10 Strong Love Quotes Because What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

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They say love is like the most potent Red Bull on the planet. Sip it and stay charged for life. It is like Energizer’s “keep going” Bunny sitting in your heart and thumping on forever. Jokes apart, it is a fact that love can drive you crazy, and can also make you do things you though you weren’t capable of. These strong love quotes are right for you if your partner’s been your support system and pillar of strength, and you owe him or her a beautiful love message. Here are some strong love quotes about the intensity and courage that love has given you, and you ought to share them with your partner.


One of the beautiful strong love quotes that is emotional and full of love. It talks of a bond so strong that both individuals are willing to give up on anything and sacrifice for the sake of being together. A quote about the power of the bond that keeps a couple together. If you feel the same about your love and the bond you share with your partner, then this is a quote you must share with them.


A romantic love quote that is honest and beautiful. A quote that tells your partner that he or she has been be a pillar of support and that you love him or her very dearly. It playfully suggests that after all, your partner is the only one who is in your heart, and actually knows what it sounds like.


One of the best strong love quotes that talks of the unique bond lovers share and how distance is a must, to really realise the full potential of your love. You will know how strong your relationship is, how much you long for each other’s company and truly know the depth of your love for each other. A quote that is for every couple who are staying apart or are in a long distance relationship.

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A romantic quote about love and the strength of your bond that is beautifully put – almost in a poetic way. A quote that tells your partner what is exactly on your mind, in your heart – always. Something that will surely make him or her feel special.


One of the best love quote that acknowledges the support and the strength your partner has always given you. It is not just a message of love, it is also a big thank you. A quote that is honest, real and straight from the heart. You really don’t need a reason to share this quote, because he or she has always been there for you – sharing it in a random moment will definitely make it one of the most memorable strong love quotes ever.


Lao Tzu is an ancient Chinese philosopher and poet. He has authored one of the greatest Chinese manuscripts ever, called the Tao Te Ching and is the founder of philosophical sect called Taoism. This is a quote that is philosophical and real. When you are loved deeply, you get strength, but when you are loving somebody with all your heart, you get a lot of courage – a must-share quote for every couple.


A romantic love quote on living life together, experiencing the pains and pleasure that life has to offer – and most importantly, keep the fire alive. To bond is great but to be together no matter what is the best gift in life that you can give or could get. If you share that special, timeless and unflinching bond of love with your partner, share it with him or her and they will surely feel good.

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A heart touching love quote that is about conquering fears and gaining courage, everyday. A message of love that thanks your partner for being there – as your pillar of strength and your fallback guy (or girl).


A quote on self discovery and how love has enriched your life. A message about love so strong that it is all that matters in life. A beautiful quote that you can share with your partner.


A quote that is a spin-off of the famous love quote, you are my only strength and you are only my weakness. This quote is emotional, real and very natural, a quote that tells your partner how important and special he or she is in life. A quote about the strength of love and how it makes people better and stronger.

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