Shweta Tiwari Wedding: Early Marriage. Messy Divorce. Second Love And More

Shweta Tiwari is one TV celebrity whose personal life can be considered one of the most rough in the tinsel-town. The first Shweta Tiwari wedding was at the tender age of 19, and she married the infamous television actor Raja Chaudhary. The couple had a daughter in 2000, and then went on to split in 2007. There was a second Shweta Tiwari wedding, but not before an ugly divorce process. What exactly happened? We take a close look here at the Shweta Tiwari weddings and all the drama that ensued.

Shweta Tiwari Wedding - Shweta Tiwari

Shweta – The Actress

Shweta Tiwari was the discovery of none other the TV mogul Ekta Kapoor. It is said that Shweta always had ambitions of becoming an actress, and decided to try her luck in Mumbai. She auditioned for a TV show named Kaliren, which was one of the earliest TV serials of Ekta Kapoor way back in 1998, about the time the first Shweta Tiwari wedding happened. Shweta bagged the role, and went to star in other serials of Ekta Kapoor making her a popular face on TV. Today, she is considered one of the most recognisable face of Indian television show-business.

Meeting A Raja Who Was No King

Shweta Tiwari Wedding - Shweta Tiwari And Raja Chaudhary

Shweta had just entered the world of television business with her début show directed by none other than Ekta Kapoor. It was during this time, circa 1998, that she met a struggling television actor named Raja Chaudhary. In an interview, Shweta shared that she was introduced to Raja by Raja’s cousin sister with whom she was good friends. She added that since she was young and naive she had no idea how to choose the right life partner. It is said that after striking a friendship, Raja and Shweta soon started dating. They most probably courted for few months; decisions on the Raja Choudhary Shweta Tiwari wedding were made, and went through, since Shweta was convinced that she had found the right guy.

Shweta’s mother on the other hand was totally unhappy with the upcoming Shweta Tiwari wedding to Raja. One major reason was that Raja was still struggling, and didn’t seem to be going anywhere with his efforts. On the other side, Shweta was really young, independent, and had got a major break with Ekta Kapoor’s serial. She was also financially sound due to which Raja would stay dependent on her. All these were red flags, which the 19 year old Shweta couldn’t decipher, and soon she was in a wedlock with the 23 year old Raja Chaudhary. The couple had a daughter in the year 2000 whom they named Palak.

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The Disaster Called The Shweta Tiwari Wedding To Raja Choudhary

Shweta Tiwari Wedding - Shweta Tiwari And Raja Chaudhary With Palak

Even after Shweta Tiwari wedding him, Raja didn’t amend his lifestyle. Although his career had set off as a Bhojpuri actor, he did little to be frugal with his earnings. For this reason, he would always be financially dependant on Shweta. Things started going sour in the relationship when Raja would indulge in verbal abuse even for simple spats. While initially Shweta would tolerate his erratic unpleasant behaviour, things started going too far when he resorted to physical abuse.

During late 2006, she came out openly about the perils of the officially sinking Shweta Tiwari wedding and marriage with Raja and how she would face domestic violence on a daily basis. The issue started becoming more apparent when Raja would lose his temper every time a media person would quiz him about his estranged wife. Since Shweta was the sole caretaker for her daughter, she decided to separate from Raja Chaudhary, and walked out from her home in 2007 with their daughter Palak.

In spite of the separation, Raja would make repeated re-entries in Shweta’s life since he co-owned the house. He would also visit her on the pretext of meeting his daughter Palak. Shweta soon realised that a mere separation would not mitigate her miseries, and she would have to take the legal route. Within a year of separation, the Raja Choudhary Shweta Tiwari wedding went in for divorce, but it was not going to be an easy road ahead for the young lady.

“I’ve been through hell!”
– Shweta on her marriage with Raja

Finding Real Love

Shweta Tiwari Wedding - Shweta Tiwari With Abhinav Kohli

In spite of the ongoing legal tussle on the dissolution of the Raja Choufhary And Shweta Tiwari wedding, Shweta went back to work since she knew she was the sole guardian for her daughter Palak. She signed for her fifth sitcom Jaane Kya Baat Hui

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in the year 2008. Little did she know that this would mark the beginning of her second tryst with love and marriage. The show had a complex storyline and one from the ensemble of actors on the show was was Abhinav Kohli, an engineer-turned-model-turned actor. Abhinav was one of the many characters in the serial, and there were not many scenes of Shweta and Abhinav together. That did not stop the two to strike a friendship, and during free time they would be seen spending time together. As time passed by, it became clear that Shweta and Abhinav were indeed in a relationship. News reached Raja Chaudhary’s ears too.

