15 Lush Spring Wedding Decorations To Bring Your Wedding To Life

There are few things as beautiful as a beautiful spring evening, and a romantic wedding, Combine the two, and you’re sure to end up with something entirely special. Here are some of the most luscious ways in which you can set up the décor on your special day.

1. Trails Of Paper Flowers


A spring wedding calls for a beautiful outdoors ceremony, and one way to really liven the venue up is to have chains of beautiful paper flowers in baby pink, light yellow and white, or in whatever colour that matches the overall theme of your wedding.

2. Flower Pomanders

Okay, so these require a little extra effort to get just right, but as you can see in the pictures, they are entirely worth it. And it’s your wedding, a little extra effort is perfectly warranted and entirely justified.

3. Wooden Wedding Sign


Flanked by flower arrangements in plastic water cans. Entirely fresh, and all very appealing; the perfect spring wedding décor piece.

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4. The Colours Of Spring

An excellent idea is to let the natural colours and resplendent beauty of the surroundings and the venue take over, and stick with simple and elegant colour combinations for the seating arrangements. The beige and off white seating is perfectly offset by the beautiful spring flowers and lush grass.

5. Outdoor Lighting

An outdoor spring wedding calls for a creative and beautiful lighting solution, and these gorgeous hanging candles might just be the thing that really bring all of the elements together with their warm glow.

6. Charming Centrepiece

The fact remains that you can’t really go wrong with a gorgeous flower arrangement, especially at a spring wedding. This beautiful arrangement in a wooden box would make for an excellent centrepiece or standalone decoration.

7. Mason Jar Flowers


Mason Jars are a wedding decorator’s best friends given their versatility, and this sky blue/mint painted mason jar with blush and peach flowers makes for the most excellent addition to any spring wedding décor.

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8. Classic Spring Wedding Seating

Sitting under a beautifully decorated tree on a dusky evening with the table looking that good, it all makes for a fairytale wedding.

9. The Perfect Aisle

If you’ve never dreamt of walking down an aisle made up of flower petals, you just might after seeing just how exceptional the result can turn out to be.

10. Spring Themed Candles

An altogether gorgeous way of accounting for the lighting along your tables, or even as the centrepiece of a table. The string really ties the whole thing together, literally.

11. Rustic Appeal


The logistics for this particular style of décor needs the venue to be somewhat favourable, yes, but if it is – this is one of the best looks you could pull off for your own special day.

12. Draped Wedding Chairs

An excellent option for those looking at something a little different from the standard bow, the beautiful pink fabric perfectly complements the flowers used. You can choose a suitable colour that matches your own theme.

13. Creative Centrepiece Cages


Another take on a classic centrepiece arrangement, the white birdcage and white flowers work exceptionally well, with just the hint of green visible to break the monotony. The pink roses are not too shabby either.

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14. The Quintessential Sign

The appeal of this most beautiful sign is the simplicity. A casing and a series of low watt (non blinding) bulbs is all you need. Well, that and love.

15. Paper Lanterns

When paired with a few strategically placed flowers, and spaced randomly so that they look like they’ve been strewn here and there, these little lanterns with crepe and filter paper in soft hues, glowing meekly make for the perfect spring wedding decorations. Absolutely gorgeous!