5 Stunning Tanishq Wedding Jewellery Pieces You’ve Always Dreamt Of

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In the competitive world of jewellery designs and marketing, some of the latest collections in Tanishq bridal jewellery designs will take your breath away! Not only are they innovative and creative, but elevate the notion of bridal jewellery altogether. As one of the giants making the trends in the bridal jewellery zone, Tanishq’s elegant and contemporary designs make for inventive and artistic jewellery, and a great choice all at once.

Before we dive into the exquisite world of Tanishq Wedding Jewellery, it is important to note that while buying jewellery, you must keep the taste of the bridal profile in mind before choosing the jewellery that you would like to go with. With the right fabric and dress style, make-up and hairstyle, and jewellery that add to perfection, you can make a flawless bride out of yourself!

Coming Back, here are the trendiest five pieces from the Tanishq wedding jewellery collection, for a sexy and modern bride!

1. Kundan Lotus Motif With Ruby Centrepiece

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An amazing Kundan work done with glass setting around a Ruby centrepiece, with droplets in gold, all done to form a lotus motif upside down, makes for one sexy piece of Tanishq bridal jewellery that would overwhelm you with the desire to possess it!

2. Stylized Kundan For Punjabi Trousseau

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This breathtaking set of stylized Kundan Tanishq wedding jewellery will have you spellbound with its intricate meenakari work! The neckpiece resembling a peacock feather motif is only a cherry on the icing. With the rest of the filigree in gold encasing the glass diamonds, the entire set forms a bridal jewellery collection that a bride could buy with her eyes closed! This set comes from a Punjabi trousseau put together by Tanishq Weddings, but if it fits your bill you know what to do.

3. Gold Cuff Bracelet With Intricate Filigree

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These amazing gold cuff bracelets come with a great guarantee… of being a star on your wedding day. Granted the bride is the one of the most important people at a wedding, but it takes great jewellery to really own the spot! The gold cuff bracelets from Tanishq’s bridal jewellery collection are replete with fine floral filigree in very contemporary designs, blending the traditional gold in a modern amalgam of tastes. Although this goes with traditional bridal fashion

4. Polki Diamond Collar And Necklace

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The Polki work in bridal jewellery makes it more exquisite than Kundan jewellery due to the use of uncut diamonds than meenakari glass-work. A stunning row of four Polki chains holding together one spherical Polki centrepiece, to form diamond bridal collar, followed by a Polki necklace set elegantly adorning the bosom of the bridal attire completes this masterpiece from Tanishq. See how well it adorns the Marwari bride here with all her brilliance… it could be you!

5. Peacock Motif Armlet In Gold

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If you were waiting for the trendiest of the five we come across from the Tanishq wedding jewellery collection, well, the wait is over. We present you this grand peacock motif armlet in gold, replete with all hues of a rainbow, thanks to the intricate meenakari work here. Whether you want it as a part of a traditional South Indian bridal profile or to complement a multi coloured bridal brocade lehenga, this armlet will do justice to careful tastes and level up the bridal glam-game for sure!

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