30 Sorry Love SMS Texts To Help You Make Amends

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Every relationship has phases of positives mixed with the negatives. There is no black or white. It’s all a grey area. And just because two people are in love, it doesn’t mean that they will be perfectly in sync all the time. Disagreements and fights are bound to happen as we’re only human. But sometimes as you fight, you end up saying things which are not only hurtful but also disrespectful to the other. Then there are times when you end up doing things which upset your partner. So in moments like these, you have to come up with ways to apologize. Some go for gifts while others look for words. So while the gifting option is totally your call, we can help you with some unique ways to say sorry. Here are some sorry love sms that you can send to tell them how sorry you are.


When you apologize, no gesture is small. Every sorry love sms speaks of those guilty and sad emotions that you go through for putting your loved one through pain.


Sometimes all it takes is a small and simple yet direct way to apologize. Some people aren’t looking for rosy apologies. All they need is a genuine sorry love sms to show that you’re sorry for your actions.

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We all commit mistakes without realizing the consequences they may have. Sometimes we end up hurting the other one and all we can hope for is that they can get past it by thinking of it as a mistake and not as a sin.


If you’re truly sorry, their forgiveness will take away the dark clouds and will bring a bright sunny morning in your relationship.


There is nothing like a naughty sorry love sms apology text! It not only gets your message across but also brings a shy smile to their face.


In moments of anger we fail to think straight and our partner usually has to pay the price for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But once you cool off, you must always apologize.


Just because we’ve hurt them, it does not mean that we’re okay and aren’t hurt ourselves. Most often, the one causing the pain goes through a deeper emotion for having been the one to make their most loved person upset.


A small sorry love sms poem never hurt anyone, especially if it is telling someone how sorry you are.


When we’re in love, sometimes the thought ‘would they accept it?’ makes you lie to them. Sure, you don’t have any bad intentions, but a lie is a lie after all.


Isn’t this simply beautiful? Every heartbeat of yours is often trying to express each emotion that you’re going through. It races when you’re angry, it’s upbeat when you’re in love and it’s slow and sad when you’re upset.

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Mostly soon after a person commits a mistake, they start regretting it the moment they realize it. All their efforts thereafter are for the forgiveness they long for.


People say actions speak louder than words but sometimes our actions convey what we don’t even mean. Our intentions may be pure but we can somehow still manage to hurt people.


Sometimes the only assurance people need is a promise from you that you will do whatever it takes to keep the love intact. So no matter how angry they are, if you say something like this sorry love sms, it will automatically bring their anger down by a huge margin.


They might be mad at you, but won’t stay so for long if you tell them how heartbroken you are for causing them pain.


Oh, those drunken fights are the worst. We end up saying things we could never mean. But the moment you realize how terrible your behaviour was, you must always apologize. But remember, being drunk is also no excuse to repeat the same mistake twice.


As a couple who has been together for a long time, you may get into the daily mundane routine and stop showing affection like you once did. So one must always acknowledge that and make amends.


Simple apologies are sometimes the best apologies as they speak your heart directly without beating around the bush.


A possessive lover lives with insecurities of losing their partner. And with those insecurities they often end up making silly mistakes with their judgement.


When things go sour, it obviously takes a while for it to get back to normal. But what matters is how you don’t give up and work each moment to make things better.

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If you haven’t messed up real bad then I think you can afford to add a bit of humour in your sorry love sms. It might even make the forgiveness come easily!


We’re all struggling for second chances. When we make things turn ugly, knowingly or unknowingly, we always hope and pray that they would give us just another chance to prove how sorry we are.


The time between engagement and marriage is the most crucial for every couple as that is a time when emotions are always heightened. You love and fight more passionately than ever and thus kiss and make up becomes a huge part too.


Isn’t this the sweetest sorry love sms poem? It has all the elements of a lover’s sorry message – apology, a kissing gesture, and hope for being together always.


This is another sorry love sms through which you can simply put across your words for your girlfriend. Tell her she’s the best and you have your battle half won.


With time, some couples just drift apart. They lose the spark and fail to remember the beautiful moments they had. But it only takes one gesture, one initiative to bring life back on track.


Losing people after making mistakes not only brings a certain sadness to your life but also creates an empty spot which cannot be filled by another.


True, and to err is human, right? We all make mistakes, but what matters is how you get past it to begin your life on a fresh note.

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If words could be broken down, it would look something like this sorry love sms. Who knew even the word sorry could have a deeper explained meaning?


And not being able to accept their wrongdoing is what makes matters worse. Learn to accept what you did and kill the ego, for there is nothing greater than love.


A sweet and simple sorry love sms poem. Send via text or write it on a paper, it will sure have your job done in no time.

So you see, apologizing was never a difficult task. If something is difficult then it would be to ignore one’s ego and to accept their mistake. Once you know you’re wrong, you will never find it hard to find the right words to say ‘sorry.’

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