Sridevi’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

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Bollywood superstar late Sridevi was known for her fashion sense and gorgeous-looking skin. This Bollywood diva changed the definition of beauty, and she had some timeless beauty secrets that you will find in this article. Ahead, we have revealed Sridevi’s beauty secrets and her tips to achieve glowing skin. So keep reading to find out!

Sridevi’s Beauty Secrets:

Beauty Rituals:

1. For better blood circulation, Sridevi follows a routine of regular hair oil massage and avoids using excessive chemical based products.

Gorgeous Sridevi's beauty secrets

2. Eyeliner, Lip-gloss and her La Prairie Platinum cream are the only makeup items she requires to get ready!

3. She recommends people to use only fruit packs and get head massages as frequently as possible to improve blood circulation.

Stunning Sridevi's health and beauty regimen

4. She likes to keep it simple in her day to day life. For her, the ultimate beauty blunder is to sleep with makeup on, she points out that chemicals in makeup products are harsh for the skin.

5. The beautiful mother of two, regularly follows her beauty regime which includes eating healthy food five times a day, doing yoga for that fit body and drinks lot of water and liquids to hydrate herself.

6. Sridevi treat her skin with glycerin mixed with rose water face pack. In fact this happens to be her first beauty product as well.

7. For Sridevi, it is all about positivity, good time with family, power yoga, tennis etc., in short, she believes that whatever is inside will reflect on the face. Be happy on the inside to have its reflection generate on the outside.

Sridevi's beauty secrets 3

8. Sridevi’s major rule for beauty is living and aging with grace, which is evident because she never overdoes on makeup or fashion. The Mr. India actress never has been one to use too many products on my face or even on her hair and if she does apply a bit too extra makeup, she takes extra-special care.

Diet Discipline:

9. Sridevi doesn’t follow a specific diet, but she starts her day with two glasses of lukewarm water with honey and lemon. Prior to breakfast, she makes sure she takes her vegetable juice, and for breakfast, it’s either oatmeal or a bowl of muesli with honey and skim milk. She adds lots of dry fruits.

For lunch, it’s smoked or grilled salmon with feta cheese and lots of veggies.

For dinner, it’s usually vegetable soups, roti and curry. Sridevi makes sure that she eats every 2 hours between her lunch and dinner. Her snacks include sautéed peanuts, a whole fruit to keep her metabolism going, lots of goats cheese with multigrain crackers. Sometimes, the actress cheats with dark chocolates.

Sridevi's beauty secrets 4

Beauty Resolution:

10. According to Sridevi, it’s not enough to run to the salon for a facial. She believes that taking care of your skin should be like taking care of other aspects of your body—be consistent with a routine. A beauty tip she gives to all women would be to pamper enough, because we deserve it!

11. She believes in keeping her makeup minimal and as natural as possible.

Sridevi's beauty secrets 5

Fitness Files:

12. Thanks to her kids, Jahnavi and Khushi Kapoor, Sridevi loves playing outdoor games like tennis. A great believer of Power yoga, which she practises almost everyday. The rest of the times, the actress makes it a point to go jogging with her daughters.

Spa Secrets:

13. The actress loves to go for deep and intense massage at the Four Seasons Spa at Provence and Banyan Tree in Phuket. She also loves going to the Mariott, Pune for honey scrub, massage and a special fruit facial.

Sridevi's beauty secrets 6

Bollywood diva Sridevi was an evergreen beauty, and she is known for her flawless skin and acting skills even today. This female superstar changed the definition of real beauty through her mesmerizing looks. Follow her beauty rituals and diet plan to get some inspiration. In addition, you can find the importance of regular oil massages and doing power yoga through her fitness and beauty secrets. We hope this article helped you understand Sridevi’s beauty and fitness secrets.

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