Stunning South Indian Wedding Jewellery That Will Leave You Dazzled

When you think of South India, you can’t really help but think of all those beautiful women wearing perfect kanjeevaram sarees, their hair decked with sweet scented jasmine flowers, and of course all that south Indian wedding jewellery! Indeed, the South Indian bride has one of the most distinct, elegant and regal attires that we see among brides the world over. No matter which of the five states you are from, you know that each state has its unique, distinct customs that make the biggest day of your life even more special. And it is not just the bride who wears amazing jewellery. These days south Indian grooms also wear one or two choice necklaces that make them look very handsome indeed!

south indian wedding jewellery

And no South Indian bride’s accoutrement would be considered complete without that matching gold south Indian wedding jewellery. Whether you are from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra or Karnataka, finding the perfect jewellery for your saree is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. This is also one of the most exciting shopping opportunities, and your mother, your aunts and cousins all would love to tag along with you and proffer numerous titbits of advice. But you need to bear in mind that your wedding jewellery is quite the investment of a lifetime. It will not only define your look on your big day, but is also one of the more pricier things you’ll be buying. So before you are bombarded with advice at the jewellery store, it is important that you, the bride, have an understanding of the kind of south Indian wedding jewellery sets you would like to wear. You are the star of the day, and you should leave no stone unturned in making sure that you are completely happy with your bridal jewellery. After all, you would have a deep emotional attachment to your bridal jewellery, and you might even want to pass it on to your future generations! So all the effort would be worth it.

So get started on your journey to finding the perfect south Indian wedding jewellery designs, with these gorgeous pieces!

Temple Jewellery

A temple-jewellery

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This is a true classic for good reason. Temple jewellery was born eons ago in south India when the idols of Gods were covered with gorgeous, handcrafted gold jewellery. Initially, they were crafted with the sole purpose of adorning the idol of the god. But as time went by, the bharatnatyam dancers started wearing imitations of these as they enthralled audiences outside the temples. And soon, this trend spread. Now, centuries later, temple jewellery has become one of the quintessential items of a South Indian bride’s trousseau. It could be made entirely of gold, or even encrusted with precious stones like rubies, emeralds or sapphires.


temple jewellery

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Temple jewellery is generally very large and chunky, and is often decorated with engravings or carvings of the Gods. These pieces usually take their inspiration from not only religion, but also nature. Apart from some necklaces, kamarbands and arm bands are also inspired by temple jewellery. These are some really charming south Indian wedding jewellery accessories that would make you look sensuous and regal as you begin your new life.

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Jadau Jewellery


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While temple jewellery is a must have in a south Indian bride’s trousseau, many brides these days like to mix their look up a little. So, incorporating different styles and influences of jewellery into their bridal look is quite common among the brides of south India. Another style of jewellery that is fast gaining popularity among South Indian brides is the Jadau jewellery. This was introduced in the north by the Mughals. But the Indian artisans added their own techniques, influences into it, and the Jadau jewellery that we see today was born. When combined with pure gold or “meenakari” work, jadau jewellery will give you a look of sheer opulence. The commonly used motifs are those found in nature, like floral motifs, animals, and leaves.

So, go out there and pick out the best jewellery that you would cherish for the rest of your life. Whether you choose to stick with the traditional jewellery or mix and match different styles, you are sure to look spectacular as you tie the knot.