5 Sizzling Accessories For Winter Wedding Dresses To Ignite Passions

Winter is one season I can really enjoy. You can stay warm in the cozy indoors and laze around all day. Having a string of holidays like Christmas, Boxing Day and the New Year only sweetens the season. Who wouldn’t love to have a winter wedding, when it’s pleasant in most parts of India thus making it an ideal time to have a beautiful outdoor wedding? If this is your idea of a perfect wedding, then we’ve some of the brilliant ideas for your winter wedding dresses to look like a Duchess on your big day. We do realize that you need to look like a million bucks on your big day, hence wearing a woollen dress that will make you look like a pretty Eskimo is not an option. So we’ve thought about it for a long time, and came up with this list of suitable and stylish add-ons to your winter wedding dresses that will keep you warm and comfortable while still making you look chic and sexy – after all it’s the biggest day of your life!

1. Complement Your Winter Wedding Dresses With A Shawl


Shawls come in all sizes, designs and styles – be it Chasmere, Pashmina, Viscose, Jacquard, Silk or even the latest designer ones from the best labels in the world. You can select a shawl that will complement your style, the wedding gown, and may be even the theme of the wedding itself. Whichever way you use, a shawl is a stylish winter accessory that you can never really go wrong with.

2. Wrap Yourself Up In A Beautiful Shrug

Winter Wedding Dresses - shrug

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Shrugs at one time were an inseparable part of a woman’s attire. With changing styles and design philosophies, shrugs have become less common. Just another reason why you should pair your winter wedding dresses with a matching shrug, as it will not just keep you super warm and cozy, but also make you stand out, and given how fashion moves in cycles, shrugs are one of the best and the most comfortable and stylish dress options for a winter wedding.

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3. Stay Warm In A Stylish, Snug Sweater


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Sweaters are light, easy-to-wear and stylish. The variety of styles, textures, materials and color choices that you get in sweaters is unparalleled, with respect to everything else on this list. So if you want a simple, quick and easy solution to turn your pretty wedding gown into a warm winter wedding dress, team it up with a matching sweater. You can personalize it too, with your own initials or a special wedding emblem to make it extra special.

4. Escape The Cold With An Exquisite Cape

Winter Wedding Dresses - cape

Capes remind me of princesses from the fairy-tales. They don’t just keep you warm and comfortable but also have an air of sophistication and are regal to look at. So if you want to look like a pretty princess walking out of Narnia on your Wedding Day, then look no further than an exquisite and royal looking cape. There is not as much variety in the kinds of capes that you can get but then again it is only in relation to the other options on this list. As a standalone idea, capes are pretty popular and with a lil’ bit of patience, you will surely be able to find one that will suit your style needs and matches your sartorial preferences.

5. Spice It Up With A Stole

Winter Wedding Dresses - stole

Stoles are the easiest and lightest options on this list. They are handy, flexible and can always be put aside easily when it is warm enough to not wear one. Stoles, much like sweaters, are available in a zillion styles, designs, materials and textures, so finding the perfect one to complement your wedding dress will not be hard at all. Stole is a big plus for a winter wedding dresses as it is easy to wear or remove.

These are just five of the many ways in which you can style yourself for perfect winter wedding dresses. You can even mix and match ideas, depending on your style and the comfort on your big day.