Important Things To Know When Dating Your Best Friend

Though it may sound fun, dating your best friend has pros and cons.

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When a friendship grows deeper, you may develop romantic feelings for them. Tracking the moment this shift occurred may be tricky since it often occurs quite organically. Regardless of when it happens, dating your best friend is special. Hence, if you’re lucky, you may be able to turn your friendship into a romantic relationship. However, some key factors should be considered before you express your feelings.

Read this post to understand the factors to consider before dating your best friend and whether this is the right decision for you.

Is Dating Your Best Friend A Good Idea?

Dating your best friend can be a good idea since all relationships start as friendships. Further, your history with your friend can influence the relationship. For example, they know how you like to be treated, so you can save a lot of effort on that front. You also know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which ensures greater understanding between you than between new couples. Furthermore, your friends and family know them well too.

However, ensure that you want to date this person irrespective of your friendship with them. If this friend’s qualities are attractive and they bring you joy, love, and peace, don’t hold back your feelings. Your best friend may be your soulmate, but you will only know if you express your feelings to them. In such a relationship, you can invest time in having fun and making memories rather than getting to know each other since you already have that base covered.

How Long Should You Be Friends Before Dating?

While it is important to be friends before jumping into a relationship, there is no fixed timeframe for the friendship. The more time you spend with them, the more you will get to know them. Some consider it socially acceptable to take the next step only after two months. However, how much you understand each other is what matters.

Refrain from entering a friendship with the sole objective of developing it into a relationship. This will help you analyze their qualities more objectively to decide whether you want to date them.

How To Go From Friendship To Dating?

The transition from friends to lovers can be a fast yet natural one. Without realizing it, you may start developing feelings and a sense of attachment to them. However, before you confess how they make you feel, closely observe their behavior to catch any subtle signs that they feel the same way.

Look out for these signs to know if your best friend has feelings for you:

1. Harmless and healthy flirting

A sign that often goes unnoticed is flirting. They may start giving you more compliments and be more protective of you. They admire you for who you are and tell you that often. They may also throw around some suggestive quips, which could be mistaken as friendly banter but may mean more.

2. Sweet nicknames

If you notice that your best friend has started to call you ‘baby,’ ‘babe,’ or ‘honey,’ it is clear that they are trying to take the relationship to the next level. Similarly, if you have feelings for your best friend but cannot talk to them about it, giving them a cute nickname is a good idea.

3. Body language

While talking, if their torso and toes are pointed toward you, they may be interested in you. Apart from this, there will be a significant rise in accidental touching. A sign that you are equally interested in them is that you will start noticing what they wear, how they smell, and their habits. You may also become extra self-conscious around them.

4. Prioritization

You may start calling them ‘bae’ (before anyone else), and this is seen in your actions too. You change your plans for them, you work your schedule around theirs, and you listen to their problems carefully. You start seen-zoning other people while talking to them, and you would do anything just to see them.

Prioritizing the other person is key in any relationship. If you notice them going out of their way for you quite often, it could mean they feel the same way too.

5. Jealousy

After you develop feelings for your best friend, you may find yourself becoming jealous. You cannot bear to see them dating or being close to someone else. Look for similar reactions from them when you interact with people of the opposite sex.

6. A part of all conversations

Once you catch feelings, you will talk about that person to everyone all the time. You will mention them in conversations without noticing, and you will miss them when you are with others. Hence, subtly ask their friends if they mention you in conversations. They also may involve you in all important conversations. You may find that they will be vulnerable with you about their lives as a way to connect with you. If they open up to you about things that they wouldn’t with other people, that may show interest.

What Are Some Points To Know Before Dating A Friend?

Although there are advantages to dating your best friend, if things don’t work out as planned, your friendship may be jeopardized. Hence, before you invest yourself in a relationship, here are some points to consider:

1. Flirt with them

Try flirting with your friend and observe how they react to it—whether they flirt back or are offended. Doing so may protect you from a harsh rejection and prevent ruining the friendship.

2. Gauge the status of your friendship

Before you confess your feelings to them, think about where you stand in their life and whether you truly are an important part of their life. Take the next step based on this answer.

3. Analyze the complications

Acknowledge that your relationship may face complications over time. The emotional complexities of a relationship may be more than that of a friendship and will test your commitment and interdependence. Figuring out all the possible complications you may face will help you determine if taking the next step is worth it.

4. Be honest

Be honest with them about your feelings and emotions. Tell them what you like about them and why you want to date them. Also, reassure them their decision won’t affect your friendship, if they don’t share the same feelings. This will give them a clear idea about your intentions while they decide.

5. Be prepared for awkward beginnings

Accept that many things may be awkward initially, starting from your first kiss to the first time you make love. Since you were friends and this new situation is unknown territory, be patient for this transition to happen naturally.

6. Be consistent and do not give up

Thoroughly analyze your emotions to gauge whether your feelings are temporary or you truly feel safe in their presence. If you decide to enter into a relationship, be prepared to put in consistent effort to build the relationship, and be ready to do your fair share of work. Relationships take effort, so be willing to do the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when I date my best friend?

Dating your best friend can be a beautiful thing. Since you know each other so well, you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of figuring out their likes, dislikes, and personality quirks. Your comfort level with each other will also prompt you to be more open and honest during arguments.

2. What are the risks of dating my best friend?

The biggest risk of dating your best friend is that if things end badly, you’ll lose your boyfriend and your best friend. Further, since you share the same social network, a breakup could also lead to awkwardness and side-picking among your other friends.

When you date your best friend, you may end up being in the best relationship you have ever had; however, you need to understand that this process takes time. Do not force your feelings on them. Remember that while dating a close friend, the more natural the transition is, the better. Though the shift from friends to lovers may cause many things to change, you need to be patient and consistent in your feelings toward them.

Key Pointers

  • Dating your best friend can be fun and easy since you don’t need to spend effort getting to know them.
  • However, do not enter a friendship solely to lead to a relationship since it may not always happen.
  • Healthy flirting, nickname calling, and body language can signify that the friendship is becoming a relationship.

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