12 Sorry Love Quotes For Him That Will Touch His Heart

Every couple in the course of a relationship go through their ups and downs. They are moments of sadness, regret and pain. They linger as long as you let them be, so the best way to turn things around is to own up and apologize for your mistakes. A person who knows, understands and truly loves you will soon realize the sincerity of your apology, for as they say, that true love always forgives! So if you are remorseful of something said or done that has hurt your partner, here are 12 heartfelt sorry love quotes for him that we’re sure will help smooth things over, and have you guys back up to the happy loving couple you’ve always been!


1 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


This is a sorry love quote that praises him and at the same time tells him that you’re really very, extremely sorry. A quote that will hopefully put a smile back on his face and ease the situation you are in. A quote that is real, honest and in a way humorous. And dear lady, humour works – well, most of the time. Comparing your hot temper with his even hotter looks is a really slick move that will surely make him mellow and calm. A sorry love quote every man would love to hear.


2 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


A sincere sorry love quote that is from the heart. A quote that is an acknowledgement of all the energy and the untiring efforts that your partner has put in, for your well-being and for the welfare of the relationship. A sorry love that is like a final wish, one last chance to mend your ways and do what he likes. A message of love, to be there for him, to do what he wants and to save the relationship because you’ve been wrong at some point and you need to correct that, right now.

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3 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


A sorry love quote that is a promise, of self-control and patience that you will have from now on. A quote that is an apology for your actions and a promise to put your relationship first. An honest quote that is less of drama and more of a real promise to change, for the better.


4 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


A quote that is apologetic, light hearted and naughty. This is one of those sorry love quotes for him that show him things can get better very quickly if he is in the mood to accept your apology.


5 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


A sorry love quote that praises your partner as much as he would love! Hitting him where it matters – his ego. An apologetic quote that is not exactly sad, but more like a light hearted explanation and a promise from your side. A quote he will be happy to hear, because there was no mistake of his. It is okay dear girl, hold your horses, he is always yours and you really don’t have to be jealous or possessive.

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6 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


A sorry love quote that straight from the heart. A message that is sure to make him melt. Your craving is sure to get him out of his angry cave, and rest assured, you’ll soon be that happy and beautiful loving couple that you always were.


7 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


Another sorry love quote that is apologetic for being possessive when there was no need to be!. A quote that hits the spot as it praises him and his drool worthy hot looks. A quote that will calm him down in a while and you can be sure he’ll be in your arms and happy again.

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8 Sorry Love Quotes For Him


A last moment effort to save the relationship this. A quote that is truly soul stirring and honest. A person who sincerely loves you and understand your feeling would always pay heed to this quote. It is a very real and a brutally honest quote that asks for one last chance to right all the wrongs in your relationship.


9 Sorry Love Quotes For Him

A sorry love quote that is sexy, cool and real. Something your partner will understand, and surely accept. An apologetic message that is also an expression of love and heartfelt regret for hurting him, something that really deserves forgiveness.


10 Sorry Love Quotes For Him

A tearful message of love and remorse. A pleading sorry love quote to show forgiveness and to give her a chance to correct her mistakes and show what it means to love you, be with you and take the relationship forward. A quote that will move your partner into giving you that chance, and we’re sure you’ll will to the best of your ability to correct the mistakes that have happened with or without your knowledge.


11 Sorry Love Quotes For Him

A very expressive sorry love quote that explains step-by-step how you want to tender your apology and how much of thought has gone into it. An honest apology that is sure to make your partner understand how you feel about the whole thing.

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12 Sorry Love Quotes For Him

A sorry love quote about forgiveness and love. A quote that is real and positive, it is something that is straight from the heart. He will understand and he will accept your apology.