6 Simple Tips To Soothe Your Breast Itching During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience in life, no doubt about it. That said, it does have its share of problems!

If you are expecting a child, you must have encountered at least some of them. Out of these small problems, itching breasts are one.

Is Itching In Breasts Harmful?

Itchy breasts are caused due to the fact that your body is now preparing to undertake the role of a mother.

  • It so happens that during pregnancy, the skin around your growing belly and your breasts starts to itch. This is attributed to the stretching of your skin.
  • The area around your nipples and the nipples themselves usually get very sensitive and itchy.
  • This may be a very embarrassing and irritating problem, but it is neither serious nor an uncommon problem.

Do not be scared or confused when your breasts start itching during your pregnancy. It is quite a normal thing to happen.

Causes Of Itching In Breast:

Your pregnancy triggers a lot of hormonal havoc in your body. These hormones, in their abnormally high or low levels, are the main culprits behind most of the problems that you face during your pregnancy.

  • Your mammary glands start growing in size during your pregnancy. This is to accommodate the fact that you would be feeding your child. For that, the breasts need to produce an adequate supply of milk.
  • Since the glands are growing, the skin of your breasts starts to stretch. The nipples grow bigger in size and therefore, all this stretching and expanding causes an irritated skin, that results in severe itching.

Itching breasts are the most common problem in pregnant women. So how can you deal with this?

Things You Can Do To Soothe Your Itching Skin:

There is no way in which you can put a stop to your stretching skin. So how else can you relieve yourself from the urge to constantly scratch your skin, especially when it is in your breasts that are itching?

Some of the ways to deal with the itch are:

 1. Do Not Scratch:

Try not to scratch the sensitive area too much. It could aggravate the itchiness and soreness.

2. No Scent/Perfume:

Do not use perfumed or scented lotions and creams on the itching area as this may cause further irritation.

 3. Wear Light And Cotton:

During your pregnancy, stick to wearing cotton bras and clothing made of light and comfortable fabric. This would allow your skin to breathe and the irritation would not increase in degree.

4. Use Non-Greasy Creams:

Try using aloe gel or aloe based gel creams that are not greasy. This would prevent the tender skin of the nipples from sticking to your undergarments or clothes. Not doing this could make taking off your clothes a nightmare for you!

5. Put Ice For Relief:

You could also try putting ice for a while on the really itchy areas. This soothes the skin for a while, giving you some respite from the itchiness.

6. Consult Your Doctor:

Itching breasts are a very common symptom and therefore, the doctor can prescribe the right kind of lotion for you to use to ease the irritation.

All Is Well:

So, do not worry if your breasts are itching during your gestation months. It is a sign of your body reacting healthily to your pregnancy.

  • Soothe the itch by applying the right kind or cream or lotion.
  • Usually the irritation in your breasts lasts for a temporary period and disappears on delivery of your baby.
  • Consult your doctor and seek medical help if you notice any rashes or red patches on the breast.

Else, rejoice! You are on your way to become a healthy mother to a healthy child!

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