Step By Step Mehndi Designs: 23 Beginners' Simple Video Tutorial

While there is no dearth of mehndi art specialists in India, it is always great to know a mehndi design or two that you can do by yourself. For those who have always wanted to learn the step by step application of mehndi, we have some good news for you. We present to you step by step mehndi designs tutorials with videos that will help you master some really cool mehndi designs.

1. Step By Step Mehndi Designs Tutorial For Tiny Florets Mehndi Design

  1. It is one of the simple mehndi design for beginners. Begin by drawing an S-shaped pattern consisting of small circles that run all along the back of the wrist till the little finger.
  2. Draw small petals then for each of the floral disc you just drew. Make sure there is a fine application of henna, and that you don’t squeeze the cone too hard.
  3. After adding petals to all the floral discs, add some additional flowers to fill the extra space in the design.
  4. After this, make small dots in the space between the flowers. This will help give the design a fuller look.
  5. To add some flair to the design, have a deeper application of mehndi within the petals. This will help in giving you a stronger shade of mehndi at those regions once the mehndi dries away.
  6. To give some finishing touch to the design add small buds intermittently, preferably at the outline of the S-shape.

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2. Step By Step Mehndi Designs Tutorial For Arabic Mehndi Design

  1.  It is an Arabic mehndi design for beginners. You start by drawing a flower with upward strokes towards the palm of the hand.
  2.  Once the flower is done, you move towards the palm making vine patterns. Make sure you apply extra henna on this vine design.
  3. Keep applying henna in oval patterns that give a leaf-like representation. Leave empty spaces in between that will help enhance the look through colour contrast.
  4. Continue making this pattern till the tip of the index finger.
  5. Once you have reached the index finger, give some shading to the outline for extra effect.
  6. You can make this design more appealing by adding some small flowers between the leaves.

3. Step By Step Mehndi Designs Tutorial For Hand Jewellery Mehndi Design

  1. It is a great henna design for hand. Start by drawing a small flower on the upper left corner of the forearm.
  2. You then continue along diagonally, drawing flowers of descending size all the way to the edge of the hand. This will create a pendant-like look.
  3. At the end of this floral pattern, add three dots to give a tapered end to it.
  4. Now we begin with the trinket. Start by drawing a single medium size flower on the base of the index finger.
  5. After this, draw a string-like pattern from each of the pendant to the single flower on the base of the index finger.
  6.  Add the beads design on each string. Apply the mehndi in single spots all throughout the string to create a wonderful trinket pattern.
  7. Once done, you can add an extra flower on the little finger that would be in continuation with the ornate pendant, and that will complete your Arabic mehndi design for hand.

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 4. Step By Step Mehndi Designs Tutorial For Foot Mehndi Design

  1. This one is a simple mehndi design for feet for the beginners. Apply henna in straight line on the inner rim of the foot. It should extend from the back of the foot to the front.
  2. Have a second application of mehndi parallel to the previous line. Make sure the thickness of the line is the same.
  3. After this, start making an illustration of a flower that appears to originate from this line. Draw from back of the foot to the front.
  4. Make sure the flowers are of consistent size, and that you draw them as close to each other as possible.
  5. Once you are done with it, apply henna in three dots between each of the flower. This will help accentuate the overall design.
  6. To add some extra effect, fill the petals with heavier application of henna that will lead to deeper colour of mehndi when it dries.

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5. Beginners Tutorial For Chain Mehndi Design

  1. It is one of the easiest and simple mehndi design for beginners to learn. You start from the outer edge of the top of the hand.
  2. Keep drawing vine shaped or U-shaped chain links that extend one after the other.
  3. If you observe in the video, there are two types of chain links. One faces the outer side while the other is drawn facing the inner side of the hand.
  4. You can apply some extra henna on the top extra section of the hand. While coming to the lower section of the chain, make sure you have a finer application of mehndi.
  5. Keep drawing the alternate chain links that intertwine with each other till the tip of the middle finger. Once you are done with it, you have created a chain like motif.
  6. Give some finishing touches to the mehndi pattern by giving an extra shade of mehndi to certain select chain links. When the mehndi dries, these sections will have a stronger shade of mehndi pattern.