10 Simple Kolam Designs Or Rangolis With Dots To Try In 2022

Prepare for the festive season by decorating your home with these lovely rangoli designs.

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Rangolis, known as kolam in South India, are common in every Indian household. To help you experiment with this art, we introduce some simple kolam designs that you can try right away. They can add that extra charm to your house and lift your spirits instantly. Whether a beginner or a pro, these designs are for all. So get ready to adorn your house with some simple yet gorgeous kolam designs. Keep scrolling to check out our top ideas!

Here we present some Sikku kolam designs or Rangolis with dots for you to try in 2019.

1. Sikku kolams are quite complex in nature, and need trained hands to be done perfectly. If you want a simple design to do at first, here is a very simple sikku kolam that is diamond-shaped. The dot grid is diamond in shape and curved lines have been used to create this beautiful sikku kolam design. The infinity loop pattern is seen here as it cannot be understood where the pattern has started or ended.

Infinity loop pattern rangoli design
Image: pinterest

2. This is a very common shape of Rangoli. It’s a little different from the commonly used diamond shape; nevertheless, it’s equally beautiful. The corners have two dots which gradually increase to sixteen in number in the middle. Here too, the pattern is quite simple and not at all crowded. The infinity loop pattern is evident here.

Sikku kolam designs with dots
Image: pinterest

3. Here too, the pattern of the dots is extending from two dots on the top to eight dots in the middle. The design is simple with quite a modern touch to it. This design is small and easy for beginners to try.

Kolam grid design
Image: pinterest

4. Here a 4×4 kolam grid has been drawn in the center and the same pattern has been repeated on four sides to complete this design. The 4×4 design was done on all the sides of the Rangoli and the butterfly design was drawn using simple curved lines. This design is easy for beginners and they can make big kolam designs with the same pattern.

Chakra shaped rangoli pattern
Image: pinterest

5. This Rangoli pattern resembles a ‘Chakra’ or the sun. The design is quite unique and different from regular sikku kolams. The pattern is based on the dot grid with eight sides and meets at the centre. The design is quite complicated with a complex dot grid.

Simple dot grid kolam design
Image: pinterest

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6. This design is based on a simple dot grid with 1-11 dots which are diamond-shaped. The grid is decorated with symmetrical curved lines which join to create this design. The grid here uses dots which are in line i.e. straight dots, making it easy to create and use.

Diamond-shaped kolam design
Image: pinterest

7. This kolam design uses a 1-13 diamond-shaped dot grid with rows having odd numbered dots. The infinity loop pattern created, based on the dot grid looks beautiful with curved lines.

Diamond-shaped dot grid kolam design
Image: pinterest

8. This design uses a diamond-shaped 10-4 dot grid. The design here is a Neer Pulli design, and uses simple curved designs to create the effect. The ends depict floral motifs which are filled with color.

Colorful sikku kolam design
Image: pinterest

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9. This colorful Sikku kolam uses curved lines of different colors together to create an attractive design. This design is quite big and a great substitute for the usual, dull one-colored kolam. Green, blue and red-colored curved lines are used here for the drawing instead of the usual white-colored lines.

Big dot grid kolam design
Image: pinterest

10. This design is quite big in size and based on a grid of 1-13 dots. The dots are not parallel and are haphazardly numbered. The design here is quite new and unique. But, the pattern is easy and can be done by beginners too.

The kolam and other five dot patterns Rangoli is an old Indian art form. They are created on the porch, house entrances, and patios on special occasions. They can be done with either freehand or stenciled styles. These are simple, require no prior experience or knowledge, and produce a significant result. Beginners may find it difficult to utilize rangoli powder due to the rigidity of their figures; therefore, they should start by drawing patterns on the floor with white pencils. Try out these easy rangoli patterns to brighten up your home this holiday season and bring wealth to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of kolam?

Sikku kolam (lines drawn around dots), pulli kolam (drawn on the dots), and maa kolam (lines drawn with wet flour) are the three basic types of kolam patterns.

What is the difference between rangoli and kolam?

While both refer to floor art, kolam in southern India is usually done with white rice flour and brick red colors while rangoli involves many other colors.

What kind of symbolic forms are used in kolam?

Kolam is drawn for good fortune and it usually has symbolic forms of coconut trees, birds, pitchers, and floral designs.

Is kolam a folk art?

Yes, it refers to traditional folk art in southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and some parts of Goa and Maharashtra as well.

What is pongal kolam?

It refers to the various festive kolam designs drawn on the occasion of the pongal festival.

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