How Often Should You Change Your Baby’s Cloth Diaper?

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Parenting is a learning curve and becoming a parent is one of the most educational phases of your life. It can be the most satisfying and the most tiring job in the world. As a parent of a little angel, you will find the endless diaper changes tiring. But no matter how daunting it seems, diaper changing is important as it directly affects your baby’s hygiene and good health.

Most new mothers find themselves worrying about the basics of diaper changing. If you use cloth diapers, it is important you know how to change them and how often you need to do so. Wet and unchanged diapers can lead to skin rashes. Though urine alone doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin, the acid content in bowel movement sure does. Read our post here and learn all about changing cloth diapers.

What Is A Cloth Diaper?

A cloth diaper or cloth liner is an interior diaper for babies. You can use a cloth diaper with or without a separate waterproof plastic cover.

Are Cloth Diapers Better Than Disposable Ones?

The debate on cotton diapers or disposables has been raging since time immemorial. The truth is, both diapers have their set of pros and cons. As far as cloth diapers go, the good part is that they don’t have a strong odor as disposable ones. Moreover, they are environment-friendly too.

Cloth diapers are the better option. However, you need to change them as soon as they are wet, or they get soiled. Unchanged or soiled diapers can lead to many skin conditions and be uncomfortable for your little darling.

How Often Should You Change Cloth Diapers?

You need to change cloth diapers frequently as they do not contain SAP (super absorbent polymer). You should keep a check and change your baby’s diaper as soon as she soils it, or it gets wet. On an average, you will have to change her diaper every two to three hours.

Avoid changing the diaper while she is still asleep. She will awaken when the diaper is wet enough to create discomfort. However, you must change the diaper as soon as she wakes up.

How To Change Cloth Diapers?

Diaper changing is as important as any other care and comfort for your baby. Here is a small step-by-step procedure on how to change a cloth diaper:

  1. Prepare the changing table or changing pad. Always use a flat surface for changing diapers.
  1. Keep baby wipes or a warm moistened cotton cloth ready. You must also keep baby cream, rash cream (if she tends to develop rashes) and a fresh diaper ready.
  1. If you use a changing table, make sure you secure your baby with a safety belt. Always hold her with one hand.
  1. Now start cleaning, grasp her ankles carefully together with one hand and pull up enough to clean the rear.
  1. Use the unsoiled part of the diaper to clean the bulk initially.
  1. Gently wipe and clean using alcohol-free baby wipes. Alcohol can irritate your baby’s skin, so be very carefully not to buy that variety. Use a moistened cotton cloth to wipe clean.
  1. Once you are done cleaning, wait until the diaper area is dry.
  1. You may also use water and baby soap to clean if there is a lot of mess.
  1. While cleaning the diaper area, remember you must always wipe down and away from her genitals.
  1. Once you have finished cleaning, lift the ankles together again softly slide a fresh diaper beneath her bottom.
  1. You can fold cloth diapers using various ways. So use a technique that pleases you and serves your purpose best (1).

Remember, a little training and better knowledge can make your diaper-changing duty as a mother, a lot easier and a lot less stressful as well. So, enjoy motherhood and bond with your baby.

Which diaper does your baby prefer? Tell us about your experiences with changing diapers. Leave a comment below.

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