Best Short Love Quotes : Win the heart you want

Great minds over the years have been credited with many a memorable short love quotes, most notably those pertaining to that eternal and mystical topic that makes all of life melt away into nothingness – love. Here we’ve gathered for you 25 of simply the most though provoking, striking and vivid short love quotes for you to ponder. Enjoy.

1. Love Is Religion – Henry Ward Beecher

Short Love Quotes - Love Is Religion - Henry Ward Beecher

This has to be one of the best short love quotes ever. Think about it, love is one of the best religions; love is the religion whose God is love. To worship a God — whether it is a personal god, like the Saints of the Bhakti Movement wrote about, or a universal spirit you accept as superior to all of mankind — means to believe, to hope, to have faith, to devote, to accept, to surrender, and to be empowered by the strength from all the previously mentioned things. This is exactly what love does. In true love, faith and devotion are instincts one feels for another soul.

2. You And I Are One  – Emily Brontë

Short Love Quotes - You And I Are One - Emily Brontë

This beautiful quote is one of (and our favourite) the many timeless and classic short love quotes from the novel Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Brontë. This love quote is one of the quintessential notions that one realises as the truth when one has encountered the person one wants to spend the rest of their days with. Love is when a single soul dwells on the earth in two bodies, as Aristotle said. But when you are in love, Aristotle doesn’t need to give you any definitions, the experience of true love leads to the revelation that you and your partner are one soul, united by incorporeal love in the truest form.

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3. I Need You – TS Eliot

Short Love Quotes - I Need You - TS Eliot

Who has not experienced this phenomenon when one is truly in love? The most amazing characteristic of love is its ability to change the meaning that we give everything else in life – hunger, sleep, time, distance and all the other things that are a part of the human experience, become null in the presence of the passion of love. When you have missed your partner for long and you feel you just have to see him or her to be able to breathe right then you know you’re done for. You are officially in love!

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4. Lift My Soul Higher With Your Love  – Henry David Thoreau

Short Love Quotes - Lift My Soul Higher With Your Love - Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau has spilt many words onto pages for mankind to read and make sense of life, and his sensibility to understand human nature could not be elucidated with a better short love quote than this. We tend to get swept up in the adrenaline of meeting someone new, with strong feelings towards this new addition in your life, and there is a flame that needs quenching, if you know what I mean. But one must remember that love is much more than a flame, it has the ability to brighten everything it comes across without destroying it, by just selflessly giving itself away to the one who matters.

5. You Have The Key To My Fragile Heart – Paulo Coelho

Short Love Quotes - You Have The Key To My Fragile Heart - Paulo Coelho

This is one of the best short quotes on love. Do you have a bond with your other half that is personal and honest, where you have no qualms crying on her shoulder, or where he does not blow up if you said you were jealous that his colleague was flirting with him? In love we are the strongest for when our partner needs us, and we are the weakest because our egos and selves can sometimes get the better of us in the intrinsic irrationality of love. But to be able to show that one is vulnerable is like a prerequisite for love – a heart that cannot yield, cannot love.

6. Your Love Sets My Soul Free – Momford And Sons

Short Love Quotes - Your Love Sets My Soul Free - Momford And Sons

These beautiful lyrics are from the song “Sigh No More” by the popular British rock band Mumford & Sons, and could not be truer. But some of us may have had moments we had to disagree with this maxim. Love, much like life, has moments when you wished you didn’t have it at all and everything is pointless, because both love and life offer such immensely emotionally charged feelings of happiness and sorrow that one can be easily overwhelmed by. But at the end of the day, love releases you from your own prison of pretensions to make you honest, relieves you from your lies to show you the beautiful truth of life.

7. You Heal My Wounds – Sophocles

Short Love Quotes - You Heal My Wounds - Sophocles

Sophocles, a playwright from Greece with contemporaries like Euripedes, was well versed in the observation of humanity and its amusing activities. This expertise would be carried out later by the Bard of Avon, Shakespeare himself. This quote by Sophocles is a beautiful statement that captures the immense and powerful emotion of love in the most eloquently simplistic manner. Love not only gives you the adrenaline for any mission man can undertake; it also has the power to move you, to free you from all the pain and sorrows of life; it empowers you to face your sorrows and inspires you to be a better person than you are. If your true love has unchained you from the pain of your past, tell them that with this poignant quote!

