Christian Wedding Gowns: Top 10 Designs Of 2016

Christian Wedding Gowns, here are our top designer picks of 2016. On a wedding day, the bride is the reason and soul of the ceremony. She is the very personification of grace and poise on the most important day of her life so far. Her wedding day is the portal to a lifelong partnership, possible parenthood and certain personal progression. What she wears on this monumental day will be a memory she will revisit throughout her life.They say that every bride has the perfect wedding dress to be waiting to be discovered by her and we hope you find yours among our selection of top ten exquisite Christian wedding gowns that are timeless and designed to last and be remembered for a lifetime.

1. Vintage Belly Sleeves

Christian Wedding Gowns- Vintage Belly Sleeves

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This is it, the old-school Hollywood bridal gown that you’ve seen in the movies and dreamt of owning on your wedding day. The lace wedding gown is a classic. And it comes with a custom made veil too.

2. The English Collar

Christian Wedding Gowns- The English Collar

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A modern take on the iconic English collar design, this is one gown that’ll make you stand out in the crowd for sure.

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3. Wedding Wear By Tarun Tahiliani

Christian Wedding Gowns by Tarun Tahiliani

Image Courtesy : Tarun Tahiliani

Intricately designed by one of the biggest names in Indian fashion industry, Tarun Tahiliani, this off-white Indian bridal couture gown is a mix of Indian textures and designs woven specially for the big day. Definitely haute.

4. The White Frills Christian Wedding Gowns

Christian Wedding Gowns- The White Frills Gown

Image: Shutterstock

A wedding gown with killer frills to make you look glamorous to the hilt, so turn up the heat, brides-to be.

5. The Cinderella Christian Wedding Gowns With An Indian Touch

Christian Wedding Gowns- The Cinderella Gown With An Indian Touch

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Go get your Prince Charming, Cinderella! This stunning white gown with golden brown embroidery and a silky blue border is bound to make heads turn, and has been specially crafted for a special Disney project on India by Amrit.

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6. The Royal Gown

Christian Wedding Gowns - The Royal Gown

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Intricately designed with golden thread and hand embroidered for the royals of Indian Princely States, this gown is classy and reserved style of Christian wedding gowns

7. Princess – Full Net Neck & Sleeves Gown

Christian Wedding Gowns- Princess - Full Net Neck & Sleeves Gown

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Stitched to perfection, with a netted neckline and elbow three quarter sleeves; this gown is absolutely elegant – a perfect match for the subtle and stunning you. One of the best wedding gowns with sleeves yet.

8. The Show Stopper

Christian Wedding Gowns- The Show Stopper

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The easiest way to turn the aisle into fashion runway! A supremely sexy Christian wedding gowns, for the fashionably chic.

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9. The Stunning White Saree

Christian Wedding Gowns- The Stunning White Saree

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The traditionally Indian milk white wedding saree blends in the classic South Indian Christian wedding attire that’s trending on the circuit and looks absolutely gorgeous in the process.

10. The Shining & Strapless Designer Wedding Gown

Christian Wedding Gowns- The Shining & Strapless Designer Wedding Gown

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It’s shiny, it’s strapless and it accentuates your beautiful neckline. So if you have a family heirloom – or an ornament that can be worn on your wedding day, this is the gown to go with.

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Did You Know?

White wedding gowns were a symbol of prosperity and wealth. As these gowns couldn’t be washed or reused for another event, it was seen as a show of wealth and status, as the gowns were perceived as one-time-use dresses. For centuries, only a rich woman could afford to wear a white wedding gown; while others wore white gowns which they would then dye in a different colour after the wedding ceremony and re-use them for other occasions. However with time, the ideas and the outlook has changed, but the gown still remains – white!

And as such, Queen Mary of the Scots was the first woman to wear a white gown for her wedding. In 1840, Queen Victoria also opted for the white wedding gown for her royal wedding, creating a frenzy of sorts in UK and setting a trend that is being followed even today.