10 Stocking Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Stocking is a close fitting, elastic garment that covers the foot and the lower part of the leg. It varies widely in terms of color, design and transparency. It is primarily worn by women for fashion and aesthetics.

A stocking is also used widely during the Christmas. A Christmas stocking is an empty sock or a sock-shaped bag that is hung by the fireplace so that Santa Clause can fill it with small toys and other gifts.

Top 10 Stocking Coloring Pages For Kids:

Here is a collection of stocking coloring sheets for your young ones to color. The article includes both simple and complex stocking diagrams, making it ideal for kids of all ages.

1. A Simple Stocking:

a simple stocking

Get your little ones excited for the holiday season with this stocking coloring sheet.

  • The coloring sheet features a plain stocking ideal for preschoolers. Ask your child to make patterns of their choice on this stocking. Their stocking is ready to receive holiday treats and goodies.
  • You kid can also paste flower cut outs on this stocking. Finish by sprinkling some glitters. This is an intensive work so make sure you accompany your child in this task.

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2. Stocking Stuffed With Toys:

stocking stuffed with toys

Here is a Christmas stocking brimming with gifts for your little ones. This coloring sheet will surely get your child in the holiday spirit.

  • Ask your child to add the finishes touches to this Christmas stocking with his color set.
  • As your child colors this stocking, introduce him to the classic poem “’Twas the Night before Christmas”.

3. Hello Kitty With A Pair Of Stockings:

hello kitty with a pair of stockings

This cute coloring sheet features Hello Kitty with a pair of stockings.

  • Ask your little ones to take out their crayons and add some cheery colors to this scene.
  • Teach your child to use complementary colors to make the picture appear more vibrant.

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4. Santa And Stocking:

santa and stocking

This coloring sheet features Santa with a cute stocking. Both Santa and stockings are important symbols of Christmas.

  • The lovable Santa has done his job of filling the stocking with the gifts for the little children.
  • Ask your child to read the names written on the stockings. This will improve their reading skills.

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5. Girl Putting Up Stocking:

girl putting up stocking

This coloring sheet features a little girl putting up stockings by the fireplace.

  • The little girl is trying her best to beautify the fireplace so that she can get the best gift from Santa.
  • You can also tell your child to create her own mini stocking after coloring the sheet.

6. ‘S’ For Stocking:

s for stocking

Here is an S for stocking coloring sheet for your preschool children.

  • Tell your child to trace the uppercase and lowercase letters and then use the right colors to fill the stockings. Make sure they stay inside the lines.
  • Do not forget to appreciate your child for his work even if you see him making mistakes.

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7. Puppy Inside A Socking:

puppy inside a socking

Have fun coloring this awesome coloring sheet of a puppy inside a stocking.

  • This coloring sheet will surely appeal to your little animal lover.
  • This coloring sheet is ideal for kids of all ages.

8. Connect The Dot:

connect the dot

Here is a connect-the-dot stocking coloring sheet for your little one.

  • Ask your child to connect the dots in the numerical order.
  • Then she can enjoy filling the stocking with her favorite colors.

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9. List Of Stocking Stuff:

list of stocking stuff

Here is a fun coloring sheet for your little one. Ask him to write about the gifts that he would like to receive this Christmas.

  • Then tell him to color the stocking in bright and vibrant colors.
  • This coloring sheet will not only help your child improve motor skills but will also lay the foundation of strong handwriting skills.

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10. Stocking At Fireplace:

stocking at fireplace

This is a scene of a living room on Christmas Eve.

  • It shows the fireplace decorated with beautiful ornaments and stockings.
  • The minute details in this coloring sheet will help to strengthen the child’s handwriting muscles.

Hope you like our collection of free printable stocking coloring pages online. Feel free to browse through our other categories of stocking coloring pages to print. You can share your experience and suggestions with us in the comment box.

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