The Sohail Khan Wedding Story: One Man. Two Beauties?

There are few Khans in the Hindi cinema, who usually stay under the veil of obscurity. Most have quite readily accessible personal details and even their tiniest moves don’t go unnoticed by the scoop-hungry media which eventually spill it out to the gossip greedy public. But if there is one Khan, about whom most have a bit fuzzy knowledge, then it has to be the youngest of the Khan Brothers trio, which is Sohail Khan. Younger by four years to his superstar brother Salman Khan, Sohail has seen his own share of ups and downs in the entertainment business, and in recent times, even seems to be facing some setbacks in his marital life. So where does it all begin? We take a look.

The Sohail Khan Wedding Story - The Khans

Lovebirds Get Filmy

The Sohail Khan Wedding Story - Sohail Khan And Seema Sachdev

Sohail Khan started his career as a film-maker back in 1997 and most of his initial ventures were with his elder brother Salman Khan. It was in 1998, on the day of the release of his movie Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya that Sohail Khan did something which struck a chord with the title of his movie; he eloped with a barely known Punjabi girl called Seema Sachdev who happened to be his love interest. It is believed Seema was from Delhi and had come to Mumbai with an intention to pursue a career in fashion designing. Little was, and is, known about the couple’s relationship before the day they eloped but it was plausible that they were in relationship for quite some time, which could justify their decision. It was also obvious that their families or one of the individual’s family disapproved of their relationship which made them abscond together. It didn’t take much time though for the families to concede and eventually the couple had an Arya Samaj wedding, later followed by a conservative nikaah. The cute couple have come a long way since their days of eloping and are now doting parents of two sons.

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Sohail has continued with his pursuits in the entertainment business while Seema Sachdev has established herself as a leading fashion designer for TV shows and movies. She also co-owns a designer clothes store and has started a luxury spa in Mumbai.

The Rumoured Illustrious Illicit Affair

The Sohail Khan Wedding Story - Sohail Khan And Huma Qureshi

Sohail and Seema’s wedding seems no different from a dream run. A prince of Khan Khandaan married to a talented fashion designer; their marriage could have been an epitome of harmonious weddings until the entry of a lady called Huma Qureshi. As you know, Huma is a rising star of Hindi cinema and is considered one of the most versatile actresses of recent times. Huma is believed to have become close to Sohail when she was signed as the brand ambassador of Sohail’s Celebrity Cricket League team – Mumbai Heroes. Huma bonded with Sohail quite well and the both were seen together. Despite this proximity, Huma denied existence of any affair and went on record to rubbish the entire episode as a fabricated rumour, made because she was just ‘close to someone.’ Sohail Khan, on the other hand, has remained silent on the matter while his wife Seema has been in denial mode. While that might be the case on the surface, she has most probably taken a note of what has been cooking between Sohail and Huma. In fact, when her husband’s affair started doing the rounds, Huma was promptly replaced by Kriti Sanon as the brand ambassador of Sohail’s team; most probably at the behest of Seema.

The Aftermath

The Sohail Khan Wedding Story - Sohail Khan And Seema Sachdev With Their Sons Nirvaan And Yohan

Despite comments and denials of the trio, cracks have already started becoming visible in the 17 year old marriage of Sohail and Seema. It is believed that Seema has moved out of the Khan’s residence and shifted to her parents’ home. It is also said that she was missing from her sister-in-law Arpita Khan’s baby shower in February 2016. The latest in the Sohail-Seema-Huma episode is that Sohail’s elder brother Salman has intervened to convince the couple, who have already separated, to not consider divorce and instead sort out the matter through discussion and mutual understanding. While most consider Sohail and Seema to have reconciled, it is still believed there has not been any definitive settlement. Well, no matter what the status, we hope this cute couple, like every other Khan couple, finger’s crossed, who took the wedding oath to spend a lifetime together, reignite the love and affection in their relationship and settle the differences with an amicable resolution.