9 Smashing & Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

What comes to your mind first when you think of kids and mehndi? Simple mehndi designs for kids of course! On one hand, the designs look so cute on the little ones and on the other hand just getting them to sit and get the artwork done can be a pain. We all know how stubborn kids can get, and making them understand is just impossible. So to make it easy for all mommies’ we have listed out 9 simple designs that you can totally DIY. So if you’re looking for easy mehndi designs for kids, have a look at these simple mehndi designs for kids and make your little ones happy.

The Floral Design

Floral Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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Kids love flowers. Anything floral will definitely make your kids happy. Always remember to check the mehndi on your hand before applying it on your baby. Most mehndi cones are adulterated and can cause a chemical reaction. So when it comes to kids, you have to be extra careful. You should always opt for a broad design like a bird, fish, flower or paisley. Kids love having designs they can relate to, so go choose a cute one.

The Ferns & Petals Design

Ferns And Petals Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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Well, if your kids are adamant on getting a design done on the back of their hands, then this one is the simplest you can draw. You could add embellishments like silver or gold glitter. It enhances the designs and makes it look a lot prettier. You can have a mehndi artist design this for your kids, but ensure your kid is comfortable. And these designs are so easy that I feel anyone can do it. So why waste time looking for an artist, when you have this design that is reminiscent of a simple Arabic mehndi design for hands for beginners? Pick up the cone and paint happiness on your kid’s palm, because simple mehndi designs for kids don’t come much easier!

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The Bee & Flower Design

Bee And Flower Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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A bee and a flower is one of the cutest designs. You can pick up characters from different stories and narrate them one while designing it. They will certainly be more enthusiastic in seeing something come to life that they have only heard of. You can try using a red and black mehndi to give more details to the design.

The Motif Back Hand Design

Motif Back Hand Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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Baby girls can be difficult to please. They all want mehndi designs like any other grown up. So if you have a kid who is too fussy, then calm her down by making a simple yet beautiful back mehndi design for hands like this one. Floral designs aren’t time taking so your baby doesn’t have to sit for long. You could make twines and flowers or maybe draw them their favourite fruits in a bunch. They would love anything you make. So find out which flower or fruit your kids like and draw it for them, and watch their eyes shimmer with glee and happiness.

The Traditional Mehndi Design

Traditional Flower Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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If you are looking for a traditional mehndi design for your kid, then this design is simply perfect. These designs look great on festivals and weddings. So if you have a wedding that is coming up, and you have your kid accompanying you, then this design will look wonderful. Usually, you can make this design in minutes, so you don’t have to force your baby to be patient and not naughty. This design can be made with a cone or using the paste with your hands too. There are not too many details, but if you would want to customise it, there are many options available. You could add stars or smileys if your baby is keen on having her hands filled.

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The Sun & Flower Design

Sun And Flower Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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Mehndi is considered auspicious according to Indian tradition and culture. Applying mehndi on your baby’s hand can be a great experience. Those tiny little hands with mehndi can be such a great sight to watch. Dressed up in their cute traditional clothes and pretty frocks, babies look so adorable. Watching them flaunt their mehndi can be so much fun. All these remain as fond memories that parents cherish for a lifetime. You make them anything, they will just be mesmerised.

The Butterfly Design

Butterfly Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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This is one of my favorites in simple mehndi designs for kids! It looks extremely classy and will look great on your kids. The simplicity of this design makes this stand out. And butterflies are every girl’s favourite. Kids will go gaga over this design. You could make it more vibrant by adding colours and glitter to make this design look extraordinary. You could draw your girl an angel too. Creatures with wings are great to look at. Most mehndi artists, when designing for kids, go for designs that are easy to make. So if you would want the design to be intricate, look out for designs online. You can have your kid choose one and then get it done by the artist.

The Mickey Mouse Design

Mickey Mouse Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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Wow! Well, who wouldn’t want this design? Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters are very popular with kids. They love cartoons and getting one designed on their hand will be awesome. You can ask your kid which cartoon he/she likes the most and just get one done. This design has been modified well and looks stunning. Why just kids? If you are a fan of Mickey, even you could get it done. I would suggest that both you and your kid get this done together. It will give them immense joy and the whole motive of watching them enjoy will be achieved.

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The Giraffe Design

Giraffe Design - Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

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Some mothers might feel that mehndi is just not meant for the kids. And some schools are strict on this as well. They feel mehndi is a type of body adornment that doesn’t suit this age group. But you wouldn’t want to dishearten your kids. So to help you with this dilemma, we have this design for you. You could just use your pen carefully and sketch them whatever they wish to. This would make them happy and it will vanish away with just one wash. A giraffe design like this is so offbeat and out of the box. I am sure your kid will not deny and get this design done with ease. Always use a gel pen, the ink is washable and will leave no stain. Be gentle while using the pen, as their skin is softer and sensitive when compared to us.

I hope these designs will come handy and your kids will have a great time getting these done. Do let us know which one looks the best. Hope you and your kid(s) enjoy the experience.

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