12 Unforgettable Sorry Love Quotes For Her To Forgive You

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Love can hurt and at times even tear you apart. But forgiveness is the pill, you just have to be honest, apologise and undo the wrongs you’ve done. If she really loves you, understands you and cares for your relationship and your future together, she will forgive you. Plead with her, apologise and tell her you truly love her. If that’s too hard a thing for you to phrase, no worries, as we have these 12 unforgettable sorry love quotes for her, that will make things just right again between the both of you. Remember, if you are honest and apologetic for the mistakes you’ve committed, things will eventually work out!


A light hearted sorry love quote that is not just real, but also very sexy. A sorry love quote that any girl would love to hear. Tell her you love her and that you are really sorry with this cool apology.


An honest love quote that is from the heart. A quote that is apologetic and real. You really don’t need fancy lines and poetic expressions to tell her you are sorry. You can be real and honest while sharing your feelings and that is all that matters. A sorry love quote that will move your partner for how real and wholehearted it is.


Here’s one of those sorry love quotes for her that let’s her know just how much you love her and how apologetic you really are. Telling her you would wait for her forever, means something and someone who has loved you, and hopefully loves you even now will understand how serious and sincere you are. A love quote that could be the truest reflection of what your heart feels and longs for.

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A sorry quote that is bleeding with pain, sorrow, regret and your unflinching love for your girl. A quote that is deep and real, something that truly explains your state right now. A love message that tells her how important she is, and how sorry you are for hurting her. A sorry love quote that will move her.


A sorry love quote about undying love and how she is your number one. A quote that is both beautiful and apologetic, something a girl who truly loves and understands you will appreciate. Just go and share it with her ASAP, and we are sure she will forgive you.

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A girl who truly loves his guy will understand that is not often that a guy talks of his ego, forget telling that it’s deflated. This quote really tells you that he is truly sorry from the bottom of his heart and his explicit unconditional apology will surely help fix a few bruises. This sorry love quote is explicit and clear in the most transparent of ways, that you’re really sorry, regret what you’ve done and that you will never hurt her again. Everything a girl who’s been hurt would want to hear, because you too know that she loves you and wants to forgive, give her that chance with this sorry love quote.


A very conscious appeal and a sorry love quote that exactly explains where you’ve gone wrong and why you wouldn’t make that mistake again. What else would a partner want? Than you realise your mistake and clearly stating why that wouldn’t happen again. Share this message with your lover asap and we are sure she will forgive you for all the things you’ve done, that have hurt her so badly.


A very straight forward quote that is tells her you’ve been jealous and losing her is an option that doesn’t exist. Show her your love and tell her your sorry with this apologetic quote.


Falling under the category of “Romantic sorry quotes for her”, these three lines are from a man who has realised what he will miss if he loses you. Charming but real, this quote is something that a girl in love will always consider with all her heart.

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A light hearted quote that is a beautiful sorry message. Something that we hope will bring a smile to her face and let’s bygones be bygones.


Another pretty love quote that is truly apologetic, for his actions and for hurting you so badly. A quote that is light hearted and honest, something you could use when you’ve done something wrong when you’re in a relationship.


A typical boy-love quote, like the ones that have always made her giggle. A quote that is humorous and honest, something she will appreciate if you can pull it off. But there is a risk that you will be shot with a tri-barrel plasma gun from the same movie, if your quote rubs her off on the wrong side.

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