Small Mehndi Designs – 15 Designs Small In Size But Big On Style

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Mehndi designs don’t have to be big and elaborate all the time. Of course, the elaborate ones do look beautiful, no doubt about it. But the small mehndi designs look really cute and have a unique appeal of their own. These motifs can be paired up or integrated in larger designs too. Each motif has a representative element that resonates with a deeper meaning. So for for times when you want to keep it simple and minimalistic. Here are 15 small mehndi designs!

1. Pretty Peacock

Peacocks mehndi designs have been prominently featured in traditional mehndi designings since a very long time. They are usually incorporated as a small motif that is a part of a bigger design. But in small mehndi designs, the peacock itself is the stand-alone motif. The design is given an extra elemental push with shiny colourful Swarovski beads. In myths and lores, peacocks represent nobility, holiness, guidance, protection and watchfulness.

2. Back In Time

This cute little mehndi design is inspired by vintage jewellery. In the olden ages, women wore wrap around bracelets that dangled from the slender wrists of the queens and princesses. This mehndi pattern takes its inspiration from these bracelets as it attempts to recreate small mehndi designs in that pattern.

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3. Branch Out

This simple and minimalistic mehndi pattern tries to imitate the branchlet of a cherry blossom tree. In Japan, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short as is the life of this mehndi tattoo.

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4. Floral Imprint

A floral design is the most sought-after and popular choice if you have noticed. Flowers remind you of nature and freshness and spring, of beautiful times and happy lives. The three flower motifs are sprinkled with dots and finished with flowers; floral small mehndi designs are just lovely.

5. Yin And Yang

Yin and yang, the ultimate epitome of existence. This cute and simplistic mehndi design is bound to make you feel happy and more at peace. Having its base in the Chinese tradition, yin and yang are supposed to be the balance between the driving forces of nature. Get small mehndi designs like this one done and take control of your energies.

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6. Symmetrical Mess

This symmetrical pattern of curves and dots is bound to put the obsessive compulsive part of you to rest. The patterned design is an easy one to mimic. And this one is a must try for all beginners.

7. Sunshine And Hearts

This mehndi tattoo is simple and cute. The best part about small mehndi designs like this design is that instead of going for a close-knit motif design, it lays out the various motifs to adorn the piece and brings it all together. The heart holds representation of the inner strength that love can provide.

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8. Trees Of Old

This tree design stands out quite brilliantly. It represents the age-old tree that stands for integrity and peace. It shows growth and progress. The motif in itself is a floral expression that looks beautiful and delicate.

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9. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are the ‘in’ thing. It has a whole history to it. It plays on the lines of catching bad dreams and only letting the good ones reach you. A trendy henna tattoo to sport.

10. Lord Ganesha

This one is another type of small mehndi designs gaining popularity. This specific design though, is a representative of the Hindu God ‘Shri Ganesh’ who is knows to help people out through difficult times. The ‘Om’ that is added to the design holds spiritual significance.

11. Finger Fetish

There is something about decorated fingers that spells delicate. These decorations start from the sides of the nail and trail off. The patterns of these small mehndi designs are both bold and thin, you can choose as you like.

12. Line Lotus

It’s tiny, delicate, minimalistic and beautiful. This lotus motif reflects on the contemporary era. Lotuses represent peace and strength. It depends on how you like to interpret it.

13. Triple

These three line tattoo small mehndi designs are a rage. Some of them are massive and some as tiny as this one. These tattoos have been found to have a history that goes back 25,000 years but their meaning is still unclear.

14. Phoenix

This henna design is small and elegant. A phoenix represents strength, uniqueness, fire and rebirth. A phoenix is known for its majestic and mysterious lifestyle. This henna tattoo in bright orange represents the fire that it stands for.

15. ‘Owl’ You!

A cute little big eyed chibi owl motif that will make you go ‘awww.’ It may not hold any huge significance as opposed to the other ones in the list.

Ready to get small mehndi designs done? Which one is your favourite and why? Share your thoughts.

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