The Messy Divorce, The End Of the Shweta Tiwari Wedding Error

It was during 2010 that Shweta joined the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 4, and was away from limelight for a significant amount of time. Raja took a much expected advantage of Shweta’s absence and quickly filed a police complaint against Abhinav stating that he has was assaulted by Abhinav who he accused was trying to incite an affair with his wife. He was even caught on camera slapping Abhinav on one occasion, all of this in the middle of the his ongoing dissolution and the Shweta Tiwari wedding divorce proceedings . Things were certainly going too far for Shweta who finally won the prize money in the TV show Bigg Boss 4, and was out of the show’s quasi-seclusion in 2011. After that, her one and only aim was to get an affirmative separation from her abusive husband, who had now started harassing her boyfriend Abhinav too.

“Even after getting separated after seven years of marital bond-age with Raja, the following six years have been full of the same ruckus as he would trouble me incessantly.”
– Shweta about her desperation to get a divorce from Raja Chaudhary

The Indian Judiciary system is not known for swift justice, and the dissolution of the Shweta Tiwari wedding was a painfully long one. From 2011, Shweta made it her priority to get a legal separation from Raja in every aspect including that of properties too. She also intended to be the legal custodian of her only daughter Palak. This phase came as a blessing in disguise for Abhinav and Shweta since it cemented the trust in their bond. The two supported each other during these trying times and were waiting for the divorce since they were keen on a Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli; they were very serious about each other. Eventually, Shweta finally got a legal decree of her divorce with Raja in the year 2012.

“I made him two offers, either take a house, which would be co-owned by our daughter Palak, or to take the sole ownership rights of a house, and stay away from Palak; he immediately lapped up the latter one.”
– Shweta on her divorce with Raja

It was everything that Abhinav and Shweta were waiting for. With Raja out of their lives, they could concentrate on starting a life afresh together. It was also nearly four years that they had been seeing each other, and had stayed loyal to each other through the highs and lows of life. Shweta was convinced this time that she found the right life partner, and Abhinav was already deeply in love with her. A few moments after Shweta’s divorce came through, the date for the Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli  was set for 13th July 2013.

Shweta Tiwari Wedding - Ekta Kapoor's Angle

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The Second Shweta Tiwari Wedding To Abhinav Kohli

Wedding Card of Shweta And Abhinav’s Wedding

Shweta Tiwari Wedding - Wedding Card of Shweta And Abhinav’s Wedding

The stage was all set for the second Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli. In an interview, Abhinav shared that they were aiming for a date in December but because Shweta’s brother who lives abroad could not make it that time they decided to get married in July 2013. It was a fun-filled yet low-key affair since the couple preferred calling only a certain select group of people to their wedding. The venue was a five-star suburban hotel in Mumbai and the Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli was a proper grand wedding ceremony since Shweta didn’t have a proper one for her first one. They had three ceremonies, viz. sangeet, wedding, followed by the reception.

Shweta Tiwari Wedding - Shweta And Abhinav’s Wedding

The couple even had a short mehndi ceremony on the day of the Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli, where the couple sang and danced. Even Shweta’s daughter was part of the festivities. The wedding day was a joyous and festive one with Shweta dressed in a resplendent red Punjabi bridal lehenga. Abhinav wore a white sherwani with some stylish sequin work on it, and wore the traditional sehra. The couple then had a reception on 31st July where again they invited close friends from the television industry. Overall, it was a festive event since it was after all Abhinav’s first marriage while for Shweta she was finally married to someone whom she truly loved.

Life Thereafter

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Life has been a stable one for Shweta since then. Palak has gelled well with her stepfather and in fact now refers him as her ‘father’. In fact, during the phase when Shweta was in Bigg Boss 4, Abhinav would regularly visit and stay back at Shweta’s home to take care of Palak. Today, Shweta is the avant-garde actress of the TV show business and is one of the most sought after. Abhinav has also been busy with his work as an actor, and is said to devote some time for his family business as well.

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Raja on the other hand married his Delhi-based girlfriend Shveta sometime in early 2015.

With their lives now completely separated, the once estranged couple are having a peaceful time with their respective families. We hope for the same, and wish them all the very best.