10 Short Teenage Love Stories In Bite-Sized Bits

Written by Rohit Garoo Experience: 9 years

Teenage love is something that packs enough innocent charm to make even the coldest hearts go warm. It is love in its most pure, immaculate and pristine form since it is the first time ever in life that the heart has blossomed to love. As adults, we perceive love as something more complex than it is, but not during the teenage years when it is just a simple sensation of caring for someone whole-heartedly. While many may argue that teenage love is ignorant, but hey, ignorance is bliss, right! In a nod to that, here are 10 short teenage love stories.


That is the special thing about love – it gives strength even in the most dire situations. When the love is true and pure, like love generally is in most short teenage love stories, then something as simple as a photograph of your beloved is enough to give you the courage to pull through trying times. A good short story that puts across this point quite nicely.


Who says teenage love is plan fantasy? Love is all about understanding its deep essence. Once you do, then no matter what the hurdles you face, you will always lead yourself to the path of happiness derived from the euphoric sensation of loving a special person. And no one else knows this better than a teenager. That, plus the fact that most long and short teenage love stories have the same struggles.

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A cute short story, which adorably puts across the innocence found in teenage love. It is this innocence which wears out as we grow old since we often tend to grow cynical and even fickle minded.


When true love resides in your heart, it makes a display in the way you see, talk and care for your beloved. It is a feeling that makes a stellar display though your affectionate actions, and even more so in the actions of teenagers, and their sweet short teenage love stories.


This cute story conveys the sense of adorable shyness and hesitation one feels when in love, and in so many short teenage love stories. It is a feeling that disappears as we grow, often making love devoid of the cuteness factor, which works wonders in bringing a sense of warmth to a relationship.

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Most of us forget to forgive in love as we grow old, but as teenagers our thoughts are more humble. We strongly believe in sincere reconciliation with the person we love, and in holding their hands to stay with them forever.


This one is surely going to leave a smile on your face. It is a story about falling in love with everything that is associated with the person you love, no matter how mundane it might be. When you love someone, you accept the person the way they are, an attribute which diminishes as we grow older, one that, tragically, we only see in short teenage love stories now.


This story is all about self-realisation and having a true commitment, which is induced by the feeling of unconditional love. Often, as grown-ups we go around carrying our past baggage so much that we never realise the value of those who immensely love us. These kinds of honest short teenage love stories reminds us that adults we need to first simply love.


Great story which tells us that despite what we may think about it, teenage love can actually last a lifetime. It is a love free from apprehensions and individual arrogance that it is nurtured to blossom into a bond that actually grows stronger as the pair grows older.

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An adorable short tale of a teenage love proposal. Having a sense of hesitation is always prevalent when you have a crush. Teenagers often end up looking for some great ways of expressing love, which are way too adorable than even the standards of grown-ups.

So, loved anyone when you were a teenager? Any memories and short teenage love stories to share?

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