Single Line Mehndi Designs - 10 Best & Simple One Line Mehndi

Single Line Mehndi Designs: This simple and beautiful art form is fondly adopted by many cultures and communities all over the world. In fact, big and popular fashion shows have also been seen highlighting the beauty of mehndi adorned hands. Now, while we say it needs no occasion, sometimes elaborate and heavy designs may seem a bit too much. Also, it takes a lot of time to get it done. So if you want a beautiful mehndi that does not take too much time or make you look over dressed, try these 10 single line mehndi designs. These designs are perfect for every occasion and every day.

1. Basic Beauty

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Basic Beauty

Single line mehndi designs use the traditional patterns but minimally so. This one looks neat and adds just the right amount of traditional grace and beauty to highlight your overall look.

2. Single Line Mehndi Designs For The Feet

Single Line Design For The Feet

This single line design is so beautiful and stylish. It’s minimal yet graceful. Pair up with bright or metallic strappy footwear and flaunt that design in style.

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3. Modern Artwork

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Modern Artwork

Unlike traditional single line mehndi designs where the pattern goes up from the wrist to the index finger, this design is very stylish and modern. The unique design beautifully highlights the edge of the hand and definitely makes a statement.

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4. Single Line Mehndi Designs – Trendy Trail

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Trendy Trail

This simple but beautiful long trail of stylish artwork is perfect for a rich and elegant look. The trail design runs all the way from the wrist to the fingers in a beautiful flow and pattern.

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5. Floral Single Line Mehndi Design For Hands

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Fantastic Floral Design

This design is very beautiful and simply charming. It uses very simple but stunning design elements that come together to make for a feminine single line mehndi design.

6. Style File

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Style File

If you want a mehndi design that truly reflects style, then single line mehndi designs are perfect for you. It’s unique and artistic and really makes a beautiful statement by its own. It’ll complement both ethnic as well as western and fusion attires.

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7. Round One Line Mehndi Design

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Round Mehndi Design

A beautiful design for the modern day diva. Add a pair of strappy flats and bling toe rings to complement the contemporary mehndi design and you are all set to catch everyone’s fancy. A great design for any and every function.

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8. Pretty Paisley Design

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Pretty Paisley Design

Paisley motifs are an all time favourite be it single line mehndi designs or even ethnic attire. This simple yet stunning design highlights a single paisley with beautiful design elements that make it a complete pattern of graceful artwork.

9. Simple Line Mehndi Pattern

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Simple And Elegant

Perfect single line design for every occasion and every day. The matching single line mehndi designs on both the hands add to the simplicity and keep it basic but beautiful. You can get the design done quickly and continue enjoying yourself without making a mess!

10. Keep It Pretty

Single Line Mehndi Designs - Keep It Pretty

No design can match the style and simplicity of this single line mehndi design for the feet. It’s stylish, and a perfect fusion between modern and ethnic. Just perfect!

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So if you are someone who likes to keep it minimal, or you are the bridesmaid, or the host, and need to constantly be on your toes, take out just a little time and get these single line mehndi designs. These designs look trendy and stylish, but add a touch of traditional too. You can carry off these designs with all kinds of attires and even show it off while at work or dancing the night away at a club!

I personally prefer the single line designs because of the simplicity and elegance, what about you?

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock