12 Square Wedding Cakes To Choose From For Your BIG Day

Square wedding cakes are gaining popularity as more and more brides are now looking for a modern flair in their wedding cake that matches their personality. Square wedding cakes can be as beautiful as the round ones. They have a contemporary feel and a very elegant silhouette. Square symbolizes rationality, stability and honesty. They say the best cake is one which complements both the theme of your wedding and your personality. And cake designers have managed to beautifully adapt the square shape to different themes.

Here are some beautifully designed square wedding cakes that will demonstrate how stunning the square can be.

1. Chevron Cake

This simple 3-tier cake has the Chevron pattern on its top and bottom tiers with a sugar flower as the sole decoration on the middle-tier.

The cake looks stylish despite its very simple adornments.

2. Fantasy Cake

This dreamy looking marble cake is decorated with lace and roses.

It looks so whimsical and alluring, we are worried it will distract attention from the beautiful couple.

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3. Marble Cake

Square Wedding Cakes - The Marble Cake

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Marble cakes have an understated elegance that is hard to match. They are a perfect match for a minimalist theme.

4. Lace Cake

Beautifully crafted fondant flowers have been artfully arranged on the cake, making it look ethereal.

The flowers on this cake were designed to match the ones on the bride’s wedding gown. A brilliant idea, we must say!

5. Geometric Cake

Square Wedding Cakes - Geometric Cake

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Modern cakes usually feature geometric patterns and sober colours.

The square shape seems to be the perfect canvas for these designs.

6. Art Deco Cake

This lovely cake has an ‘Art deco pattern’ in black and gold.

The cake design inspired by The Great Gatsby theme looks very glamorous and chic.

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7. Frame Cake

Baroque design frame cake.

The intricate baroque style edges on this otherwise plain cake and gives it a classic chic look.

8. Naked Cake

Naked cakes are the best way to deliver great taste with simplicity.

The choice of colors on your cake can be bold like the one we have featured or you could even opt for muted colors for a more graceful look.

9. Ruffles Cake

Ruffles look just as good on a square cake.

This 2-tier ruffle cake topped with a lone sugar flower looks effortlessly stylish.

10. Texture Cakes

This beautiful cake was designed for a desert theme wedding. The exterior of the cake has been given a texture that resembles a fabric.

This cake has an elaborate dream catcher design inspired from Native American folk art.

It goes to show how beautifully cakes can be synced with the overall theme of a wedding. All you need is a cake designer who can understand and match your vision.

11. Classic White Cake

This classic cake with a simple design is perfect for a traditional wedding.

It combines a quilted pattern with neat bows in the front and sugar flowers on top.

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12. Glam Square Wedding Cakes

Gold and glitter adorned cakes are best suited to complement a glam wedding theme.

This cake would be perfectly suited for a beach wedding with its sea-foam inspired colour. It has edible sugar pearls and gold rope edges with pretty white Briar roses lending the perfect amount of contrast.

Square cakes seem to be the way to go if you want to give a modern vibe to your cake. Which one of these cakes did you like the most? Do tell us.