Spectacular Sikh Wedding Photography That Capture Love

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Sikhs are known for their grand and gala weddings that are spellbinding and fun. Their weddings are unique in their style and they have a deep customary and traditional significance at every step. Every ceremony and even the smallest of details hold great value and have an interesting story behind it. With so much of action and emotions, there is a need to capture every moment, every celebration, every conversation and there is no medium that is better than photographs.

With the special nuances of the Sikh community, it takes a skilled photographer to identify and capture candid moments that are important. The role of the photographer in a wedding has always been important, after all you want to look your flattering self and these gentlemen with the camera’s are ones who guide you through the best Indian wedding photography poses, do’s and don’ts as well as capture intricacies and subtleties of the ceremonies.

On The Bridal Box we have seen some amazing examples of candid wedding photography and Sikh wedding photography. Here are a few amazing examples of the Sikh Wedding Photography we absolutely love and you will too!

1. Dot Dusk Studios

Image Courtesy: Dot Dusk Studios

Lakhbir Singh is a very talented, Delhi based wedding photographer who specialises in elaborate wedding shoots. His photography store is called Dot Dusk Studios and the results are here for you to see!

2. Shutterdown Photography

Image Courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

Lakshya Chawla is yet another super talented photographer who runs the now famous, Shutterdown Photography. The pictures are mesmerising and his expertise is attention to detail. The jewel in focus (from the picture below) is just a example of what’s in store when you hire this sought after photographer.

3. Angad Sodhi Photography

Image Coutesy: Angad Sodhi Photography

Angad Sodhi is a young and talented photographer specialising in wedding shoots and couple shoots. The picture below with the starry sky and the couple in arms is an example of his finesse when it comes to light balancing and couple photography.

4. Vikram Arora Photography

Image Courtesy: Vikram Arora Photography

Vikram Arora is known for his cinematic shoots. Here’s a typical DDLJ pose and a lot more stored for the total filmi couple.

5. Weddings By Devang Singh

Image Courtesy: Devang Singh

With an eye for details and some very beautiful candid shots to his name – Devang has made a place for himself in the Delhi – Mumbai wedding circuit.

Sikh Wedding Ceremony

The Sikh’s marriage ceremony is known as the ‘Anand Karaj’ which beautifully translates to ‘Blissful Union’. The ceremony is held mostly at the Gurdwara Sahib, in the presence of the holy book of Sikh, the Guru Granth Sahib. The marriage ceremony begins, with the groom sitting right in front of the Granth Sahib and the bride taking a seat next to him on the left. A prayer is sung evoking blessings for the couple and the holy union.

A Sikh man or woman officiates the ceremony and counsels the bride and the groom with the verse “Dhan Pir Eh Na Akhee-an” where the couples acknowledge their marital obligations. This is followed by the bridegroom’s sister or any other female relative draping a long shawl called a palla around the groom’s shoulders, and placing the right end in his hands. The bride’s father then takes the left end of the palla and puts it over the bride’s shoulder.

The bride and the groom then walk around the Guru Granth four times, holding the respective ends of the ‘palla’ with the ragis or the musicians singing the four wedding hymns of Lavan in the background. These beautiful hymns not only narrate the development of the strong bond between a husband and wife but also the longing of the human being for the almighty.

The families sing “Anand Sahib”, the “Song of Bliss” and the ceremony concludes with the reading of a hukam.

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