How To Write Sublime Christian Marriage Vows For The Unconventional Bride

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Christian weddings have some of the most charming and delightful ceremonies and rituals one could ever imagine. In India, only in a Christian wedding would you have a chance to express in words that burning flame you lovingly nurse for your significant other in front of the world. Make the best of this occasion by opting out of going with the traditional Christian marriage vows. While traditional vows remain stalwart classics for a reason, you could write out your own, personalized Christian wedding vows that let both your personalities shine through and prove how perfect you are for each other. Dig deep and ye shall find that perfect vow.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired to write your own, quirky and heartfelt vows:

Let The Nerd In You Shine Through:

If you are one of the nerdy ones, pepper your vows with references to your favourite fictional characters, TV shows, movies or even your favourite board games. This is not only a great way to really own your special day, but also reaffirms your love for each other and fandoms too. For instance, for the Harry Potter fans, a single-word vow “Always” would speak volumes even in its simplicity. Or a Game of Thrones themed vow (whether it is the old way or the new) could be perfect, and it is already edited to perfection by the author:


Make it personalized and cute:

You can make your wedding vows stand out and personalize it by picking on each others quirks and pet peeves. Which little quirk of his do you love to hate? What little habit of his gets your flame burning just a little brighter? Spill it all out, and you will have in your hands a vow that no one else in the world could ever write. Here’s a funny example to get your creative juices flowing:

I promise to love you as much as I love my credit card and not hold your poor fashion sense against you. I will only show you my new clothes during commercial breaks and promise to keep you in the latest Cub fashions.

This way, you get the audience to laugh out loud instead of brushing away tears. You could get even more creative and add that cute touch by ending your vows with a pinkie-swear, just like when you were kids, making for truly memorable Christian marriage vows!

Find The Perfect Romantic Marriage Vow:

For those of you with a poem in your soul, make your big day even more momentous by pouring out what’s really in your heart. Finding or writing that perfect poem to your beloved could be perfect way to begin your new lives together. But fair warning, this could make the moment very intense and passionate, and could cause some sensitive souls to shed a tear or two. Take some time browse through some poems till you find the perfect one or are inspired enough to write your own. Pour all your heart into it as you read it out loud during the ceremony, and watch the magic begin. Make sure you practice reading it out loud before your big day. Here are a few lines from Rumi to get you started:

Improvise Your Vows:

Scary as it may be, a wedding vow that is improvised in the moment could just end up being better than anything you could ever write beforehand. This could be the spontaneous and adventurous risk that you both take on your wedding day. When on the altar, just take a second to block out the rest of the world. Look deep into your partner’s eyes, take a deep breath and let the words just flow. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be very long – just honest and wholehearted.

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