Top 10 Snake Tattoo Designs

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Snakes symbolize potency, agility and the ability to rejuvenate themselves through the process of shedding their skin. Snakes have a definite aura of mystery and potency that make them a fascinating subject for tattoo artists. Snakes have been a part of tattoo art for decades now. In recent times, the snake has been reinvented in the field of tattoo art in new and unique ways. These top ten snake tattoos will show you just how.

Top Ten Snake Tattoo Designs

1. Miniature Snake Finger Tattoo:

miniature snake finger tattooThis miniature snake finger tattoo is mostly just an example of how you can use the snake motif to inscribe ring like tattoo art to embellish your fingers. Keep it simple and trendy. However, you are free to play with your own choice of colors.

2. Snake Forearm Tattoo:

snake forearm tattoo

This snake tattoo in pure black stands out for its effective shading work that gives this tattoo a photographic quality that is hard to beat. Make a note of the apple the snake is curled around, which symbolizes the temptation of Eve from The Holy Bible. This tattoo should be difficult to replicate, so it’s better to seek the services of a seasoned tattoo expert to have this tattoo inscribed on your skin.

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3. Snake Foot Tattoo:

snake foot tattoo

This snake tattoo for your feet is feast for the eyes. Make a note of the intense shading work that effectively accentuates this piece of art. Have this tattoo inscribed, as it is depicted here by an experienced tattoo artist for maximum impact.

4. Snake Tribal Tattoo:

snake tribal tattoo

Snakes have an important role to play in tribal legends and religious rituals. Hence, it is not surprising that the snake motifs are common in all forms of tribal art including tattoos. This tribal snake tattoo design is mostly just a great example of tribal tattoo art using the snake motif.

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5. Snake Upper Back Tattoo:

snake upper back tattoo

In this picture, a snake tattoo is juxtaposed with a real snake which firmly blurs the lines between nature and art. This tattoo has a definite aura of deep mystery, strength and potency. It is only fair to say such a piece of art inked on your skin should be a great source of inspiration for you and admiration from others.

6. Panther Snake Tattoo:

panther snake tattoo

The snake is an enemy to be feared in all of the animal kingdom and this tattoo effectively depicts that. This tattoo is also a perfect symbol of conflict between opposing interests and the battles we face in our daily lives. Let this tattoo be an inspiration that keeps your fighting spirit alive and well.

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7. Realistic Snake Tattoo:

realistic snake tattoo

You may take some time to figure out whether this is a real snake or a tattoo. Well, all the credit naturally goes to the tattoo artist who created this masterpiece. Brilliant shading, details and exquisitely real use of color gives this tattoo a photographic quality that is unmatchable. There is no wonder, if you have a tough time finding a tattoo artist to replicate this piece of art.

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8. Cobra Tattoo:

cobra tattoo

The Cobra is one such jungle animal that has no fear of either man or beast. This is because of its potency and agility nature. This cobra tattoo effectively symbolizes strength, agility and deadly potency. Let this tattoo inspire you to be a strong force against life’s adversities.

9. Coral Snake Tattoo:

coral snake tattoo
This snake tattoo effectively wraps itself around the lower limbs with a deadly effect. This tattoo stands out for its use of brilliant colors and the unique conceptualization. It’s best that you have this tattoo replicated by a seasoned tattoo expert.

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10. Snakes and Skull Tattoo:

snakes and skull tattoo

Snakes and skulls have been a constant motif in tattoo art so it’s only apt that we end this list with a snake and skulls tattoo. Make a note of the vibrant use of color that serves to make this tattoo a trendy piece of macabre art.

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Hope this article on top snake tattoos was interesting. So what are you waiting for? Choose your design and get it done by a professional. Please drop in your comments below.

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