Skinny Girl Diet – 5 Basic Rules You Should Follow

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The skinny girl diet is a diet created and made popular by Bethenny Frankel, celebrity and natural food chef. Unlike most other diets, this diet is not a crash diet where you have to give up on food altogether. The diet allows one to eat any kind of food that you want, but in moderation and alternatively. There are ten basic rules that one must follow. Adhering by the rules is not very difficult since it does not ask for absurd sacrifices of meals. The diet allows one to know their body and eat what their bodies want.

The Skinny Girl Diet

1. Eat What You Like:

Most diets today seem to condemn the consumption of certain kinds of food. But the healthy skinny girl diet does no such thing. The diet recognizes the fact that all the food groups are important for our bodies. This is why the diet allows the intake of carbohydrates and fats which other diets ask to cut out.

The diet is based entirely on balance. The best way to stick to the diet, without over doing the carbohydrate and fat intake, is by controlling the portion. If you are having a fatty dish, then consume just a small portion of it. If the small portion tends to make you hungry, then you can have a protein rich dish after a little interval. This ensures that the little fat you eat is used up by your body. The food groups balance each other out since they are taken in the right portion and at the right intervals.

Thought the diet asks you to eat a balanced meal consisting of all that you like, the diet does ask one to avoid processed food. Natural produces are the way to go if you want to get the best results.

2. Not another Mundane Diet:

There are many diets which can hand you a set menu for you to ingest for weeks. Such diets lead to nowhere, since few people have the conviction to eat the same meals every day. The skinny girl diet allows one to eat different things, since it firstly allows small portions of a large number of dishes. It also asks you to not have the same dish on the same day. So, you can easily have a large variety of dishes all throughout the day.

This variety can keep your pallet satisfied. You can cherish the food that you are eating since you can eat a variety of dishes every day. If you balance the produce and control the portion you can indulge your taste buds all you want.

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3. Cut Out The Binge:

Most diets fail once you start binging. The skinny girl diet has no such issues. People generally binge if they are forced to eat repulsive food every day, but this diet asks you to eat whatever they want but in moderation. Hence there is no need to indulge your palate. So, one can see how the diet helps cut down on binges by offering all that you may want to eat, but in the right portions.

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4. Eating Out:

Many a times you may have run away from event invites, since you fear the abundance of food to tempt you out of your diet. The skinny girl diet can help you remain social and even allow you to eat out. The diet essentially asks you to control your portions. Hence if you eat out then all you need to do is split the dish that you would usually gorge on all by yourself. Viola! You can eat out and stick to your diet at the same time.

5. Get Started Now!

You can get the book Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinny Girl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting to know all the rules of the diet. If you want to get started, before you get the chance to buy the book, remember to- control your portion, balance your meals, avoid processed food and above all know your body’s needs.

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