Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language: 7 Sure-Shot Signs

Body language is the most powerful way to communicate! It’s a language minus the words. One’s body has its own distinct way of ‘talking.. I mean how many of you have noticed people not saying a word but still expressing a certain emotion? The tiniest yet most common example, a person smiling at you is conveying happy emotions but if the rest of the body seems stiff and awkward you know the smile isn’t genuine. Did the person really have to say something? No, right!

Just like that, love is also communicated through body language. The body language of a person can give clear signs and signals about their interest, love, or lack of it. Have been getting confused or mixed signals from him of late? Here are the top seven signs of love from a man’s body language to watch out for.
So all you ladies, it’s time to start listening to the unsaid!

1. Eye Contact

Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language - Eye Contact

Yes, that has got to be the very first of signs of love from a man’s body language. If your man is confidently making eye contact while talking and even while listening, it’s a big YES. Shying away from making a direct eye contact or being uncomfortable in holding your gaze are signs of lack of love and interest. So it’s time to hold that gaze and see how far that goes.

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2. A Genuine Warm Smile

Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language - A Genuine Warm Smile

Everyone knows the art of faking a smile. If your man is passing fake smiles and only smiling with the mouth and not with the whole body, it’s a warning signal. One of the signs of love from a man’s body language is his smile. Genuine love leads to genuine smiles, the whole body smiles and the whole face turns into a curve. It’s time for you to analyze that smile that makes you go weak in the knees!

3. Shoulders Leaning In

Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language - Shoulders Leaning In

A man in love will always lean in his shoulders towards his partner. It’s one of the basic signs of love from a man’s body language. Instead of creating a wall like distance, the man will lean in and create a space that includes the two of you. If your man is sitting too straight to be comfortable and too far off, it’s time to re-evaluate!

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4. Small Nothings!

Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language - Small Nothings!

Small acts of physical contact are another huge pointer when it comes to signs of love from a man’s body language that he’s totally into you! A hand to the shoulder, or hand on your knee, brushing away your hair from the face, holding hands or just running fingers through your hair or arm, it’s these small things that give out a big message of love.

5. The Complete Body Talks!

Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language - The Complete Body Talks!

If you are standing face to face and the man directs his complete body towards you… well you’ve found the one! As man in love directs the whole body towards the woman. There is absolutely no part of the body directed elsewhere. And no, not in a creepy suffocating manner, but in an interested and ‘I’m all for you’ kind of manner! It’s not just one of the signs of love from a man’s body language, but from anybody’s body language.

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6. No Crossed Legs!

Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language - No Crossed Legs!

Men sitting with crossed legs is a sign of distancing and disinterest. A man in love and showing genuine interest will always sit with his legs apart, also that makes leaning in easier… so you see the connection right? Open legs, body directed towards you in an easy and casual manner are all good signs of love from a man’s body language you want to see.

7. A Walk To Remember

Signs Of Love From A Man's Body Language - A Walk To Remember

When walking on the streets or in a mall, a man in love will always walk right beside you. If he keeps walking in front or way behind, you’d rather lose him! A ‘genuinely in love’ man will always want to be right by his partner’s side… holding hands is just a bonus!

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Well, there you go! You know exactly where your relationship stands, and if not hurry up and check for these signs of love from a man’s body language. While there are many more signs these seven ones are universally true and really hard to miss! So the next time you are out on a date, carry your mental checklist and tick these signs off before you fall head over heels! So ladies, do you have any interesting body language experiences to share?