South Indian Bridal Makeup: 15 DIY Tips To Make You A Goddess

South Indian bridal makeup is an unique, stunning and timeless as the South Indian bride herself. From elaborate gold jewellery sets to flowing silk sarees and largely humid weather, the South Indian bridal makeup has to hold on and match up to a lot of requirements on the big day. So here is an elaborate article on what and how to glam up on your wedding day. There are 15 South Indian bridal makeup ideas with stunning pictures of brides in all their glory and then another 15 expert tips for a comprehensive makeup tutorial.

Here’s A List Of 15 South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas For You (+15 Makeup Tips Tutorial At The End)


This divine bride has put together a classic trousseau with her choice of temple jewellery and a soft and lustrous blue Kanchipuram silk saree. The modern fishtail hairdo rests gently upon her shoulder, adding generously to the South Indian bridal profile.


What a gorgeous bride! Notice how the overall colour profile is kept soft and warm, accentuating the bride’s soft features on the face, while also complementing the attire.

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This is a beautiful example of a great South Indian bridal make-up whose unique selling point is the eye make-up. A non-dramatic yet wholesome eye make-up is in full harmony with the loud yet composed red lips.


The true Malayali manga, this Kerala bride has got it going on! By down-playing colours on the highlight applied and keeping the glow instead overdoing the blush, the lustrous gold adds immensely to the beauty of the bride.


Take a look at the beautiful lashes, the dusky tone of the skin.


Curls go clubbing with tradition! This off-beat hairdo, for a traditional South Indian bride, borders her face with grace. The full, even, and shapely eyebrows, stand beautifully in sync with the bridal make-up.


The beautiful bride here is decked with some of the most beautiful temple jewellery, her braid has the most exquisite jadai alangaaram, and to top it off, a smooth, colourful and rich Kancheepuram saree, needing very little to be done for make-up. She is one sultry South Indian bride alright!


This golden bride has done very little to accentuate her already bold features like the prominent cheekbones and the strong jaw-line. Who wouldn’t marry that smile?


Hot in pink! The fuchsia pink with blues and fiery oranges is not only a trend in lehengas in the North. This sassy pink colour profile suits this South Indian bride extremely well, with appropriate make-up that goes with it.


Behold the beautiful peacock bride with a full smile on her well-defined, dark pink lips and a non-dramatic yet beautiful eyes adorned with make-up. Pearls are a gentle addition to this classy South Indian bridal profile.


There is nothing like a South Indian bride sporting traditional jewellery. The bride is seen here with a non-coloured base highlight with a little darker eyeshadow primer applied ever so subtly, to create a beautiful marriage between her makeup and accessories.


Another Kerala bride is seen here with muted colours for the South Indian bridal makeup to stay in tandem with the luster of the gold jewellery. The shapely eyebrows guard a simple yet beautiful round, red bindi for a classic South Indian bridal makeup look.


The beautiful pink of the silk saree worn by the bride here is complemented by carefully applying a slight red pressed powder on the base foundation for the face. Keeping in mind the smaller highlight area above the eyes, the eye make-up has been done adequately without any excess.


A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, the bride here wears traditional colours and cuts in her attire whilst sporting a modern fishtail for hair, matt crème finish for the lips and slight smokey eye makeup, for a suave South Indian bridal profile.

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This bride is brimming with traditional beauty. There are two subtle yet special features of this traditional South Indian bridal makeup: the slight charcoal-smokey waterline make-up that showcases the eye colour, and the contouring that has been done to elevate the features of the bride.

How To Get A Gorgeous South Indian Bridal Makeup Look: 15 Step Tutorial

The general idea of following these steps for South Indian bridal makeup is to accentuate what truly belongs to you – your features – and to make a beautiful South Indian bride out of you! So wash your face, grab a fluffy brush and let the magic begin!

1. Cleansing The Canvas

First of all, follow the cleansing and toning regime, to remove any dirt from the skin and open up its pores.

Cleansing The Canvas

Image: istock

2. Lip Balm: Keep ‘em Hydrated!

Lip Balm: Keep ‘em Hydrated!

Image: istock

You could put a lip balm before starting the makeup routine because it is likely to get parched by the end of the makeup application, misleading the overall look. So keep your lips hydrated with a lip balm.

3. Moisturize The Skin

Moisturize The Skin

Image: istock

If there are personal preferences, it’s alright. Otherwise one could even use Cetaphine, almost a clinical moisturizer for all skin types, because the ultimate goal here is to keep the facial skin moist, thus preventing dry areas on skin. If the skin is not properly moisturized it will lead to uneven absorption of the makeup products, producing a patchy look when the makeup is done in entirety.

