Sorry Love Letter: 6 Basic Intros To Get You Started

Sometimes, relationships are hard to maintain and we are often hit by tumultuous waves that may create havoc in our life. In such weak moments, instead of holding on to your ego too strongly, if you show your love and concern for your partner by apologizing, things can go much better ahead, filling your life with love and positivity. But writing down your feelings can often be a difficult task and finding the right words can be tricky. To solve your problem, we have assembled a few examples of sorry love letters introductions which you can use as a start to write a sorry love letter to your partner, requesting him/her to forgive you and reconcile.

Sorry Love Letter

Sorry Love Letter Intros For A Serious Start.

Example #1

When your loyalty towards your partner dwindle even once, an apology is a must!

I saw the look in your eyes today when you finally realized what I had done. Your pretty mouth dropped open slightly and you were at a loss for words. You didn’t need to say anything, anyway, because I saw it all in your eyes – betrayal, disillusionment, revulsion. In that moment, I just wanted to crawl under a rock somewhere and hide. But now that I understand the gravity of what I’ve done, my actions have filled me with self-loathing and remorse. It’s difficult for me to look in the mirror and I’m not proud of the person I see there when I do.

If you have repented for your deed and truly, from your heart, for hurting the one you love, and want to change things for the better, a sorry love letter of this kind, or something on similar lines can surely be the stepping stone to a better future so that your partner understands that you are feeling guilty for what you did, are ashamed of it and want to rectify your grave mistake. It will help you two start lives afresh and also break the ice of pain and hurt.

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Example #2

After an ugly fight, this is something you can consider writing to your spouse:

I’m really sorry that things kind of got out of hand the other night. Even though we feel very differently about the importance of budgeting and putting away money for a rainy day, I don’t think it’s something that should get between us. There are plenty of things that we do agree on, even when it comes to finances. I’m really glad that we see eye to eye on the importance of working hard, for example. It’s more important to me that I know that with you I’ll never have to worry if you’ll pull your own weight when it comes to earning a living.

Sometimes, the petty things of life trouble us too much and can take an upper hand on your emotions leading to ugly fights with your spouse. But that does not mean you love them any less. A letter of your apology for the rude behaviour and the snide remarks that had aggravated the fight can save the relationship from turning sour. Here is an example given above which you can follow to write a sorry love letter to your partner, saying from your heart, how upset you are for the fight and want to reconcile things with them at the earliest. Use a sorry love poem or two for inspiration.

Example #3

When you hurt your love with your cruel words that you never meant to say.

I know what I said hurt you deeply. The moment those words left my lips I knew that I couldn’t act fast enough to retract them. Your reaction was justified. If someone whom I cared about had said such things to me, I would have reacted the same way. “I’m sorry” doesn’t seem to be adequate. I wish I knew how to say it better. I’ve relived that moment over and over and wondered how I could have been so insensitive. I don’t think I have ever been so disappointed in myself.

If you are sorry about the things you said to your loved one because of a momentary loss of judgement as you could not keep your cool, ask for their forgiveness genuinely by writing a sorry love letter. With some genuinely felt words and emotions, you will surely be able to win back their heart and remove the scars of pain and anguish caused by the cruel words you uttered in the heat of the moment. You can follow the pattern as shown in the above example to write your sorry love letter and let them feel how much you are sorry for your deed and want to get things back to normal.

Example #4

When you are sorry for your mistakes.

I am sorry. I don’t want you to think that I’m saying those words lightly. I really mean them. I am so sorry. I know that what I did was wrong and I know that it hurt you deeply. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I do know that I never wanted to hurt you. I wish I could take it back, but I can’t. All I can do is try to show you how much I regret what I’ve done and ask for your forgiveness.

If you have unintentionally hurt your spouse and caused immense pain with your hurtful words and gestures, it is a must that you ask for an apology for your behaviour and sort out the issues and misgivings. Nothing is more appropriate than a sorry love letter, written with sensitivity, when you two are not exactly on talking terms. A sweet and appreciative gesture from your part by giving this letter will mean that you give much more importance to your relationship and to your partner. Follow the example given above to write him/her a letter of your apology for the bad behaviour and see how the air clears up for the better in no time at all. If you feel like it, add in something from these missing you love poems.

Example #5

Show your deepest regret.

Time and time again, being in love could seem so simple and come so smoothly. But to lose someone who you looked on to as your other half is the most …

If you are regretful for your hurried actions and wish to make amends with your partner for your rash behaviour, there is no better option than to write an apology letter to your partner and ask for forgiveness. The sorry love letter is sure to touch their heart if written genuinely and it will sort out the differences between you two for the better days to come. You can start your letter on the lines mentioned above and as you go on, keep pouring your feelings on paper and you will see how easy and relaxing it is to say sorry to your loved one and be relieved of the guilt.

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Example #6

Wife’s Apology

My husband, you and I had another fight…something stupid again and you just got home from work when I was asking you questions about our house that …

If your husband has found your words too hurtful to bear, and he is not listening to anything you say, then it is best to be silent and let your written words do the talking. Write him a sorry love letter, expressing your regret for your actions and confess how you never meant to hurt him, as it was just the heat of the moment that blew things out of control. Reading your point of view will make his heart melt and he will surely let go of the past and bring things to normal again.

If you too wish to share your thoughts and ideas on how an apology letter worked for you to save your relationship, share with us and our readers too by commenting below.