Should You Wash Your Face In The Shower?

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Do you wash your face in the shower?

We are all guilty of doing it, but, turns out, it is not good for your skin. It is an unmatched feeling when, at the end of the day, you let your hair loose and let the exhuastion from your face slip away with the drizzle of the shower. But, there are some good reasons you need to stop doing that. Read on to find out!

Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Face In The Shower?

Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Face In The Shower
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A hot shower is tempting and you can’t get enough of it after a tiring day. But, your skin does not love it. Hot water is not good for your skin because it strips away its natural oils. Since your facial skin is more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body, it certainly does not love the hot water you shower with. There are several reasons for this.


warm temperature can irritate your skin (1). Typically, when you take a shower, the water is warm enough for your skin to start losing its natural lipids. The hot water also strips away its natural oils, which then leads to moisture loss, dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

Hot water can also dilate the capillaries and blood vessels right beneath your skin. This can turn your skin red. If you have rosacea (a skin condition characterized by redness and visible blood vessels), it can aggravate the condition further and cause broken or permanently dilated blood vessels.

When you are in the shower, you tend to expose your skin to water for an extended period. This causes it to become excessively dry. Your body skin can still handle it to a certain extent, but the skin on your face cannot as it loses moisture faster.

Now, the question is, why take the extra trouble to wash your face separately in the sink?

Sink Or Shower: Where Should You Wash Your Face?

Sink Or Shower Where Should You Wash Your Face
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The sink, of course! I know most of you are comfortable washing your face under the shower, and doing it in the sink seems like extra effort. But this extra effort will make all the difference to your skin.


when you wash your face in the sink, you have the scope to gauge the water temperature and adjust it according to your skin’s tolerance level. This prevents your skin from becoming extra sensitive and red. Under the shower, you don’t have the oppportunity to do this as the water directly hits your face and upper body first. And before you realize it, it’s too late.


tepid water is the best for your facial skin, and it is easily available in the sink. Moreover, finishing your face washing routine with a splash of cold water does wonders for your skin. It boosts blood flow throughout your face and gives you a healthy glow. Splashing your face with cold water is way easier in the sink than under the shower.

Lastly, when you wash your face in the sink, you can gently massage your skin with the face wash, scrub, or cleanser that you are using. This helps in thorough and deep cleansing and opens up the clogged skin pores.

Still wondering if there is any way to wash your face in the shower without harming it? Well, if you are too lazy (like me!) to wash your face separately in the sink, here’s a way to do it properly in the shower without irritating your skin.

How To Wash Your Face In The Shower Without Harming Your Skin

How To Wash Your Face In The Shower Without Harming Your Skin
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It’s simple: you need to layer your skin with a protective barrier before getting under the shower. Follow these steps to protect your skin under the shower:

  1. Use a makeup remover to remove your makeup thoroughly. Follow this step vigilantly as hot water will open up your skin pores, and you don’t want the dirt sitting on your face to clog them.
  2. After removing your makeup, double cleanse your face. Massage your face with a face oil. This creates a protective barrier on your skin and prevents moisture loss due to the hot shower. Rub some good quality cold-pressed oil (you may use jojoba or argan oil) between your palms and massage it onto your face. Focus on the areas that tend to dry out more, like your cheeks, forehead, and eye area.
  3. When you get under the shower, stand facing away from it. Keep your chin high (at an angle of 45 degrees) so that the shampoo and the hot water do not run down your face. This way, you can minimize the skin contact with hot water and prevent irritation and dryness.

Once you have taken a shower, you may use a gentle cleanser to clean your face and pat it dry with a soft towel. Don’t forget to follow it up with a moisturizer!

It’s quite clear that washing your face in the sink is better than in the shower. Try it out yourself, and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.


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