South Indian Wedding Photography That Will Blow your Mind

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The wonderful thing about photographs is how they are able to freeze time for an eternity. That moment which will never return can be captured in all its perfection, and these memories can last you a lifetime. When it comes to your wedding day, photography becomes even more important. After ten, maybe twenty years, this is all you will have left of your special day. This is what you will be showing off to your children and maybe even your grandchildren many years down the line. You only get married once in your life, and capturing those special moments is guaranteed to give you many laughs, and maybe even the odd wistful tear or two.

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A South Indian wedding (no matter which state you’re from) has a lot of unique and wonderful traditions which have been carried on for generations. Each of these traditions and rituals carry on a symbolic meaning in the hearts of all South Indians out there. It is important that you find the right kind of photographer who will understand what you are looking for in your wedding pictures.

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Whether it is the Kashi yatra ceremony in Tamil weddings, the Nadaswaram musicians with their plaintive notes, the Jana vaasam ceremony (the South Indian Baraat), there sure are some unique and gorgeous pictures that can be snapped. So what are the different kinds of south Indian wedding photography available in India today? More importantly, which do you think will be a perfect fit to your wedding ceremony? We’re here to help you figure that out.

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Classic Or Traditional South Indian Wedding Photography

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This is the kind of wedding photography which we have been used to for generations now, and it definitely has its own charm. Here, the photographer acts like a kind of director on a movie set, asking you and your groom to pose for photographs. The photography crew is likely to bring their own set of equipment and lighting set-up, and will tweak many things, including how you sit or stand, and even how you’ve worn your dress to get that perfect shot. There are many traditional and romantic shots that will give your big day an eternal, timeless feel. Even though there are many who might feel that traditional photography is now outmoded, this kind of photography is sure to get you some exquisite and classic shots of your big day. The only downside to this is that some of the pictures may appear rigid or artificial, with the bride and groom posing amidst guests or friends. But this is definitely a classic for a reason, and in the hands of the right photographer might just be the thing that you are looking for.

Candid Wedding Photography

Image : Manas Saran Photography

This is a new trend that is fast gaining in popularity all over India. In candid wedding photography, the photographer’s aim is to capture all the highs and lows of your wedding day. They will not adhere to a strict template of how your photographs are going to be shot. They are also likely to interfere less as you go ahead with your wedding, and are likely to photograph you from the sidelines. The moment where you share a secret smile with your significant other, when you tear up slightly as you leave your home, those bawdy jokes shared with your friends will all be captured, showing to the world how special your wedding day really was.

Image: Vivek Krishnan Photography

The flipside to candid photography is that it is not every photographer’s cup of tea. You need to look for someone who has a unique artistic style of their own which you really like. You could even ask candid wedding photographers to add a couple of traditional, posed shots if you want. This is definitely a great way to tell the story of your special day, with all the highs and lows.

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Artistic Or Contemporary Wedding Photography

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This is neither the traditional posed photography nor part of candid photography. Rather, you could think of this as the middle path. Contemporary wedding photographers have a more relaxed approach when compared to traditional photographers. But they would ask you to strike up some poses which they feel would look beautiful. They will find the right backgrounds and poses for you and your love to be in. What you are guaranteed to get is a unique, artistic interpretation of the look and feel of your wedding.

Image: Deepashree Sakharam Photography

This type of photography would have some candid shots alongside posed ones. The flipside here as well, is just that you need to find a photographer with an artistic mind, who will understand just how much this day means to you.

Image: Deepashree Sakharam Photography

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Now that you know what you might want to look for in your wedding photographer, go ahead and book them well in advance. Once the hustle and bustle of the wedding is over, you will have some truly spectacular snaps that will last you a lifetime, just like your marriage!

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