35 Short Love Quotes For Him To Rekindle The Flame

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Saying ‘I love you!’ is the simplest way of expressing your heartfelt emotions. But, love is not simple! Expressing your love for Mr. Right deserves a little more effort, a little more feelings. Playing with words, to come up with messages that express your feelings is not easy but beautiful. Love inspires poetry, it makes you want to sing and while words are not enough to say how you truly feel, sometimes words are all you have. So here’s a list of some of the most romantic and beautiful short love quotes for him. It’s time to melt his heart and make him go weak in the knees.


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A short and sweet text that promises love for a lifetime! What better way to tell him that he’s a dream come true than sending him short love quotes for him every now and then! Send this message early in the morning or late at night to him for the perfect start or end to a day.


The perfect love quote for couples in a long distance relationship. Tell him that no matter how far he may be or how many moments pass without him being near, you are always thinking about him.

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A very deep and profound thought. We all look for someone who can touch not just our heart but move our soul, and this message reflects that in the shortest yet sweetest way.


Awww! It’s such a cute quote to say that no matter what, you will always be together! Love is all about choosing your partner every time, all the time.


True love brings in the kind of happiness you never knew existed. Tell Mr. Right how happy and truly joyous your life is just because he’s a part of it with one of these short love quotes for him. Telling him he’s your world will make him jump with joy.


Skip the routine ‘I love you’ with this beautiful quote. It’s a simple message that shows that the simplest words can have a deeper meaning that reflects a world of emotions.


Love is a feeling that cannot be measured in numbers and variables. Tell him that every day you love him a little more and you fall for him over and over again with this beautiful quote.


Your Mr. Right will always stand by you when life gets tough and challenging. Tell him how much his support means to you through this short quote. Having someone to lean on is the world’s best feeling after all!


This short quote plays with words to describe how much he means to you. It’s a new twist to your everyday ‘I love you’ message with greater passion and oodles of love attached.


Life is a beautiful journey and when you share it with the right person it becomes even more special. This is one of the nicest short love quotes for him, that says you want to spend life with him by your side, forever!


In a world obsessed with ‘firsts’ tell him you want to be his last! It doesn’t matter what was, but what matters is the NOW and this is how you want it to be.


Well, he may have complained or mentioned at some time about how much time you take to make decisions. Tell him you may be indecisive but being with him is your best decision; a decision you are absolutely sure about!


Possibly the shortest but the sweetest of short love quotes for him, is this one, that tells him that no matter how long you’ve been together, every day you continue to fall for him deeper and deeper. A great quote for couples who have been in love for a long time.


Love cannot be planned and controlled. Tell him that of all the things that have ever happened to you, him walking into your life is your most cherished.


What better way to tell him that he defines the whole meaning of ‘love’ in your life? Love has no fixed definitions, but the right person defines love that no words can ever do.


No matter how many times you tell him how special he is to you, there’s always room for more. A simple and short reminder about how much he means to you.


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An adorable quote that tells him how he makes you feel. No matter how long you’ve been together, Mr. Right will always make you feel emotions that no one else can ever make you feel.


Love is unconditional! Tell him that you love him for who he is, and that you would never want him to change. It’s something every man wants to hear.


A beautiful short quote, perfect to wish good morning. Skip the boring morning greeting, and shower love and passion instead. Your man will feel the warmth of your love even before the warmth of the sun!

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Gone are the days when girls waited for men to pop the question. If you know you are meant to be, pop the question to him with this fun and straight to the point short quote. It shows how sure you are in your heart about him.


When you find the love of your life, it feels like a lifetime, instantly! Tell him how your world feels complete; now that you have found him and his love. And follow up with a few more mushy short love quotes for him in the week.


Tell him how his love gives you the strength to take on any challenge in life, yet being the most important thing to you is also your weakness. It’s a beautiful feeling that only people in love can understand.


This short quote brings in a world of passion. Tell him how you will bring down the stars, and go any lengths for him and how your love can make his life beautiful. Some short love quotes for him are pretty serious despite the puns, and this is one of them.


This could be the perfect short quote to brighten up a boring routine day for him. It’s a simple reminder that he is always on your mind and how a single thought about him makes you smile from within.


This is one of those perfect short love quotes, specially since it hints at a beautiful future with him. Tell him how you foresee your entire life with him and it only looks bright and beautiful.


Tell him how much you appreciate him and the things he does to make you happy. Sometimes, when you are feeling low, having him by your side is all you need to feel better.


Send this short quote when he’s least expecting it to make him go weak in the knees and feel butterflies in his stomach. It shows how much you want to be with him right now!


If your loved one is far, reassure him about your love and about the way you feel with this simple but deep meaning quote. As long as there is true love, distance cannot make a difference!


This short quote could be the most reassuring and loving message to him. If he is struggling between tough life decisions, let him know that no matter what you are there for him.


A short quote that says that no matter what life throws at you, as long as you have him by your side, no challenge is too big!


Tell him that you want to be his world just like he is yours. This short quote gives a message of a lifetime promise of togetherness and love.


Of all the cheesy short love quotes for him out there, this one’s gotta be tops. It’s a very cute way to say that you are complete with him. Love is all about striking the perfect balance together and what better way than to express it this way.


Tell him how much you love being together with him. Being together; however fleetingly short, can be the most magical moments you spend. Let him know how you can’t wait to be together again.


Who says stories have to be long and complicated when you can wrap up yours in six simple words! A very cute quote that is a direct way to tell him how much he means to you.

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His love is all you need, and this quote puts it together beautifully. Even if the whole world is against you, all that matters is him and his love.

There are no fixed ways and rules when it comes to expressing your love. No words are enough to truly express your love, while sometimes you may need just a single word to say it all. Love needs reassurance; text messages and short love quotes for him are small but constant reminders of love that are not a necessity but definitely add a special charm to the relationship. It’s all about saying the right thing, at the right moment to strike the perfect chords! These quotes are what we call ‘sweet nothings.’ Do you have a list of some adorable and sweet love quotes too? Share them; someone, somewhere could rekindle a flame with your words…

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