10 Strange Side Effects Of Nettle Herb

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Plants offer tremendous medicinal value. Some of them are rare and unknown to us. Nettle is one such plant, which most of us are unaware of, but it has many uses and benefits. The benefits of this plant can be attributed to the presence of oxidized low density lipo-proteins called lectins and several complex sugars. Nettle contains non steroidal anti-inflammatory properties, and you can apply it externally to soothe insect bites, burns, arthritis and rheumatic ache. You can also use it to treat eczema, rheumatism, hemorrhage (especially of the uterus), gout, arthritis, heavy menstrual bleeding and hemorrhoids. Various hair care products also use it to reduce dandruff, and treat minor scalp and hair problems. It contains antioxidant vitamins, such as Vitamin A, C,and E, which protect our body from free radical damage.

10 Side Effects Of Nettle

This herb, which is known for its therapeutic and healing properties also has several side effects. We are not recommending that you should stop its use, but use it in the right amount. Given below are some of the side effects of nettle:

1. Affects Blood Regularity

Nettle or stinging nettle possesses anticoagulant or blood thinning property, which affects the blood clotting ability of the body. This property of nettle along with other blood thinning supplements can cause some serious problems. One should stop taking nettle before surgeries as it delays blood clotting.

2. Low Blood Sugar Level

Nettle can decrease blood sugar level. If you are under diabetes medications, then the use of nettle can increase the risk of lowering your blood level. So, be aware of your blood sugar level before its use. Take medical advice before using nettle.

3. Low Blood Pressure Level

The use of nettle lowers the blood pressure level. Do not take nettle with other blood pressure lowering medications. It may result in lower blood pressure levels. Consult your doctor, if you are already on BP medication.

4. Insomnia And Drowsiness

Excessive use of nettle can cause drowsiness. Do not take nettle with other sedatives (drugs which relaxes the body and mind). It may cause too much of sleepiness. Do not drive after you consume any kind of sedative, including nettle.

5. Skin Problems

External exposure to fresh stinging nettle leaves creates allergic reactions. The nettle leaves give a sharp stinging feeling while touching. But, a few people also experience allergic reactions. These are stinging, itching, rash, burning or hives after the oral intake of nettle. This is one of the serious side effects of nettle leaf.

6. Pregnancy And Nursing

Taking nettle during pregnancy is unsafe. It may cause uterine contraction, leading to miscarriage. It can even harm the fetus. Nursing women should also avoid taking nettle.

7. Kidney Problems

Nettle is a natural diuretic, and it increases urine production and output. Do not use nettle, if you are suffering from any kind of kidney problems. Use this herb only after consulting with the healthcare provider.

8. Stomach Discomfort

The use of nettle may cause gastrointestinal discomforts in some people. These are nausea, vomiting, stomach ache or sore stomach.

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9. Severe Allergic Reactions

Apart from the mild discomfort of nettle intolerance, people can also experience severe allergic reactions. And they are swelling of lips, face, mouth or tongue, difficulty in breathing or swallowing, chest tightening, etc. Go for quick medications, if you experience any of above problems.

10. Decreases Ejaculation

As it contains several chemicals, nettle use decreases ejaculation in men. Nettle inhibits the production of enzyme called aromatases, which is vital for sperm production.

If you suffer from any of these nettle herb side effects, stop using it immediately and see your doctor. Nettle can offer amazing health benefits, but be careful to take required dosage. Follow your doctor’s instructions to enjoy this amazing herb!

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