10 True Love Messages That Say It All In A Few Lines

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Love is a beautiful phenomenon, one that is probably the truest feeling we will ever experience. It is imperative for you to share your feelings, your affection and your love for your partner and here are 10 of the most sincere, true love messages that will help you in doing so in a jiffy. Read on to acknowledge and share your truest feelings for the one you love.


This true love message is by none other than Marilyn Monroe. Love is sweet, love is magical and love is the thrill you get when you partner kisses you on your forehead and the magical moment when he smiles into your eyes. Share this true love messages with the special one who’s made your life magical.


The fact is, nobody’s perfect. Knowing it and still loving somebody what they really are is what true love is all about. Share your feelings and the love you have for him or her with this beautiful love quote by Jodi Picoult, which is an excerpt from the book titles My Sister’s Keeper.


William W. Purkey is an educationalist and an inspirational writer. He has authored bestsellers like Becoming and Invitational leader and more. This beautiful true love message can surely double up as a true love message as it talks of how love, life and how you can live life carefree. A beautiful quote on not just love, but also life.


A one-liner that hits the bulls eye. Tell your partner that you’re ready to spend an eternity in his or her arms with this simple yet sincere true love message.


It take a lot of love, determination and trust to make a relationship work. You are lucky to have them all and to share a strong bond with your partner, so you ought to share this true love message with him or her and acknowledge the fact that your partner has played an equal partner in making your love what it is today.

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Thank your partner for all the awesome times you’ve had with this true love message that is as cute and crisp as it gets. Share your feelings with this short and sweet true love message.


A beautiful message of true love, one that is sweet and sincere. Tell your lover that his or her happiness is your priority, always, with this romantic and touching true love message. It is something that’s definitely worth sharing with someone who’s happiness is more important than yours. Well, here’s the deal – it’s a true love message that is going make him or her happy reading it as much as it would make you, for sharing it.


A witty love quote that says it all. Tell her something she already knows, and may be you could send this true love message before you surprise her with a sudden date or a gift that she always wanted. A perfect message to make her real curious, when you are planning to gift her something she had been talking about for a very long time.


There’s nothing more personal, real and honest than telling your partner that you’d give up everything, the comforts and life as you know it to be with him or her. That you are willing to start life afresh, with your partner in tow is the greatest message of love, an expression so true that we believe that it is the most sincere true love message on the list.


Well, you always know that it is love, but there’s no harm in light heartedly reminding your partner that he or she is always on your mind with this simple and straightforward message of love.

True love messages are fun, real and an honest way to tell you love that he or she is always on your mind and in your heart. We’ve the one of the finest list of curated love quotes, messages and poems on the internet and we suggest you to go through them. We’d also love to hear from you, you can comment on this post and can even share your own love messages of quotes with thousands of BB readers like you.

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