8. Love Is Unlimited – Pierre Beaumarchais

Short Love Quotes - Love Is Unlimited - Pierre Beaumarchais

Think of small love quotes and you can’t miss this one. We do so many crazy things in love. It has to be true; it was one of Freud’s observations about his clients who were actually love-struck. He thought that it was a potentially dangerous situation. Love is such a sublime feeling, such an abstract yet powerful experience, that sometimes to use words seems a futile attempt to give form to this incorporeal being that governs all our lives. Messages like “I love you sooooooooooo much”, are exhibition of the very fact I am trying to explain here – you can’t measure love, but you can never love less. Short love quotes such as this one serve as a reminder of that very fact.

9. The Reason For My Existence – Erich Fromm

Short Love Quotes - The Reason For My Existence - Erich Fromm

Erich Fromm seems to have finally resorted to love in his journey through social psychology, psychoanalysis, and human philosophy. Yes, he really did his homework. To find answers to the great metaphysical questions about our existence and man’s purpose on earth, philosophers have spent several hours with their thinking cap on, poets have spilt ink on so many pages, and psychologists have unsuccessfully conducted minimally conclusive experiments. But Fromm realizes the futility of these acts of defining the meaning of life, and seeks refuge in the one and only element that mankind has flourished under – love.

10. Somedays, I Love You. On Others, I Want To Burn You – Jean de la Bruyere

Short Love Quotes - Somedays, I Love You. On Others, I Want To Burn You - Jean de la Bruyere

This is one of the wittiest ways of putting the ambivalence of the mysterious emotion called love. When you have found your true love in your partner, you will be the happiest person in the world, no doubt. But like every relationship on earth, there will be times that you want to detach your partner’s head from their body because you really want to do it. But that is how love works; hence the reason why it is mysterious. At the end of the day it will get to you— you want to put a smile on her face with a trinket you thought will look nice on her, or you bought home his favourite board game and some beers just to see the look on his face. So if you wanna go crazy, go crazy in love!

11. Immortal Is Our Love – Emily Dickinson

Short Love Quotes - Immortal Is Our Love - Emily Dickinson

This is the most bold and beautiful equation anyone has come up with for love, and Dickinson does it with her own sensibility. Love is the truth of life; we love because we have to, not because we want to. ‘Want’ expresses a desire with an intention, but to love is unconditional and without any strings, profits, or prospective returns at the back of the mind. When you truly love someone, you and your life are filled with love, and you cannot imagine a life without your partner, because without love there is no life anymore. And love can continue to exist even after we are gone, with sheer memories of the good times you have shared with your partner. Love is immortal, and a life with love is beautiful.

12. I’d Do Anything For You – Shakespeare

Short Love Quotes - I’d Do Anything For You - Shakespeare

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As you may have already experienced with your partner, you must know how crazy the ride can get with them. When you are in love sometimes you are inspired to do things that conflict with rationality. Going all the way to another country to surprise your loved one, even if money, distance and other things stand in the way, or giving up a high-paid white-collar job to just be able to spend more time to cuddle with your partner, these things may be not feasible in many ways economically or otherwise. But love is not a friend of reason. It is precisely this irrationality that makes love the most mysterious emotion and marvellous experience, something which The Bard captures in one of the best short love quotes ever,

13. My Life Seems More Beautiful Now – Louisa May Alcott

Short Love Quotes - My Life Seems More Beautiful Now - Louisa May Alcott

Have you felt more beautiful when you are in love? Isn’t there much more time for you to see the details of everything in life and feel good about it? It could be a squirrel that you spotted nibbling something away, or the smile of a random stranger acknowledging you and you return the feeling. Love has the greatest beauty of all, a beauty that has to impart itself to things it comes in contact with. It could be a heartfelt “Thank you” or a genuine “I love you” because every time you say it when you feel it, life is just a bit more beautiful.

14. I Can’t Express How Much I Love You – Zelda Fitzgerald

Short Love Quotes - I Can’t Express How Much I Love You - Zelda Fitzgerald

When Shakespeare wrote “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” or Burns wrote “O my Luve’s like a red, red rose”, they were fully aware of the futility of their act to satisfy their emotions and passions in verbal expression. No matter how many sonnets get written, no matter how many songs are made, no matter how many gifts a lover gives his or her beloved, love cannot be held – you cannot finish expressing your love. The incommensurability of love is only of its many fascinating facets that make it the most sought object known to man. So if you can’t contain your love for your special love, give this short love quote and let them know!

15. Your Happiness Is My Happiness – Alexander Smith

Short Love Quotes - Your Happiness Is My Happiness - Alexander Smith

This is one of the most beautiful short love quotes that settles all the differences within the human community. When you want to help out someone with their problems, you find the ability for it because you can empathize. Empathy or the capacity to put oneself in another’s shoe, the mere act of being able to think of another human being as made of the same flesh as you, can change the way you think about everything, and also happens to be a prerequisite for true love. When you can see that you and the other are same, one soul cruising through the world in two bodies, it brings mutual joy and happiness that no other epiphany can bring.

