6 Signs Your Partner Might Be Having An Emotional Affair

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Ever wondered how and why you run out of conversations with a person who you thought was your soulmate? At times, you talk to a person every day and yet don’t feel the connection. But with a few, you can feel their heartbeat even without exchanging a word. That is a real relationship, where the other person can understand the unsaid words. And every person dreams of having such a relationship.

Believe me, it’s no easy task to sustain a partnership – be it in sports or marriage. Many break up because they fail to read the messages or recognize the signs of a withering relationship. This is also because, for most people, ignorance is bliss. They can see what’s happening, but don’t want to believe it and wish to continue staying in the dark. And one fine day, they find themselves abandoned and feel dumb for having ignored the clear indicators. That’s the moment when regret hits you. Let me tell you that could be the worst phase that no person wants to be in. But a little bit of alertness can avert such a situation. So, always be willing to take the hints. You don’t always have to wait for someone to show you the signs. Your gut instinct never goes wrong, so, listen to your inner voice – that is your signboard. And if you are too deaf to hear that, here we are to shout that out loud. One night stands and flings triggered by infatuation are not uncommon and less threatening when compared to an emotional affair. If your guy is involved in an emotional relationship with another woman, it’s not easy to bring him back. Look out for these signs that signal that your partner might be in an emotional relationship with someone else.

1. Sex Life

1. Sex Life
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Okay. Your relationship might seem very normal. But, of late, you have noticed that your partner seems very interested in physical intimacy. You keep wondering what happened to the twice a week rule. A few couples also feel that their partners have lost all interest in sex. They are either evasive or are just not enthusiastic enough about it. Although you may just dismiss it as a sign of stress, it need not be the case. A person who’s having an affair outside the relationship can behave in two ways to prevent the existing partner from growing suspicious.

He will be either extra nice to you and pamper you physically and praise you overly. OR He acts too busy and hardly shows any interest in you.

2. Detachment

2. Detachment
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This is the easiest way to find out about his relationship status. Answer these questions…

  • Has your partner stopped talking to you?
  • Does he carry his phone even to the washroom?
  • Is his phone password-protected?
  • Is he always checking his phone even while eating or watching a movie?
  • Have there been more than two cancellations of your dinner dates?
  • You are talking to him and fail to get his attention as he’s lost in his own world?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, girl, it’s time to pay attention to the details and keep an eye on him. It’s easy for a woman to brush off all her fears by assuming her guy is the busiest person on earth with loads of office work. The truth is even the most successful celebrity entrepreneurs make time for their families. As J.K. Rowling rightly said, “Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.” Your partner need not express his disinterest but will find other means to put his message across.

3. Attitude

3. Attitude
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Earlier, your partner would quietly eat whatever you cooked, even when you thought it tasted pathetic. He didn’t really care about your appearance and loved the way you dressed up. But, of late, you find him pointing out your flaws and inadequacies. At times, you even lose confidence in yourself and wonder if he’s the same person you once knew. If this is your situation, the chances are that he might be having an affair. A few people who are infatuated with another person will start drawing comparisons, which might end up in an ugly fight. So, put a stop to it before it gets that far.

4. No More Missed Calls

4. No More Missed Calls
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There is no entry of his name in your call records. He sends you a text only when he needs something. You see him online on Whatsapp, but he doesn’t respond to your messages. Confront him on this, and he gets defensive. This, my dear, is a clear sign of neglect. If communication is on track, you are sorted.

5. The Other Woman

5. The Other Woman
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Your husband can’t stop raving about this new chick in office. He even remembers the minute details as the color of her eyeshadow. Your worst fears come true when he gets her to your house party without even informing you. And, to your utter shock, you discover that she knows more about him than you during the course of your conversation with her. This is not at all the way it’s supposed to be. The wisest thing to do would be to politely cut her off before their relationship reaches the next level.

6. Fights Over Trivial Issues

6. Fights Over Trivial Issues
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If you are with a person for over three months, it’s easy to know how he behaves in different situations and, more often than not, you are not taken in by surprise by any of his reactions. But now, he’s begun acting weird, and his ways of responding to your questions have become judgmental and retaliatory. This sure calls for your immediate attention to take up some early damage control measures.

When you are in a relationship, you invest not just time but emotions too. That’s why it hurts so much when there’s heartbreak. It’s hard to find the perfect match, but if things have worked out before and you see them changing for worse, it’s time to take charge and get things back on track. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, take the early hint and set things right before it goes beyond your control.

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