50 Simple Mehndi Designs That Look Fab And Stylish

While bridal and elaborate mehndi designs may look ‘a bit too much’ for your everyday routine, here are 50 simple mehndi designs that are just perfect for you, be it to beat the Monday morning blues or to kick start the weekend fun!

1. Simple Mehndi Design For The Back Of Hand

Simple Mehndi Designs - Back Of Hand

Some simple mehndi designs beautifully accentuates the back of the hand. This one’s the perfect balance between ‘not too much; neither too little.’ Add a bright nail colour and you are all set.

2. Heart It Out!

Simple Mehandi Designs - Heart It Out

Simple mehndi designs look beautiful and unique. The main highlighted design elements are the two hearts with smaller elements on the finger tips to complete the look.

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3. Simple Flower Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Flower

A very simple design with flowers and a simple pattern that work together in a beautiful flow.

4. Easy Wrist Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Wrist Design

If you don’t want a hand full of mehndi, you could just use this simple wrist design. It looks very beautiful and unique.

5. Simple Butterfly Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Butterfly Design

If you want something stylish and fun, get these beautiful butterflies! It’s a temporary tattoo mehndi design that can really add to your style quotient.

6. Basic But Beautiful Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Basic But Beautiful

A very simple and basic design that does not add too many elements yet looks stylish and enough to add charm.

7. Arabic Style Simple Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Arabic Style

Arabic mehndi designs look very feminine and graceful and this beautiful design proves that well. Simple flowers linked together with intricate lines and patterns.

8. Simple Mehndi Design For The Feet

Simple Mehandi Designs - Feet

Most people refrain from getting mehndi done on the feet because it’s usually too elaborate, but not simple mehendi designs like this one !This is simply charming and perfect.

9. Simple Weave Pattern

Simple Mehandi Designs - Weave Pattern

This design may look intricate but it uses very simple simple mehndi designs to create a beautiful pattern all over the back of the hand.

10. Fine And Fabulous Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Fine And Fabulous

A very simple design that uses circular floral design patterns to make for a graceful and elegant look. Just the perfect amount of design needed to make a statement.

11. Bare Minimum

Simple Mehandi Designs - Bare Minimum

A perfect balance. Looks neat and adds simplicity and beauty.

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12. Simple & Stylish Mehndi Design To The Core

Simple Mehandi Designs - Stylish To The Core

A very simple yet stylish design that is perfect for every occasion and for days when there’s no specific occasion too. It goes well with western attire too. Simply unique!

13. Knuckle Band Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Knuckle Band

This mehndi design is more like jewellery. It’s a knuckle band that looks simple and very stylish.

14. Hand Harness Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Hand Harness

A very simple and modern design that looks like the trending hand harness accessory. It looks very elegant and can add a lot of style and charm to your overall look.

15. A Trail Of Beauty

Simple Mehandi Designs - A Trail Of Beauty

A beautiful long trail of design that covers the complete hand and looks simply beautiful. Perfect for important family occasions where you want a quick, beautiful and simple mehndi designs.

16. Simple Circular Mehndi Design For The Back Of The Hand

Simple Mehandi Designs - Circular Design For The Back Of The Hand

The very popular circular design for the palms looks equally beautiful and elegant on the back of the hand too. It fills your hand without making it too elaborate.

17. Stylish & Simple Arabic Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Stylish Arabic Design

An interesting twist to the traditional Arabic design, simple mehndi designs like this one add style and grace to the overall look.

18. Unique Charm

Simple Mehandi Designs - Unique Charm

A truly unique design that can make you stand out. It’s very stylish and intricately beautiful and will surely get you noticed.

19. Touch Of Glitter

Simple Mehandi Designs - Touch Of Glitter

A simple design that has been beautifully accentuated with coloured glitters. The glitter and colour add charm to it.

20. Simple Essence

Simple Mehandi Designs - Simple Essence

It looks too simple but that’s what makes it so beautiful. Interestingly, the pattern goes up to the little finger unlike the common index finger designs. Very stylish and beautiful!

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21. Simple Jewel Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Jewel Design

A very simple and stylish design that looks like a jewellery accessory. It’s simple and very stylish. It uses traditional mehndi design elements but still looks contemporary.

22. Glitter And Glam

Simple Mehandi Designs - Glitter And Glam

Simple floral design that has been beautifully highlighted with colour and glitter.

23. Simple Foot Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Simple Foot Design

A very simple and elegant design for the feet. Perfect for summer time when you want to flaunt some simple mehndi designs with strappy sandals and flats.

24. Mix Of Tradition With Style

Simple Mehandi Designs - Mix Of Tradition With Style

This design looks intricate but is actually very simple with minimum design elements and very neat gaps that make it look minimal and stylish. A very unique and interesting design.

25. Artsy Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Artsy Design

The beautiful hibiscus flower adds a very artistic touch, complemented by the pattern on the fingers. Very simple mehndi designs can indeed be truly artistic.

26. Simple Arabic

Simple Mehandi Designs - Simple Arabic

Arabic simple mehndi designs are an all time favourite and this simple design shows just why. It’s a beautiful mix of intricate pattern with stylish designs. The whole hand looks stunning.

27. Contemporary Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Contemporary Design

This contemporary mehndi design is so unique and truly one of a kind. It’s so simple yet stunning and adds oodles of style and beauty to the hands.

28. Simple Rajasthani Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Rajasthani Design

Rajasthan is famous for its rich and royal culture and this simple design shows richness and simplicity at the same time. It’s beautiful and perfect for festivals and other occasions.

