11 Simple Wedding Cakes That You Will Love

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You need a wedding cake that is simple yet beautiful. Cake tasting might seem like fun at the outset, but might leave you confused in the end. We have picked out some beautifully simple wedding cakes, dreamy looking naked cakes and textured cakes to inspire you on the quest for finding the perfect wedding cake.

1. Cotton Candy Cake, Anyone?


This whimsical cotton candy cake will evoke happy childhood memories.

2. Code Cakes

The perfect cake to complement the geek in you.


The promise of love has been written in code. The white lettering stands out against the plain chocolate cake. This is a cool way to make your wedding cake special without having to splurge on a large cake with intricate detailing.

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3. Hand-Painted Cakes

Planning a spring wedding? This elegant cake with hand-painted flowers will arouse memories of a beautiful spring garden.


Hand-painted floral designs can give the simplest cakes a classy and polished final look.


4. Mathematics And Comics – Unusual Flavour Combo!

For all those math nerds out there, what better way to express love than with a bunch of equations? This wedding cake is inspired from a webcomic – xkcd.


The ‘science of love’ explained through mathematical expressions that are witty and romantic.

5. ‘Little Hearts’ Cake

This simple cake is tastefully decorated with mini hearts to give it a chic look. It symbolizes the union of two hearts through a wedding.


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6. The Floral Wonder

Bakers are now using plain colours and textures on cakes along with bright flowers to elevate simple cakes.

Source: Zoey’s Bakehouse

The white fondant brings out the beauty of the brightly coloured intricate sugar flowers on this cake.

7. Confetti Cakes

Having a confetti cake will add a burst of colour to your wedding celebrations.


8. Naked Wedding Cake

Naked wedding cakes have a rustic charm that is hard to duplicate in a decorated cake. These cakes have a vintage feel while managing to look very chic.


And we haven’t even told you the best part yet! Fondant costs a lot and it’s so sugary that most guests skip eating the fondant shell. Naked cakes will taste great and are a steal price-wise.

9. Wishes Cake

This was originally an idea for a farewell cake. Such cakes usually feature heartfelt messages from close friends as the sole decoration.


What could better adorn your wedding cake if not the good wishes of your loved ones?

10. Polka Dot Cakes

Polka dots can bring a ‘classy + young’ vibe to even the plainest canvas.


This simple cake is embellished with gold confetti in a polka-dot pattern and topped with sugar flowers.

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11. Textured Cakes

This ruffle cake topped with exquisite sugar flowers is simple but tasteful. The ruffled sides add dimension to a single-layer cake giving it more volume.

Image: Shutterstock

Textured cakes look modern and are a lovely departure from normal cakes. A textured wedding cake with layers instead of the more commonly seen smooth sides is a great idea to try.


Adding these cute heart-shaped cake toppers gives it a romantic touch.
Finally, choose a cake that looks great and tastes best. Let us know which of these cakes you liked best.

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