to choose? We would love to hear your comments and views. Shoot us a comment below. Stay gorgeous!

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