10 Kinky Valentine Day Love Messages To Turn Up The Heat

Well, well, well. It is said that every day is Valentine’s day for those who are madly in love. So why not make yours more romantic with these steamy, sexy and sensual Valentine Day Love Messages. Share your deepest and raunchiest feelings for the one you love with these awesome love messages. Here are a few for the ones with a naughty mind.


Kisses And Cuddles Valentine Day Love Messages

A truly special valentine day love message for the most important person in your life. Tell your partner what’s in store for the day with this sweet and simple love message that’s loaded with kisses and cuddles! A message he or she is going to love, on Valentine ’s Day.


Flirty Valentine Day Love Messages

The perfect Valentine Day love message for the couple who celebrate love every day. You really don’t need a special day earmarked to celebrate love but it sure feels good to wish your partner on the day of love! Ending the quote with an “ I can smell you already” only makes it hotter. Well, you need to wait till he or she’s back in your arms for that but there’s no harm in mentioning.

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Cupid Valentine Day Love Messages

A quote on how cupid’s fired the perfect salvo, just for you. Well, there is a twist, depending on what the home run is for you – is it being in home for a fulfilling night or is it spending life together, well for starters you could start with the night.


Starry Valentine Day Love Messages

It is a nice thing after all – telling your partner that he or she is a star to start with and then going on to tell them that falling in love is like looking at the stars. It doesn’t get anymore romantic than this, probably a nice dinner date on the deck overlooking the sea and with stars on top will make the deal all the more sweeter. Surprise your love with this starry valentine day love message.


Chocolate Valentine Day Love Messages

A love quote that’s as good as dark chocolate, well – it’s even darker if you are kind of getting suggestive. But we leave it at that. It it is for you and your partner to infer it the way you want. We’ll just be straight forward; this is a sweet and short Valentine day love message that you can consider sharing with your partner, that’s it from our end.

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Night And Day Valentine Day Love Messages

A personal, romantic and sensual Valentine day love message that is all about cuddles and the personal warmth that you share. So you could make your cold nights warmer and your warm days hotter – but with this love message you are pretty much warning your lover that this Valentine’s Day is going to be the hottest this year.


Mr. Archer Valentine Day Love Messages

Hmm.. what can we say about your game of archery. Go ahead, shoot your arrows of love with this very sincere, sweet and silently suggestive message of love. Wish your partner well, and let him or her know what’s in store with this sexy short love message Valentine’s Day.


Music - Valentine Day Love Messages

A message of love for the music lover, or so it seems. Get down to the beats and spread love like no other with this musical Valentine’s Day message. A magical love quote for a couple who are madly in love.


Thanks Valentine Day Love Messages

A beautiful and sweet message of love that is honest and real. Wish your love a Happy Valentine’s Day with this simple and straightforward message of true love and admiration.



Love is magical, and it is the reason why we are really what we are. To know that you’ve somebody to go home to, to be loved, to protect and to be your best friend is an amazing feeling like know other. A deeply romantic Valentine’s Day greeting for a beautiful soul who has touched your heart.

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