Be Silly In Love With These 10 Stupid Love Quotes

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Love makes you experience a whirlwind of emotions all at once! It makes you radiate happiness, makes you feel sad at times, gives you butterflies, makes you feel warm and safe and also makes you want to sing out loud. Maybe, that’s why many stupid love quotes say love is being silly and stupid; but the beauty lies in being silly and stupid together with your partner. Being stupid isn’t always a bad thing after all.

Different people have different ways of expressing love. From deep meaningful poetry to a simple ‘I love you,’ there are no limits or boundaries, or rules and regulations when it comes to wearing your heart on your sleeve. Love quotes have helped many express their deepest feelings and here’s a list of stupid love quotes that are sure to make you and your partner smile and indulge in some ‘silly stupid love.’


Stupid love quotes like this one literally hit the point of realization, the dawn of the truth. At some point, you realize that being stupid and being in love go hand in hand.


Ah, so true! Seeing people do and say stupid things in love may seem idiotic or nonsensical to you if you are not in love yourself. But believe me, the day you experience love, you’ll also experience the ‘stupidity’. In case these stupid love quotes make no sense to you now, give it will eventually attain the knowledge you seek.

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This quote reflects the beauty of finding the right partner. Life has all sorts of ups and downs; highs and lows and all you need to get through is that special someone who can make it all seem worthwhile.


Stupid love quotes and Songs about love make perfect sense when you know how love feels on the inside. Music stirs the soul.


So honest and so young love, stupid love quotes like these are for every one in love. No matter how much you bicker and argue, true love always keeps you together.


Now that’s stupidly cute! We have all seen the ‘walk into a pole’ kind of love and really, who doesn’t want that?

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This stupid love quote is so passionate and a beautiful way to tell how you imagine your future together. Being young and stupid in love is the greatest feeling ever.


You can never plan or decide to fall in love… it just happens! So stupid love quotes will go on and on until the very end of time, huh!?


Of all the stupid love quotes and lyrics and stories out there, this one’s probably the most accurate and appropriate definition of love. And anybody who’s been in love will agree 100%.

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Need I say more? The start of life and love is when you find your soul mate!

Find love… be stupid together and experience the happiness and joy that comes from it. It’s probably the only time you don’t mind confessing to being stupid. Share your favourite stupid love quotes and spread the silly joy of love…

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