4 Simple Helpful Tips To Tackle Sore & Tender Breasts  During Pregnancy

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Most women experience sore breasts during pregnancy. It is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy within the first three to four weeks, that will start showing up on your breasts making them highly sensitive, sore and tingling. Something as delicate as clothes brushing against your breasts may also feel very irritating and may even hurt. A number of women come to know they are pregnant merely by this symptom of pregnancy before even undergoing a pregnancy test.

Causes of Sore Breasts During Pregnancy:

Sore breasts during early pregnancy is often caused due to an increased production of estrogen and progesterone hormones. Estrogen causes the breast tissues to increase and progesterone leads to the maturity of the breasts by accumulating water. Your breasts turning sore, tender or swollen is an indication that your body is equipping itself for eventual breastfeeding.

Besides sore breasts, you may also notice your breasts growing larger. They may either grow rapidly or may grow slowly as the pregnancy grows. The fat layer in your breasts begins to thicken as milk glands in your breasts begin to multiply and the blood flow to the breasts increases and hence they grow bigger as the pregnancy progresses. This is your body’s way to prepare itself for the growing baby and her eventual arrival.

Other Changes In Your Breasts:

Apart from breast soreness during pregnancy, you will also experience following changes in your breasts:

  • Protruding Nipples:

    Along with the tingling and aching sensation, you will soon find your nipples protruding and getting darker in color. It is certainly not a sign that you are turned on, but they may be overtly tender.

  • Darker Areolas:

    For most women, the areolas i.e. the dark area around the nipples turns darker and bigger. This change starts from around the second trimester and will continue as the pregnancy proceeds. You may also notice small bumps around your areolas, which are nothing but sweat glands that provide lubrication to that area.

  • Veins Around The Breasts:

    A number of women also find a number of blue veins showing around the breast area. These veins are responsible for carrying food and nutrients from the mother to the baby and hence surface up during pregnancy.

Tackling Sore And Tender Breasts:

Although there this phase of pregnancy is inevitable, you can certainly take precautions to ease sore breasts in pregnancy.

1. Communicate With Your Partner:

ny touching of breasts during lovemaking may leave you in unbearable pain. Speak to your partner and explain about what you are going through. Make sure you do this in the right manner and not hurt their feelings by just snapping at them.

2. Sports Bra:

When sore nipples are causing you so much pain, sports bras can certainly come to your rescue. Sports bra is designed to provide all the support to your breasts so that their movement is restricted which is one of the main causes of pain.

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3. Maintain Hygiene:

Sore nipples could crack or even bleed, if proper care is not taken. It is very important to maintain hygiene by changing their bra everyday and even twice a day during summers. Wash your bras using mild but an effective detergent. While bathing, clean the nipples well and if possible, use chemical-free soap. Keep nipple area dry and clean at all time.

4. Olive Oil Massage:

Some doctors recommend pregnant women to gently massage their breasts with some olive oil during pregnancy as it helps in alleviating the discomfort.

Though sore breasts are a common problem, and gets resolved as the pregnancy comes to an end, for some women it may only be the start of a bigger worry. If sore breasts are not attended to during the pregnancy, it may become very painful after delivery when you are breastfeeding. Hence, pay attention and see whatever you can do to prevent it from getting worse. Speak to your doctor and get suitable treatment if needed.

If you have more effective ways to cure for sore breasts during pregnancy, please do share them with us.

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