Bridal Gold Necklace - 9 Designs You Must Own!

A bride without her statement bridal jewellery is like a dark night without any twinkling stars in the sky. Hence, picking the perfect bridal gold necklace that you can don on your D-Day is crucial. But from all those beautiful jewelleries on display, which one should you pick? That’s very confusing. Let’s not waste any more time on window shopping. Here’s a quick guide to end your dilemma. Below are nine magnificent examples of bridal gold necklace designs that you will absolutely love!

1. Magnificent Kundan

Bridal Gold Necklace - Magnificent Kundan

Image Courtesy: Rocks N Beads

Kundan is the most expensive Indian form of traditional jewellery. Various types of gems, semi-precious and precious stones are used to create a beautiful design. Because it is a highly refined form of 24 carat gold, and became popular in the Mughal era, a long kundan neckpiece will make any bride feel like royalty. Truly a bridal gold necklace befitting a queen.

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2. Pretty Polki

Bridal Gold Necklace - Pretty Polki

Image Courtesy: A D Jewels

Polki jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds. This Rajasthani style of jewellery is more expensive than kundan for its natural form and incomparable shine. When combined with elaborate meenakari or enamel work, or uncut precious gems like emeralds and rubies, the jewellery will surely make the bride feel ever beauteous.

3. Bridal Gold Necklace – Sparkling Diamonds

Bridal Gold Necklace - Sparkling Diamonds

Image: Little Box Photography

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And on the wedding any bride can feel like a princess wearing a sparkling diamondbridal gold necklace. Be it earrings, bangles or rings, diamonds go well with just about every attire the bride adorns.

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4. Impressive Jadau

Bridal Gold Necklace - Impressive Jadau

Image Courtesy: Rocks N Beads

Popular jewellery piece of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Jadau is an ensemble of pearl, ruby, diamond, sapphire, diamond etc. These precious gems are embedded in gold with a beautiful polki (an uncut form of diamond) in the centre. A jadau set on the bride will look absolutely rich and elegant.

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5. Colourful Meenakari

Bridal Gold Necklace - Colourful Meenakari

Image Courtesy: Rocks N Beads

If you like colours in your jewels, then you will love meenakari. This enameled jewellery hails from Rajasthan and over a period of time it has become very popular globally. Pretty motifs of peacock, flowers and paisleys are crafted in different hues of red, green, yellow, pink, blue and white. A colourful, vivacious bridal gold necklace designed to impress.

6. Bridal Gold Necklace – Glittering Gold

Bridal Gold Necklace - Gold Jewellery Dhana Lakshmi

Image: Choksi Photography

Gold is every bride’s favourite option. It is not just worth the money spent, it also looks very traditional and rich. Symbol of Goddess Laxmi, gold jewellery is known for their durability and everlasting shine. From baaju bandh to toe rings, a bride can get every ornament in gold if she wishes.

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7. Opulent Vadaseri/ Temple Jewelley

Bridal Gold Necklace - Opulent Vadaseri/ Temple Jewelley

Via: Source

Very popular in south India, Vadaseri was earlier adorned by the idols, followed by a trending ornament among south Indian dancers. Today, it has sculpted its way into bridal trousseau. Combined with red and green stones (rubies and emeralds), Vadaseri’s intrinsic designs are made of gold or silver dipped in gold. They are handcrafted by artisans who work on metal sculptures for temples. Hence, Vadaseri is known for its figurine and temple designs.

8. Elegant Thewa

Bridal Gold Necklace - Elegant Thewa

Via: Source

This Rajasthani ornament is delicately worked on thin sheets of 23 carat gold. Colourful floral and animal motifs and human figurines are handcrafted on the sheet, and are then combined with colourful gems and pearls to add droplets or to make strings to hang around the neck. They look very traditional and compliment all jewellery in gold.

9. Propitious Lac

Bridal Gold Necklace - Propitious Lac

Via: Source

Handcrafted in Rajasthan, Lac or Lacquer jewellery are excellence of traditional Indian heritage. They are studded with glass pieces and precious gems like sapphires, emeralds, etc. Available in different styles and designs, Lac jewellery is available in different hues of pink, green, yellow, red, blue and white. Brides looking for something different and pretty will love lacquer jewellery. Especially Lac bangles.