Developing Ayurvedic Awareness: Stop Throwing Away Seeds!

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Seed is the root of life. It comes from a seed and goes back into a seed. It is this seed that constitutes the means of continuation of life. Speaking of a seed in the Ayurvedic (the study of life) sense, it is the basis for healing. How can one disregard something this important? Once you get to knowabout how a seed is revered in Ayurveda, you will never again throw the seeds away. Read on to know why you should stop throwing away seeds immediately.

1. A Seed Is A Fundamental Source And Force Of Life

 1. A Seed Is A Fundamental Source And Force Of Life
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What keeps us alive, healthy, and vigorous is this life force. It permeates all the living organisms to make them resilient and replete. Do you feel alive? That is life force. A seed of a plant is the physical manifestation of the source of this life force. Disrespecting by throwing these seeds away in the trash indirectly means you are insulting this very life force that keeps you alive.

2. Seeds Become Plants – The Basis Of Our Food Chain

2. Seeds Become Plants - The Basis Of Our Food Chain
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Life on earth began with plants. They stand at the bottom of our food chain. Had there been no plants, there wouldn’t be life. The biosphere, as a whole, depends for life on this seed. Also, as a principle of this Universe, life always continues to exist. For this life to continue to exist, the seed becomes the means. And we throw them away without understanding the significance of what these seeds are capable of doing. We have heard time and again about the need to stop growing this concrete jungle and start growing the real green jungle. None of us has yet realized that the act of replenishing nature with this life force all begins with saving the seeds first.

3. Seeds Represent Divine Awareness

3. Seeds Represent Divine Awareness
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In Ayurveda, the practitioners are taught to respect seeds. For them, a seed represents not only life and the power of healing but also opulence, abundance, and beyond all divine awareness. A seed represents the whole and the origin. This is exactly why the Hindus Goddess of food is called Annapoorna. The word “poorna” means whole and “anna” means food. Also, as an integrated part of the culture, it is taught to all children that food is Parabrahma (The Supreme Brahma) or the Supreme form of Life. Where does food come from? Plants. And where do plants come from? Seeds. Tracking back to elementary life, it is this seed that is an earthly representation of divine awareness.

4. Saving Seeds Is Like Meditating On The Life Force

4. Saving Seeds Is Like Meditating On The Life Force
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Once you are conscious of this divine awareness, there is no way you will throw, disrespect, disregard or stay indifferent to seeds. This conscious effort of understanding the core aspect of existence and a continued consciousness of this core is what, in other words, called meditation. By collecting seeds, by saving them for future use, and by considering it the basis of vitalforce or lifeforce (Praana) you are meditating on the life force.

This life force is constantly there – whether you save the seeds or throw them away. It is not that you create this force by saving seeds or destroy it by throwing the seeds away. However, the act of saving serves the purpose of clearing your consciousness of ignorance. The act of throwing away a seed shows your ignorance and lack of divine awareness of this life force.

What Should You Do With The Seeds?

 What Should You Do With The Seeds
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First, you pay homage to the seed and thank the seed for keeping you alive and healthy. After consuming the fruit or vegetable, eat the seeds if they are edible. Most seeds are edible and are packed with nutrition. If they are not edible or you find it difficult to eat them, store them in a jar. Make sure you wash and dry the seeds before storing them. Plant these seeds when you get the opportunity to do so. If you own a garden or a farm, you can sow them and give them the nourishment they need, which is also a form of respecting the life force. Give them to farmers or professionals who know what is to be done with the seeds if you are inexperienced. Sprinkle them on open and barren lands. If the seeds manage to germinate, they will slowly improve the soil quality and increase its fertility over time.

Leading a selfless life full of awareness is what a seed teaches you. Stop throwing them now and become fully aware of your life force. How does it feel to meditate on life force in this way? Try it and let me know. Write to me in the comments section below if you would like to contribute to increasing the awareness of the significance of a seed.

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