16. Fate Brought Us Together – Paulo Coelho

Short Love Quotes - Fate Brought Us Together - Paulo Coelho

Every word written by Coelho is a quotable quote, but this is by far the cutest and most honest expression of the overwhelming nature of love. As simple as the quote is, there is not much to say about it. When you have found ‘the one’, you will find that the entire world is giving you the signals for seeking ‘the one’— you met at the bookstore and both of you reached out for the same book, or you kept running into him at one place or another. These, apart from being amazingly clichéd plot lines for a love drama film or a rom-com, are the kind of things people have actually experienced time and again. It is difficult to just think of people meeting other people using the analogy from physics: as a random collision of particles. Sometimes it’s not random; sometimes there is a conspiracy!

17. I’m Blind In Your Love – Jules Renard

Short Love Quotes - I’m Blind In Your Love - Jules Renard

This quote again refers to the irrational love. Reason is brain’s profession, and a stranger to love. That is why when sometimes in love you get swept up by things and fall hard for someone, we do things which we would otherwise classify as the acts of a lunatic! Of course, it may have biological factors involved, no doubt. But still this witty quote is a testimony to many—nay—any relationship that has existed on the surface of the earth. Now you know why they say love is blind!

18. Selfless In Your Love – William Shakespeare

Short Love Quotes - Selfless In Your Love - William Shakespeare

Ah, Shakespeare. You have done it again. Moving past the double entendre, this is one of those small love quotes that is a golden nugget of advice for anyone who cares for true love. Not care, actually to be able to comprehend love at all, you must know its unconditional nature. Seeking love is one of the most natural needs, but to love unconditionally is the virtue of the valorous. There may be many ups and downs in the course of true love, but when you have the said beauty in your life, you don’t need anything in return. Such love gives itself, without being asked, and that is the most sublime feeling that a human can ever experience.

19. Bound To You – Stephanie Meyer

Short Love Quotes - Bound To You - Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer, the American fictional romance author couldn’t have stated it better. She illustrated the meaning of true love through her novel, Twilight. Love truly is unconditional. It’s unrestricted, genuine and unlimited. It has no boundaries either. You can’t change the way you feel no matter how hard you try. And no matter what you do, just a glance at them makes you fall in love all over again.

20. It Just Happens – John Green

Short Love Quotes - It Just Happens - John Green

The author of world-famous novels has perfectly captured the very essence of falling in love in form of words in this short love quote. He describes love to sleep, to help people understand better. It happens slowly at first, but as time passes by, you are completely engulfed in love’s very own net. Caught!

21. No Reason – Leo Tolstoy

Short Love Quotes - No Reason - Leo Tolstoy

Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, wrote these very lines for his novel, Anna Karenina. He sums up how love doesn’t need a reason. Love happens without a question. You fall in love before you even realize it.

22. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect – Taylor Swift

Short Love Quotes - You Don’t Have To Be Perfect - Taylor Swift

The highly successful American singer and song writer, Taylor Swift, has written so many songs on love and breakups. She has also admitted to have written most of them on her love life. This short love quote quoted by her, speaks about how love has its ups and downs too. It’s not all perfect. There are times when there is immense affection sparkly on some days, while on the other hand, there are times you both are fighting and arguing on something as small as the last slice of pizza! Nothing is perfect. Though, remember, it is the imperfections that brings you both closer too.

23. Anything Is Possible – 500 Days Of Summer

Short Love Quotes - Anything Is Possible - 500 Days Of Summer

This movie is definitely for the hopelessly cute souls. It has got some of the most relatable sayings and quotes in it though, just like the one mentioned here. Love is so strong, that it can pull you out of your pessimism and bad days and make you believe that anything is possible, just reach for the sky and it will definitely happen! It makes life worth living, (and that is a big deal)!

24. Love Steals Away Your Sleep – Dr Seuss

Short Love Quotes - Love Steals Away Your Sleep - Dr Seuss

Author, Dr. Suess, has come up with one of the most eternal and timeless short love quotes. He has so perfectly explained that when you are in love, your dreams get mundane and monotonous, you don’t want to sleep because you are busy smiling, because the reality that you are living is so much better. So, you are up late at night just enjoying remembering how beautifully your day went.

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25. Cause Distance Doesn’t Matter – Nicholas Sparks

Short Love Quotes - Cause Distance Doesn’t Matter - Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is like the king of romance. And when a person like him says, “I fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart,” it is surely believable that distance does not matter when it comes to love.