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29. Trend Alert

Simple Mehandi Designs - Trend Alert

This simple design is both stylish and trendy. It’s an amazing take on the new mid finger rings and can add so much style to you and your overall outfit. A must try!

30. Simple Feet Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Simple Feet Design

Keep it simple with this minimalistic but intricate design. The simple circular design is beautifully complemented by the web pattern over the toe and fingers.

31. Simple Amelia Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Simple Amelia Design

Amelia is a well-known mehndi artist, and she’s a pro at both the most complex and some incredibly simple mehndi designs. This simple yet stunning design from her shows true artistic ability. The hand looks minimally graceful.

32. Two To Tango!

Simple Mehandi Designs - Two To Tango

This simple mehndi design is a beautiful artwork when the two hands are joined together and stunning otherwise too. Very stylish and a great fashion statement to make.

33. Simply Elegant Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Simply Elegant

A simple and elegant mehndi design for the feet. Even the most simple mehndi designs for the feet are elaborate or floral but this is completely different and unique. This design can complement every look and attire.

34. Design For The Modern Day Diva

Simple Mehandi Designs - Design For The Modern Day Diva

This design for the calf and hand is perfect for the modern day bride-to-be. It beautifully covers the whole palm and arm, and the floral design on the calf is like a stylish and elegant tattoo.

35. Fine Arabic Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Fine Arabic Design

Very fine lines make up for this stylish and simple Arabic mehndi design. It looks like a beautiful bracelet highlighting ethnic design elements.

36. Floral Beauty

Simple Mehandi Designs - Floral Beauty

An absolutely simple and beautiful design. The circular floral pattern decorates the hand elegantly and adds charm and beauty. One of the nicest simple mehndi designs with a tribal vibe.

37. Adorn Your Feet

Simple Mehandi Designs - Adorn Your Feet

A simple floral mehndi design for the feet. The beautiful web pattern on the toes looks intricate but is simply beautiful. The pattern is elegant and stunning.

38. Mix Of Design Elements

Simple Mehandi Designs - Mix Of Design Elements

A very simple and beautiful design that beautifully adorns the complete palm and wrist, yet leaves neat spaces to give it a stylish and minimal look.

39. Minimally Accentuated

Simple Mehandi Designs - Minimally Accentuated

This mehndi design is very unique. The simple pattern accentuates one finger with a beautiful floral design and the remaining fingers are minimally accentuated.

40. Trendy & Simple Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Trendy Design

A trendy and simple design that beautifully adorns the complete hand. The circular design is beautifully complemented by simple floral designs on the fingers and also a beautiful bracelet design.

41. Pretty Pattern

Simple Mehandi Designs - Pretty Pattern

A pretty pattern design that looks beautiful and stylish too. A great design to pair with ethnic outfits and perfect for festivals and festivities.

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42. Unique Artwork

Simple Mehandi Designs - Unique Artwork

A very unique design, that unlike traditional simple mehndi designs, does not cover the whole palm and leaves the fingers stylishly blank. The design looks elaborate but the style makes it simple and unique.

43. Arabic Artwork

Simple Mehandi Designs - Arabic Artwork

An intricate yet simple Arabic mehndi design. It is beautiful and simply stunning! The wrist designs are ethnic and traditional while the finger designs are stylish and contemporary.

44. Accentuated Back Of The Hand

Simple Mehandi Designs - Accentuated Back Of The Hand

Why just focus on decorating the palms when you can accentuate the back of the hand beautifully too? This simple but stylish design is unique and adds oodles of style to your overall look.

45. Of Swirls And Patterns

Simple Mehandi Designs - Of Swirls And Patterns

The swirl design pattern is very beautiful. It’s stylish and unique and can really complement traditional as well as western attires. It uses fine lines and leaves enough spaces to give it a minimal and non-chaotic look.

46. Creative And Classy

Simple Mehandi Designs - Creative And Classy

Imagine a mix between traditional and modern; that’s exactly what simple mehndi designs like this design are all about. The design elements are traditional but the pattern is stylish and modern. It’s like a beautiful painting on your palms.

47. Artistic Beauty

Simple Mehandi Designs - Artistic Beauty

A very easy design that beautifully decorates both hands. The simple mehndi designs on both hands are similar but uniquely different. The patterns come together beautifully looking simple and stylish.

48. Elaborately Simple

Simple Mehandi Designs - Elaborately Simple

This is an elaborate design as it beautifully covers the palm, wrist and forearms with the same design elements all over but they are stylishly spaced out. It is perfect for big and important functions when you want to keep it simple yet stunning.

49. Tribal Theme

Simple Mehandi Designs - Tribal Theme

Wow! This one looks like a tribal tattoo and is temporary of course. It might look like it would take a lot of time and effort to get this done but it’s not so complicated. It’s trendy and sure to make heads turn.

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50. Modern Mehndi Design

Simple Mehandi Designs - Modern

A very modern design perfect for the stylish and modern woman of today. It’s a great mix between traditional and contemporary artwork. The fingers are accentuated and nicely complemented by the design on the back and the wrist.

So, that’s our collection of simple mehndi designs. One does not really need a reason to apply mehndi. Simple designs are perfect for such ‘random’ days and also great for smaller festivals or celebrations. In a country like India, where so many festivals are celebrated every month, simple designs are perfect for all. You can carry off these designs with western or formal wear too without looking over dressed. In fact, some simple designs look so stylish that they can actually accentuate western wear.

Have you ever tried applying mehndi yourself? It takes a lot of practice to be able to apply even the simplest of design. Anyway, simple is the new stunning!

Images: Shutterstock, Google