10 Beautiful And Mesmerizing Sudani Mehndi Design Plans

Mehndi designs are intricate art works that bring along beauty and style. Be it a family function, wedding or festivals, mehndi has become a part of all and more! Sudan is a place of rich culture and beauty, and this is beautifully highlighted in the Sudani mehndi designs. With a focus on grace and charm, these designs are outstanding and truly unmatched. So, next time you want to adorn your hands and feet with unique mehndi art, try one of these 10 Sudani mehndi designs. Take a look and you’ll know the mesmerizing beauty we are talking about

1. Elaborate Design For The Back Of Hand

This beautiful Sudani mehndi design for the back of the hand is perfect for festive occasions. It mixes various design elements in a beautiful pattern, while also leaving gaps to avoid a chaotic look. Add a statement ring and you are set to dazzle!

2. A Rosy Affair!

The charm of roses mixed with the elegance of mehndi art creates a beautiful design. This Sudani mehndi design is both stylish and simple and a sure shot head turner.

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3. Tikki Design

The gol tikki design is an all time favourite and this particular one has been beautifully accentuated with intricate lines and patterns. The bracelet Sudani mehndi design completes the beauty.

4. Bridal Extravaganza

The perfect Sudani mehndi design for brides. This one is intricate, beautiful, mesmerizing and everything you need it to be perfect for your wedding day. It has all attractive design elements put together in a flow.

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5. Matching Hands And Feet Design

This matching Sudani mehndi design for the hands and feet is intricate and really interesting. It is a combination of fine lines with thicker and darker lines that beautifully merge together to create a unique pattern.

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6. Floral Feet

Dark black look works wonders This Sudani mehndi design is very stylish and uses simple design elements beautifully put together. It’s unique and definitely a statement design for the feet.

7. Finger Design

Be stylish with this Sudani mehndi design for fingers. Keeping with the trend of mid finger rings, this one’s only more beautiful. You can look stylish and traditional at the same time with this simple design.

8. Thick And Bold

Sudani mehndi designs include a lot of thick and bold lines and patterns to accentuate the finer details. This design looks stunning and is perfect to make a bold statement.

9. Contemporary Artwork

How super stylish and contemporary is this Sudani mehndi design? The finger patterns are intricate and really stunning, adding oodles of style and charm. Perfect for every occasion and beautifully complements all kinds of attires. A must try!

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10. A Mix Of Patterns

The most unique part of this design is the stark difference between the two hands. While one hand is stylish and minimal, the other hand is elaborate and intricate. The two designs and patterns put together complement one another.

Sudani mehndi designs are varying in nature. While some designs focus on thick and bold lines, others use fine and intricate patterns; and then there are some that mix the two. Each design is unique in itself and definitely has the power to add grace and beauty. The best part is these designs complement traditional as well as modern day attires. You can be bold and try the thick dark patterns or stick to the finer designs. Mehndi is an art and every place brings along a new twist and pattern to this artwork. We are floored by these designs from Sudan, what about you?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock