8 Stunning Floral Stage Decoration That Will Add The Wow In Your Wedding

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When the perfect bride and groom have found each other, you also want the perfect wedding settings to complete the most momentous day of the two souls. Along with wedding fashion, photography and food, the decorations used for the venue of the Indian Wedding ceremonies are an important part of the theme of the wedding profile chosen. These decorations may include a wide variety of components such as different lights, an array of flowers, or even satin curtains and red carpets… the list is immense. Featuring here are some trendy choices for wedding stage decoration with flowers that marry tradition with taste.

1. Traditional Floral Decoration

Image: Varun Suresh Photography

In India, traditional wedding decorations in the south especially, usually are not considered complete without the use of jasmine or the mullappoo. These floral decorations can be seen in the form of long lines of hewn jasmine with a little bit of tulsi interspersed. They are used to cover the roof line of the stage in different arrangements and even to cover the back of the stage, sometimes even using the kanakaambaram or roses along with jasmine.

2. Open Stage Floral Decoration

Image: Manas Saran Photography

These floral adornments can also be used for a open-air wedding stage, where the flowers tend to remain fresh for longer and exhibit a completely different elegance in natural light.The result is a traditionally beautiful, graceful setting filled with the fragrance of natural flowers.

3. Calendula Art

Image: Vinay Venugopal

The traditional decoration styles can be portrayed in their rustic form with a careful choice of colourful permutations of different flowers like the multicouloured calendulas, and by not including more than two or three different coulours. This builds a well toned colour profile that is not only easy on the eyes but also classy in a simplistic way.

4. Innovative Frameworks: Wedding Stage Flower Decoration

Image: Photographians.in

The traditional stage can be tweaked to use structurally aesthetic frameworks instead of the regular mandap with a dome, which then makes use of floral embellishments to accentuate these structures. These are increasingly common now with wedding stage decorations in many cultures across our diverse nation. The result is not only innovative stage design and decoration, but a marriage that will be the talk of the town!

5. Modern Temple Themed Wedding Decor

Image: Vinay Venugopal Photography

You can not only showcase your taste with alternatives to stage structures for decorations, but also from the conventional idea of the stage altogether. Using a bronze or copper metal background which will be decorated with white and red roses, or other flavourful colour choices sets a classy background to the most important day of the bride’s and groom’s lives. Little and elegant props like golden bells or tiny hanging traditional lamps, when added to the floral setting already described, complete a wedding picture which is suave in it’s theme.

6. Spring Wedding Decor

Image: Preach Art Photography

You can own a theme by customizing the flower used for the wedding stage decoration as well. An excellent choice of flower for this purpose is the rose, for it is available in a variety of colours and adds grandeur to the settings effortlessly. But sticking with the classic red rose, with petals spread across the floor of the stage, and also arranged along the roof-line of the stage, you will be looking at a royal wedding stage setting that your guests shall tell stories to their grand-children about ( just kidding obviously, but you get the picture).

7. Not Just Wedding Stage Decoration With Flowers – Red Carpet or Rose Carpet?

Image: Shutterstock

I say, why stop with the stage? Spreading out a carpet of rose petals for the bride to walk down the isle and to the mandap has become the latest regal fashion in floral decorations of the wedding stage and venue. A bed of roses down the isle is all you need for the most unforgettable wedding anyone has seen!

8. Curtained Decor with Floral Holdings

Image: Simran Jagdev Photography

And lastly you the have the elegant wedding stage decoration with flowers, the traditional choices and/or others, carefully placed on satin-curtained backdrop with minimal holdings that also make use of floral ornamentation. This way there is ample stage space while the bride and groom, the heroes of the day, get the limelight they very much deserve!

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