5 Simple Tips To Build Your Mental Stamina

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Do you want to increase your mental stamina? Have you ever wondered what the steps to mental mastery are? Well, they aren’t anything tough, but simple habits that you can inculcate and follow every day from the comfort of your home. And this post exactly deals with those simple habits!

Read on to get your brain buzzing again in top gear:

How To Increase Mental Stamina – Factors That Affect:

These can be simple things that you don’t notice much and take for granted, like the time you spend sleeping, eating or exercising. These have a great impact, believe it or not, on your brain and mental stamina.

Here are a few things you can do for building mental stamina:

1. Eat Right:

Proper nutrition is the key to increasing mental stamina. The brain has a huge demand for energy and nutrients to function well. This remains unfulfilled if you don’t take enough nutrients. A “healthy brain diet” includes proteins and iron. You should also stay away from processed sugars and take a multivitamin daily.

Including almonds, blueberries and walnuts in your diet has many benefits for the brain. They work by lowering blood sugar and can improve cognition, according to brain experts. Experts attribute their health benefits to rich amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, and to good amounts of antioxidants in the blueberries.

2. Adequate Sleep:

The brain needs rest. During sleep, the brain gets some “me time” that it utilizes to rebuild its neural networks and do some mental spring cleaning. Missing out on sleep takes away this healing time. And this affects your mental stamina as well as keenness.

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3. Exercise Is Key:

Rest and exercise, both are very important for the brain. Here is how to improve mental stamina through them. That’s why, experts tell us to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes every day. This not only works on our body’s muscles but also keeps our brain working at its optimum capacity.

Even a 5 minute walk around your building can up your brain stamina substantially. Exercising outdoors has more benefits for the brain than exercising within your home.

4. Manage Stress:

We have all heard about the debilitating effects of stress on our minds and bodies. Stress is a major ‘mental’ depressor.

We suggest that you turn to visualization exercises for taming this monster. All you have to do is to imagine that you’re in a soothing place whenever you are overwhelmed. Also meditate and relax consciously each muscle group from your toes to your head while meditating. This will have a brain boosting effect.

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5. Concentration Makes Brain Perfect:

To increase brain stamina, include games requiring concentration, such as chess or Chinese checkers. Scrabble, Monopoly and Cards also work well as they require strategy, analysis, and endurance. These work together to increase mental stamina.

But, make sure to reduce video games. They can do more harm than good.

6. Meditation Works Well:

Meditate frequently. All you have to do is sit in a quiet corner and empty your mind of thoughts. Yes, it is a bit hard to practice in the beginning. But, it becomes easier with time. This helps in relaxing the mind and also keeping it healthy.

7. Practice Deep Breathing:

Deep abdominal breathing fills up your lungs with oxygen that improves brain function. A regular deep breathing practice is thus excellent for upping mental stamina and acuity. It also relaxes your mind, which again improves mental stamina.

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Do not ever turn to over- the- counter (herbal) remedies that claim to help boost mental stamina. They may do more bad than good.

The road to a clear, focused and strong mind is the one of disciplined living, thought control and eating right. Do fill your minds up with positive thoughts, as positivity is a great brain tonic!

Hence, follow the aforementioned steps today for a healthier life! If you have any queries or comments, share with us in the comments section below!

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