4. Base Primer

Base Primer

Image: istock

Shaping up a rough skin and tightening it before the application of other makeup products is essential, for only a firm canvas can hold a beautiful painting. Colouressence Aqua Makeup Primer is a popular choice and yields good results.

5. Foundation

MAC Fluid Foundation is a popular choice of many makeup artists today. Darker skin tones are common in the Southern part of India. The wrong choice of base foundation can have the bridal makeup running downhill. Clean hands can use the fingers to let the product settle in the pores, for a better action than a brush. Base colour of eye makeup can be applied as a foundation of separate, maybe darker base foundation.


Image: Shutterstock

6. Concealer


Image: istock

Concealer helps even out any marks, scars, spots, blemishes or the dreaded dark circles. Different types of concealers are available depending on the requirements of the user. Derma can be used for a flat finish, or you could use Maybelline’s Dream Mousse concealer for a luscious layer of concealer depending on the skin type – oily, dry, mixed – or skin tone – dark, dusky, bronze, fair and so on. Use the beauty blender sponge to even out the applied product to give a clean look.

7. Airbrush

Airbrush Makeup

Image: istock

This is an optional step. Airbrush makeup basically locks in the concealer that has been applied and works over the brush action to ensure the product is evenly applied over the surface of the face. This will give you a flawless look, especially in high definition photographs. Most artists would charge extra for this step, though.

8. Contouring


Image: iStock

Contouring is a common technique used for occasional makeup like the bridal makeup. A stippling brush is used for the purpose. Contouring enhances the features of the face like the nose, cheekbones, forehead and the temples, leaving a slender profile for the face.

9. Pressed Powder Or Compact

Pressed Powder Or Compact

Image: iStock

Like saving a draft, you save all the work done so far with a finishing from the compact. Pack in all the base foundation and the concealer before the skin loses its moisture. One can use the Lakme Radiance Multi Mineral Skin Compact or any other reliable and safe product available for different skin tones.

10. Eye shadows

Eye shadows

Image: iStock

You can begin with an eye shadow primer before starting the eye makeup. Don’t overdo glitter component and make sure to use only if necessary, and in tandem with the makeup for the lips. MAC Antiqued can give that metallic finish that complements very well with the South Indian bridal gold jewellery. You can blend two shades depending on the requirement for the eye make-up. Pigments are also available to provide a classy finish to eye makeup. Any means to pack and retain makeup is welcome especially in a South Indian bridal makeup, as the ceremonies involve sitting in front of the sacred fire or the homam for a relentlessly long period of time.

11. Waterline Eye-Liner

Waterline Eye-Liner

Image: i Stock

Eyeliner literally gives an edge to the eye makeup. It not only defines the eyes put gives a body to the eye makeup, making it stand out. Urban Decay is a popular choice for an eyeliner. You can use gel-liner for the eyes to complement the waterline and also as the eye-liner over the lids. This can be extended to give slight wings to the eye-liner drawn, to accentuate the bride’s eyes. The gel-liner is a good hack to keep the eye make-up more sweat and water-proof. We know weddings can be emotional times, right?

12. Eyelash Curler And Mascara

Eyelash Curler And Mascara

Image: iStock

Curl those lashes and put a nice layer of mascara on the combed out lashes. An underestimated product at times for South Indian bridal makeup, this can actually accentuate the eyes beautifully and look really good in candid close-up shots! Yes, we must consider everything.

13. Let’s Fill You In, Eyebrows

Let’s Fill You In, Eyebrows

Image: istock

Sometimes some of us can have unevenly distributed eyebrow hair. Use an eyebrow brush to comb it out and find the gaps and fill in with an appropriate shade of eyebrow pencil. Make sure it’s not too dark or too light in some places.

14. Blush


Image: Shutterstock

Applying blush is a tricky thing for a South Indian bride. There can be several accessories for the bride – the netti chutti, billai, mookkuthi and many more— and the sarees are often not that simple either, coming in a range of colours. Make sure the blush is added slightly keeping in mind to complement the overall colour profile chosen for the perfect South Indian bridal makeup look.

15. Lips


Image: Shutterstock

Lip primer may be applied before the lip colour to increase retention. Or a matt crème lip colour can do the job, providing the right texture and finish. Before applying the lip colour, define the lips using a lip-liner, to create sharp boundaries in which the colour can be retained.

We hoped you liked our exhaustive list of South Indian bridal makeup tips & ideas. Do share your thoughts with us as we’d love to hear from our brides!